Why You Need a Full-Stack Web Developer for Your Business

By Tarun Nagar

Every company wishes to hire skilled and talented web developers. However, with so many smart web developers out there, you need the right web developer for your business. The best way to decide on a web developer is to choose the one who has the right skills according to your business demand.

A full stack web developer can do wonders for your business. There are ample reasons for hiring a full-stack web developer for your business. Some of them are:

Effective in Problem Solving

Companies like to hire web developers based on the problems that the particular full stack web developer can solve for them. By definition, a full stack web developer can easily work on frontend and backend along with the protocols that connect these two, and they are able to create a software product from end-to-end and independently. A full-stack developer has the advantage over the other developers as they can solve many problems in comparison to other developers. For instance, consider a startup.

A startup requires web developers who can easily work on a wide range of programming projects. Right from user interfaces to server-side programming, even database applications as well as anything in between. With a small team, a startup always likes to hire full-stack web developers who can effectively work on a variety of software projects. A full-stack web developer can build a wide range of web development projects that other developers can’t.

Even in the case of a larger web development company, hiring the full-stack developers with the inherent knowledge to work on various projects provide the project manager with the flexibility to move people between various teams as the businesses keep on changing. At one time, you might need the developer to work on the frontend project, and at some time, you need them to work on backend project.

This added flexibility makes the job of the manager much easier, so they often tend to work with full-stack developers who have a plethora of skills. Companies like full-stack web developers as they can easily solve various problems for the business.

Wide range of technology skills

The major reason companies often hire full-stack web developers is that they have deep domain knowledge. Companies tend to teach the young web developers what they want these developers to know. A full-stack web developer has a broad set of technical skills of full-stack web design which can help the business in expanding further.

As an entry-level web developer, these companies don’t require the developers to understand every algorithm. However, these developers need to have the core programming knowledge so that the web development company can easily team what is particularly specific to their own business.

For instance, let’s consider working in a startup. Whenever a company is starting out, it requires full-stack web developers to work on various layers of the entire development stack. As the company keeps on growing, the developers need to have specialization. It is quite easy for a full-stack web developer to start as a generalist and move on to become a specialist later as the company can easily hire more employees.

In other cases, it is quite difficult for a specialist to join the company and learn to become a generalist when the startup is small. Full-stack web developers can easily grow with the companies much easier than any specialist can. After knowing the basics of the business, a full stack web developer allows the company to invest more time and money to help them to expand their knowledge much further.

Executive and Management Skills

Companies like to promote people who have a wide variety of total experiences in the business. A full-stack web developer gets a chance to work on the frontend as well as backend software along with all of the architecture that actually connects them. Through the wide range of experience on various projects, a full-stack web developer has the opportunity to learn a lot about the web development company in comparison to frontend and backend peers.

He knows more about full-stack web design. They get the chance to know more about the technology architecture of the company as well as learn how it all fits together. This provides a great opportunity for these developers to rise through the entire technology ranks of the company and easily get promoted. If you are working as a full-stack web developer in a company, you will find that a full-stack developer can easily become a distinct part of the company.

There are developers who only know about how a particular technology stack works, but a full stack web developer knows all the aspects of the technology that fit together. As more developers are hired by the company, and new technology teams are formed, a full-stack web developer can easily manage those teams because of their wide knowledge.


Full-stack web developers can prove to be quite beneficial for your business. They know the technological requirements of the business in greater detail, which allows them to provide better solutions in comparison to any other web developer. Full-stack web developers can be generalists who can grow to become specialists as the company grows. They can also occupy a higher position in the company, allowing them to manage more employees and their teams with more effectiveness.

Tarun Nagar is the Founder and CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking custom web development and mobile app development company.

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