How To Promote Your Business Through Corporate Gifts

By Richard Davis

When you enter the private lives of your customers, you’ve hit the essence of smart advertising. Adding usefulness and customer satisfaction to the mix get you a step close to perfection. Now think carefully, what kind of advertising can elicit such feelings to a customer?

The answer can be summarized in just two words: corporate gifting.

Corporate gifts are one of the most effective forms of advertising and promoting your business. In a recent BPMA survey, 56% of the respondents said their impressions of the company improved drastically after receiving a corporate gift, while 79% said they would likely do business with the company again.

Corporate gifting does more than just enhancing your brand awareness; It builds a footing in the customer’s mind and everyday life as well.

But how do you promote your business through corporate gifts? Dive in to learn how to maximize the promotional prospects of your gifts.

1. Tier Your Gifts to Stretch Your Budget

Different customers value your company differently, so one gift should not have the same value to all your customers.

To maximize the promotional prospects of your gifts, create at least three tiers, with each tier corresponding to the value of the client to your company. Choose a budget-friendly gift for tier three clients, such a calendar. For tier two, choose a higher value gift such as a T-shirt.

Tier one gifts should exclusively be for your most valued clients. As such, go for cherished items such as mugs. Branded mugs with your logo on them are excellent promotional items because they not only establish a footing in people’s’ minds but also represent your brand to your audience long after you have given them out.

2. Set Your Promotional Goals

The promotional value of a corporate gift depends on your target audience, among many other factors.

Ask yourself, what’s the goal of corporate gifting? Do you seek to solidify customer relationship, attract new leads, or both? If your goal is to strengthen your relationship with your customers, look to give items such as pens that will make them know you appreciate their loyalty.

If your goal is to bolster your brand awareness to the general public, consider gifts such as umbrellas or bags. The alluring nature of a branded umbrella with splendid colors will leave a lasting impression in the eyes of many, and most importantly enhance your brand exposure. Check out for more corporate gifts items ideal for attracting new leads.

3. Have a Budget in Mind

It’s important to view the money spent on promotional items as an investment rather than an expense.

With that in mind, you should not make corporate gifting a one-time thing. Instead, you should set a budget for promotional gifts and be prepared to give out gifts regularly. Don’t just wait for the holidays.

Giving gifts to customers regularly will make them keep your company in their thoughts at all times. Also, having a budget in place helps to ensure you’re not overspending on corporate gifts which might impact your bottom line negatively.

Wrapping Up

Free corporate gifts play a vital role in promoting your business.

However, if done wrong, corporate gifting may not only drain your budget resources but also take a quantum leap in the wrong direction. The key lies in understanding your business goals and giving out only gifts that can enhance your brand image.

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