How To Recover Your “Almost Customers”

You’ll always need to find new prospects for your business. But don’t overlook the prospects you already attracted. Many are close to buying. Use these four simple procedures to convert those ‘almost customers’ into paying customers.

1. Make A Memorable Impression
Create a reason for prospects and customers to notice you …and to think of you when they encounter a competitor.

Many prospects who do not buy from you the first time will come back to buy later. Existing customers will also remember you. They’ll come back to buy again – and they’ll send pre-sold referrals to you.

One easy way to establish a memorable identity is to create an important reason for customers to do business with you instead of with your competitors.

The advantage you offer doesn’t have to be dramatic to be memorable IF you promote it aggressively. It can be as simple as delivering faster results, more personalized attention or a better guarantee than your competitors.

Tip: Combine several small advantages like those described above to create a big (and more memorable) advantage over your competitors.

2. Follow Up Consistently
Most prospects do not buy the first time they see or hear about you. But they will if you follow up with them.

Your follow up can be as simple as contacting them occasionally with a new offer. Or it can be more complex such as publishing a weekly newsletter with useful information and articles.

If you don’t already have a way to collect their address, you can get it by offering a valuable gift that you deliver only by email or postal mail.

For example, offer a special report, a list of sources or some other valuable information they cannot get anywhere else. These are valuable to customers and prospects – but they won’t cost you much to provide.

3. Make Sure You Answer These 7 Buyer’s Questions
Prospective customers will not buy from you until all 7 of the following questions are answered. Customers may not consciously think about these questions. But they will not buy until all 7 are answered in their minds:

  1. Exactly what are you offering?
  2. Why do I need (or want) it?
  3. How can I believe your claims?
  4. Why should I get it from you?
  5. How fast can I get it?
  6. What if I don’t like it after I get it?
  7. What do I need to do to get it?

Make sure you answer all 7 of these buyer’s questions in your web site, sales letters and other selling tools.

Tip: Present everything in term of the benefit it provides to customers. For example, don’t just list testimonials from satisfied customers (your answer to question 3). Point out that those testimonials prove you really do deliver what you promise.

4. Keep Your Ordering Procedure Simple
Use an uncomplicated and fast ordering procedure. Every additional action you ask customers to perform and every additional decision you ask them to make after they already decided to buy can cause them to reverse their decision.

For example, many online marketers use a shopping cart to process their orders when they could use a simple online order form. Each unnecessary step in the shopping cart process is an opportunity for customers to abandon their order …a sale lost needlessly.

Tip: Don’t ask for unnecessary information during the ordering process. Instead, send a personalized “thank you” message after the sale and include a brief request for the additional information.

Don’t overlook the easy sales you can get from old prospects that are almost ready to buy? Use these 4 simple procedures to cultivate your “almost customers” and turn them into paying customers.

Copyright 2003 Bob Leduc

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