7 Creative Ways to Write About Your Small Business

What is the biggest challenge for those willing to start a business?

Ideas. Funds. Marketing strategy. Promotion.

Yes, they matter. But what about the brand’s story? Do you have a voice to share with customers?

It’s not that easy to write about your small business in a way that attracts and engages people. Most website blogs and “About Us” pages of both B2B and B2C websites are boring and self-serving because their marketers don’t understand how vital a role this page plays in promoting their businesses.

In fact, “About Us” is the first place visitors check to decide whether they can take you seriously, so you can’t fail here: if they aren’t impressed, they are unlikely to read your content, sign up for newsletters, or purchase from you.

When writing about your small business, give readers a reason to fall in love with your brand.

  • Focus on your buyer persona, not yourself.
  • Make your “About Us” page appealing.
  • Show personality.
  • Make it informative and clear about who and what you are.
  • Be creative.

Sounds obvious, but how much creativity is enough? How do you make sure you don’t scare visitors away by off-putting words, tone, or visuals?

Before we cover all that together, I recommend you take my quiz below. It will really help you out if you are still looking for a business idea.

Here are seven creative and proven ways for you to write about your business: choose those that appeal to you most, and feel free to emulate but not plagiarize other websites.

1. Make It Lovable

Did you hear of lovable marketing ? It’s when you provide people with great information in creative ways. Create a business voice and tone that customers fall in love with so they can become your brand’s biggest advocates and help you promote it.

Don’t be afraid of injecting personality into your brand in order  for it to a robot who wrote them. Instead, humanize your brand: introduce the founders, showcase the people behind your company, and forget about professional jargon when describing your product or service. Make it sound friendly yet free of errors, and avoid mistakes able to kill your texts conversion .

2. Tell a Story

Every business has a story, so don’t hesitate to share yours. There are many storytelling techniques that you can choose from to humanize your brand, tell about its mission and tell the story of  how it changes lives.

Stories are descriptive and emotive, and that is why they stick with people: they allow people to find meaning and context for your business, which is more efficient than a generic “About Us” page.

3. Avoid Business Babble

Your “About Us” page is for people, not academics or your professional community. There is no need to describe your company with long sentences, gobbledygook, or industry jargon an average person will hardly understand. It doesn’t make you sound smart but rather it  scares consumers away.

People want to read straight talk about what your small business does and how it can help them. Use polished language, think of your target audience and their needs rather than your ego. Use short sentences to explain complex ideas and make your “About Us” page rock.

6. Make It Unexpected

As a small business owner, you may not have the budget for crazy graphics, videos, or trendy scrolling to make your “About Us” page look exceptional. But you can make it sound so.

To do that, make the most out of your web writing skills and tell your business story in an unconventional way. That’s what will make people read, not scan it: use neuro copywriting tricks to engage readers with words alone.

7. Use Humor If Appropriate

If it meets a mission and philosophy of your business, don’t ignore humor when writing “About Us” text  or crafting sales copy. Sure, you take the product/service and customers seriously, but who said you can’t laugh at yourself? Depending on your target audience, add a pinch of humor to enhance emotions and make people smile.

If you are of those people who turn their hobby into a business and need to develop a personal brand, follow the lead of Gummisig : his “About” page speaks from the heart, attracts.

Visitors and makes them want to learn more about his philosophy and life after reading the humorous headline he used.

Long Story Short…

It’s not that simple to create an engaging “About Us” page that attracts visitors and helps them understand who you are and what your business is. Most of these pages are boring and self-serving us-us-us variants that turn people off, so you shouldn’t underestimate the role of this content for your brand awareness and trust.

A great “About Us” page tells your business story, introduces your team to consumers, explains what your company does, and helps them understand what people will have if they order from you. To make this page exceptional, be creative, clear, and sincere; and don’t leave visitors with questions: after reading about your small business, they should want to get in touch with you.

It’s your turn now. What makes your “About” page stand out?

By Lesley Vos, a seasoned web writer and content strategist contributing to publications on business, marketing, and self-development. Feel free to see more works of hers on PlagiarismCheck blog and Twitter.

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