How Do You Deal With Dishonest Employees?

By Steve Jones

Running a thorough background check before you hire a new employee will help you identify dishonest ones. But, it may not help you identify intelligent individuals who were not caught in previous jobs while being dishonest. Dishonest workplace behavior can be a severe threat to your business, and you should put your foot down if you face any such behavior. Here are a few ways to keep on top of dishonest employees and protect your organization.

1) Implement probationary periods

New employees should always have a minimum probation period before they are made permanent in your organization. Doing so will help you keep track of whether any new hire is hardworking, honest, and aligns well with your company’s cultural values. A probationary period for a new employee could range from three to six months or maybe longer, depending upon their role and seniority. Alternately, you can also hire individuals as project-based consultants to help you evaluate them before giving them a permanent position. If you come across any red signals during the probationary period, you will be able to take corrective actions instantly.

2) Stay alert

It is essential to stay alert when it comes to your employees. While someone may tell the occasional white lies, you need to be vigilant that nobody is taking you for a ride when it comes to work-related commitments. Have the correct processes in place to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer as a result of someone who is habitually dishonest.

3) Create accountability processes

You should create measurable and straightforward processes to keep your employees accountable. One way to do so is to implement weekly updates to be prepared by each employee and monitor them regularly. Get your employees to document what they are supposed to be working on and check what they deliver. If there is a gap between commitments and results, you can take appropriate corrective actions.

4) Implement a time tracker

Using apps to track employee hours is a great way to find out if your employees are being dishonest. Using time tracking systems is an effective way to help you monitor the actual time your employees are spending on their tasks and whether they are in the habit of inflating their hours. By doing so, you will reduce time-card theft and increase your company’s productivity levels.

5) Get proof of dishonest behavior

Before charging an employee of any suspected behavior, you should get proof. You should never accept another employee’s word blindly. By doing so, you can put your company at risk of a potential lawsuit. Obtain proof legally after taking into account privacy regulations. It is essential to consult a lawyer as a means of ensuring that your actions comply with laws and regulations.

6) Confront the dishonest employee

Instead of letting an issue fester, make sure to confront any dishonest employee. Let him or her know that you will not accept any dishonest behavior. If the dishonesty is minor, such as taking small quantities of office supplies home, confrontation may put an end to the behavior.

7) Take corrective action promptly

If you have had a confrontation with a dishonest employee, and their behavior doesn’t improve, it’s imperative to take corrective action promptly. This may include terminations with or without notice. Ensure that you have a process in your company that covers such terminations. Be sure to document all evidence and follow appropriate procedures.

In Summary

A dishonest employee can completely spoil your office culture, break down trust levels, and cause financial losses to your business. It is essential to recognize and deal with such dishonest employees to ensure that your business stays productive.

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