Jenny Lam story – A+ beverage brand

A wine store with a customer base with over 15 Countries, spanning from Japan to UAE as well as from Australia. All wines direct from wineries with proven certificates

Jenny Lam

Hong Kong

Wine store

Marketing Director

What did you like about ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is very user-friendly and customer-oriented. The site has catered to a new set up company with every single thing we need from brand logo design, brand guideline, stationery to POSM or advertising templates. It really helps me out by reducing lots of time and saving money to look for an agency to craft on the design and layout. The customer service team is super responsive and always provides swift assistance though there is a time gap between my home country vs ZenBusiness base. I deeply appreciate the team and definitely, no doubt recommend ZenBusiness to anyone who looks for a professional logo and brand design!

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