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Is it possible to buy a business with no money down? Yes, indeed. In The Small Business Bible, Steve Strauss discusses just how to do that. The key is to get the seller to finance 100%. We’ll look at 100% seller financing  to do that below. But first, it’s important to consider whether buying a business at all is right for you.

As a general rule, buying a preexisting business can be a very good idea. But ,as with everything else in this economy, to make sure it will be a successful venture, you have to proceed with caution, do your due diligence, and understand the pros and cons.

First, the pros: With a preexisting small business, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting. The business makes X number of dollars in profit a year, has Y number of customers, and so on. The kinks should mostly be ironed out and the brand is already established. All good, that.

But there are downsides to buying a business.

Potential Pitfalls to Buying a Business

  1. First, you have to make sure that the success of the business is not due to the current owner. If the customers, for instance, are his personally and not really those of the business, that’s a red flag.
  2. Similarly, you need to be extra certain, given the economic times we’re in, that the business will remain as profitable as it has been in the last few years.

When it comes to buying a business, few people are more knowledgeable about the process — selecting, financing, etc. — than the folks over at The site is one of the top marketplaces for businesses and franchises for sale. It lists everything from inexpensive home-based businesses to gas stations, large ventures, franchises, and more.

So to better answer this question, we spoke with Mike Handelsman, the general manager of to ask him about this issue, as well as the no-money-down possibility.

Like any good business coach, Handelsman thinks you need to begin with the basics: “Start with a self analysis, decide what you are good at, figure out whether you are an entrepreneur, and then start thinking about the sort of business that fits your interests and affords you the right type of income.”

Once you pass that self-analysis test, it’s time to start digging in., for instance, allows you to find all sorts of businesses for sale, including independent contractor businesses, in your area. You can see how much they’re going for and what other requirements may be needed.

Once you start to really get serious, Handlesman suggests that you check into hiring a business broker, for several reasons:

  • Good brokers can help you make a smart decision.
  • They know what’s for sale in your area.
  • They can help you with loan options.
  • They’re paid by the seller, not the buyer.

Can I buy a business with 100% seller financing?

When we asked Mike Handlesman if it really is possible to buy a small business with no money down (that is, with 100% seller financing), he answered that is possible, but it won’t be easy, noting, “Most sellers have been waiting for 20 years to retire and won’t want to wait longer to cash out.” But you never know; you just might find someone willing to help you get started if they see that you’ll be able to pay them off in a few years.

So that’s the key to buying a business with 100% seller financing — finding a seller who really needs to sell. Look for a business that’s been on the market for a long time. In that sense, it’s not unlike getting a good deal on a house that’s been on the market too long. Check Craigslist under Businesses for Sale, as well as websites like BizBuySell.

Take precautions

If you do find what looks to be a viable business for sale, the key is to speak with your attorney. Have them do a background check on the business and the owner. Do your due diligence. Still, don’t expect to get a great deal — a seller who finances the sale will not negotiate beyond that in all likelihood.

“But remember,” said Handlesman, “the danger of finding a seller willing to do 100% financing is that the business may not be very viable.”

Rather, he noted, partial seller financing is far more commonplace and likely to happen. In fact, Handlesman noted, “if you have some money, or some financing lined up, it’s a buyer’s market. There are distress sales out there.”

If you want full or partial seller financing, the expert gave these final tips:

  • “Show that you have a high likelihood of success” — you have experience, contacts, etc.
  • “Offer aggressive terms” — a three-year note, that sort of thing.
  • “Work with a broker.”
  • “Engage the seller as a consultant for six to 12 months” — that way, you up their income.

So, yes, buying a business could be a good idea, and no money down, 100% seller financing, is a possibility.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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