Large Mail Will Open Your Prospects’ Eyes

Supersize Your Sales Letters! Having trouble getting your prospects’ attention? You’ll surely get noticed if you try something unusual, like sending an oversized postcard.

If you’re having difficulty getting your prospects’ attention, why not gigantisize your mail?

Okay, “gigantisize” really isn’t a word. Hey, if the President can make up words and get away with it, why can’t I?

Several years ago I identified 20 targets whom I designated as “A” level prospects. Of course, they were also targets (and clients) of several of my competitors. My standard sales letters and mailings were not getting noticed. I decided to try something unusual.”

I purchased several pieces of heavy-duty white cardboard and cut them into pieces 17″ x 22″ – giant post cards you might call them. I went to a printer and had a message printed on one side:

Tired of the same old ideas
from the same old sources?

We’ve got several BIG ideas.

“The little guys with big ideas.”

These were relatively expensive on a per-piece basis – about $5 each counting postage, for a total of about $100. But they certainly produced outstanding results! Twelve of the prospects responded immediately, and in the following six months, we provided proposals to four of them.

So the point is… can you deliver a standard message in an unusually big way? Or maybe deliver an unusual message in a more unusual way?

Giant postcards are great but they’re not the only oversized mailing that will work. Why not an extra large business envelope? How about an envelope with a big “hump” that creates the illusion of something very big inside? Or maybe you can send your information or proposal in a box that’s bigger than necessary.

Your goal is to get your prospect to notice your mailing and open it, isn’t it? With the piles of mail everyone receives, it’s hard to get past the junk and the legitimate mail. You’ve got to do something to make it stand out. Gigantisizing your mail just might do the job.

I’ll bet there’s one guarantee: the post office will never lose your giant mail.

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