How To Improve Your Business’ Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is essential for any business. There are a million different tools you can use to improve your digital presence, but a vital element is digital experience monitoring. The digital experience is the collective responses a user has with a brand online. You can employ professionals to collate everything you do online from social media to your company website to chatbots to keep your output consistent and engaging. But for smaller-scale steps that you can take as an individual business owner here are 5 ways you can increase your business’s online presence.

Optimise your website and work on SEO

SEO refers to search engine optimisation which is about how far your business ranks on search engines like Google when a consumer looks up the relevant criteria. To boost your positioning you need to use the appropriate keywords on your page and follow Google’s recommendations regarding search analytics.

Give clear information on your site

One of the most important things for your website is to display your information clearly and prominently, making it easy for potential customers to locate and contact you. Include your company name, location, and address, contact information such as a phone number and email address, you should also include your operating/opening hours.

Produce useful content

You need to stand out from your competitors in order to improve your standing online. Take the time and make the effort to create interesting content and informative articles that will grab people’s attention. This can help attract those who are searching for information but not necessarily looking to purchase at this time this increases the traffic to your site which, although they may not go ahead with purchasing, will drive you higher on search engine rankings. It also helps give your company credibility and demonstrates your expertise.

Invest in social media

Social media allows for a human element to your company marketing and helps create a more personal connection with your customers. Consumers are increasingly finding new businesses via social media apps like Instagram and Facebook as well as using these platforms to recommend to friends and family. Signing your business up to social apps can also contribute to a better Google ranking.

Stay in touch with those who visit your website

Users who visit your website may not be intending to purchase straight away and will often browse the site and then leave. To keep your brand in the mind of the consumer and draw these visitors back you need to entice them to leave their email addresses. Having a record of email addresses allows you to use email marketing by a weekly newsletter or promotional emails offering discounts. You can acquire this information by offering a discount or a demo in return and you should always clearly state how you are going to use this information. Let visitors know what kind of emails they will receive and how often, as well as assuring them that you will never sell their information to any third party companies.

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