The Small Business Resource Center for COVID-19

At ZenBusiness, we’re working hard to support our customers during this difficult time. ZenBusiness is a public benefit corporation, and core to our mission is to provide support to our community of customers and their small businesses.We surveyed our customers, spoke with people going through this crisis (COVID-preneurs), and performed extensive research on how people are adapting to a new world. From that information, we’ve created the resources below to answer questions and equip small businesses to take on this time of uncertainty.The ZenBusiness Grant Program Learn more about the ZenBusiness COVID-19 Grant Program. In order to support our customers, ZenBusiness created a grant program and distributed $1,000 grants to a selection of small businesses that applied through the first half of 2020. Applications are currently closed, but you can read updates about the program and grant winners.

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Coronavirus Information

Find out information about COVID-19.

  • Trusted Coronavirus Information Sources
  • How the Virus Spreads
  • How to Protect Yourself
  • How Long Does Coronavirus Live Outside the Body
  • Testing
  • Talking to Children about Coronavirus
  • Pets and Coronavirus
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Government and Funding

Filing for unemployment

  • Can I fire myself and collect unemployment?
  • How do my employees file for unemployment?
  • Unemployment under the CARES Act

Government programs

  • What Government resources are available?
  • Applying for Unemployment under the CARES Act
  • SBA Express Bridge Loans
  • The Main Street Business Lending Program
  • Traditional SBA Loans (not related to COVID-19)
  • How to get help locally

Non-government grant optionsThere are several companies taking the initiative to provide grants to small businesses during COVID-19.

CARES Act explained

  • What is the CARES Act?
  • Breaking down the $2 trillion
  • How much money am I eligible to receive as an individual?
  • Unemployment payments
  • Gig workers and freelancers
  • How much money am I eligible to receive as a small business owner?
  • Emergency grants
  • Forgivable loans
  • Relief for existing loans
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Planning and operations

How to run your business virtually right now

  • The Basics for Running Your Business Virtually
  • Updating Your Website
  • Phone and Email
  • Accepting Payments
  • Marketing Online During the Coronavirus Crisis
  • Additional Online Resources for Small Businesses

Business planning to adapt to a world with COVID-19

  • Planning for several scenarios
  • Look to China for a case study in how long a recovery might take
  • Pivoting from an offline to an online business
  • Why has my business been impacted so much and am I alone?
  • Innovative ideas to pivot income stream
  • What to do if you can’t pivot your business

Financial planning

  • What to focus on right now
  • What to expect for revenue and cash-flow
  • Managing revenue and cash
  • Managing & Reducing expenses
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