How Can You Use Your Scooter To Start Making Money Today?

Start Your Delivery Business

Whether you’re looking to become fully self-employed or just need some extra cash in the following months, finding an easy way to make money in your spare time is usually the first step. For those who are employed, a second job, one that they can do on their own terms and in their own free time, is known as a ‘side-hustle’.

One of the easiest, most convenient ways to start a side-hustle is to simply use the means and assets that you already have, without spending extra money or wasting time trying to get into a specific field. For most people, this means using their car. But what if you don’t own a car or are not interested in providing transportation for other people?

More and more people are starting to use alternative means of transportation and scooters are one of the most popular alternatives to cars. And there’s even more good news. If you’re a scooter fan, you can actually use it to make extra money, too. All you need is a great scooter.

Provide Delivery Services Using Your Scooter

Delivery services are rapidly expanding and becoming one of the most requested types of services on the market. Customers are getting used to the idea that almost anything can be delivered to them, including food, drinks, groceries, flowers, and gift baskets.

Providing personal service and personal care is the number one growing industry in the self-employment field. The number and variety of businesses that offer delivery services for their clients are constantly expanding. Home food delivery has reached an all-time high, but food and beverages aren’t the only thing you can deliver with your scooter.

There are many delivery gigs to choose from and select the one that suits you best. The benefits are that you get to choose your shift and the hours that work best for you, you keep your tips and the payment is usually done on a weekly basis. But remember that you should also have good work ethics and a friendly, customer-oriented attitude.

Use Your Scooter for Advertising

If delivery service doesn’t appeal to you, there’s an even easier way to make money while riding your scooter. Brands are always looking for increased visibility and new platforms for advertising. Turn your scooter into a moving commercial and start advertising.

There are two ways you can start advertising for brands. You have the option to either go on platforms that are specifically dedicated to companies that pay for this kind of promotion, or you can get proactive and find your own clients that would be interested in paying you to advertise their brand on your scooter.

Promote Yourself Through Videos

If you’re a creative person, it’s time to put yourself out there and start creating some great videos. Think about what might be interesting to watch for other scooter fans and vlog about it. If you can reach a large enough audience, your videos will be monetized and sponsors will become interested in collaborating with you.

Filming your adventures as you ride your scooter can bring you more money, recognition, and even help you build your own brand over time.

Using your scooter to increase your income is practical, cost-efficient, easy, and fun. You get to decide how many hours you are willing to put in and during what time of the week. Not to mention that it can turn out to be even more lucrative than you thought.

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