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Dear Janet:

I need information on organizations that provide money for start-up capital.

I also need to know how to apply for a tax identification number as the sole owner of my business.



Dear JE:

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has many programs in place to help entrepreneurs get startup funds. Among them is the Microloan program, which makes loans of less than $25,000 to small and startup businesses. An SBA office in your area will be able to help you decide which if any of their loan programs you’d qualify for. (Look in our home business folder for a list of lenders participating in the Microloan program.)

The most common source of startup capital, however, is still individual savings, personal loans, loans from friends or family and credit card debt. If you have trouble finding enough money to get started, rethink your idea and look for ways to cut startup costs.

As far as getting a tax identification number goes, that’s easier than finding cash. Just call your state tax department or state department of revenue and ask them to send you forms.


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