Generating an Endless Stream of Referrals

Use these five simple ideas to get more referrals in your business.

Getting other people to recommend you to others is one of the most economical ways to grow your business.

Here are 5 simple ideas:

1. Go Above and Beyond
Don’t just shoot to do a satisfactory job. Shoot for the stars. Go above and beyond what you promised your customer, and you’ll knock his socks off.

When someone is extremely pleased with your products or services, you’re sure to get him talking about your business to his friends, family and colleagues. Word of mouth spreads fast.

2. Refer Others
People in business will appreciate any referrals you give to them. And many of those people will reciprocate by referring you to people they know.

3. Make It Easy for Your Referrers
You can simply ask someone to refer you, but now you’re putting the work on the potential referrer. The person has to remember information about your business, how to contact you, etc.

Instead, give potential referrers postcards that include an enticing offer. Ask them to simply hand your postcards to people who would like to take advantage of your offer.

Now, there is nothing for the potential referrer to explain. They simply hand out your post cards to people they know.

4. Reward Your Referrers
When someone refers you, make sure you take the time to thank her. You might send her a referral fee or a gift. Or, you might choose to simply send her a hand-written, heartfelt thank-you letter.

If you make the people who refer you feel good, they’ll want to refer you again and again.

5. Keep in Contact
Everybody is a potential referrer for your business–family members, friends, business associates, media contacts, other professional organizers.

Make a list or computer database of people who might be able to refer your business. Keep in contact with your list.

Send them birthday cards and holiday cards. E-mail them articles they may be interested in. Call them with news that may interest them.

Everybody knows at least 250 other people. And those 250people each know 250 more people. Take advantage of this viral marketing technique.

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