Energize Your Sales Copy to Increase Your Sales

Is your sales copy doing the job? Use these tips to make it more effective.

Would you like to capture more sales with your web site, sales letters, and other promotional messages? It may not be as difficult as you think. Here are 5 proven tactics you can apply to energize your sales copy — and increase your sales volume.

1. Replace Generalities with Specifics
Look for general statements in your web pages and sales letters. Replace them with specific statements.

For example, a general statement like, “Our clients get more sales”, is dull. Replace it with “Most new clients enjoy at least a 23 percent increase in sales within 60 days” to create excitement. This motivates prospects to sign up now so they can start enjoying that 23 percent sales increase.

Important:  Make sure your specific statements are accurate and believable or your credibility will be challenged.

Tip: If something sounds too good to be true your prospects will assume it’s not true and they won’t buy. Understate any specific claim that sounds exaggerated… even if it is true.

2. Shorten Paragraphs, Sentences and Words
Long paragraphs and sentences bore your prospects. It causes them to lose interest before getting to the end of your message. Short paragraphs and sentences are easier to read. They hold your prospect’s interest.

Divide long paragraphs into shorter paragraphs of 7 lines or less. Break up sentences longer than 18 words into 2 sentences. And look for long or uncommon words you can replace with commonly used words. For example, replace words like “originate” with “start” or “receive” with “get”.

3. Convert Passive Words and Phrases into Active Ones
Your sales letter or web page must build the prospect’s desire for your product or service then motivate them to place an order. It must also hold their interest and keep them emotionally involved through the entire process or you won’t get the sale.

Active, stimulating words and phrases keep your prospect involved and interested in reading your sales copy. Look for dull passive words and phrases you can eliminate or replace with active ones. For example, change a phrase like “…it’s practical and inexpensive” to “…it’s fast, easy and you’ll save $99”

4. Get Rid of Humorous Remarks
Humor can be effective in some media — but not in written sales messages. It distracts your prospects by interrupting their mental focus on your message. This distraction can cause you to lose some sales. Get rid of any humorous remarks in your web pages and sales letters.

Suggestion: Replace your humorous remarks with real life stories from customers describing how they benefited by using your product or service. Real life stories add human interest and draw prospects into your message. Humor distracts their attention away from your message.

5. Include a Motivating “P.S.”
Most prospects glance at the beginning of your web page or sales letter then jump to the end before reading anything in between. Take advantage of this and put something at the end of your message to stimulate their interest. Create it as a “P.S.”

For example, use a “P.S.” to emphasize your offer, highlight a deadline or to dramatize a significant benefit. All of these will pull the prospect into your message.

Use these 5 proven copywriting tactics to energize your sales copy. Your web pages, sales letters and other promotional messages will immediately start producing more sales for you.

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