How to Beat a Sales Slump

The feeling you get when you know your sales are diving can be overwhelming and can set even the most seasoned salesperson into panic mode. Here’s some good news: It is possible to dig yourself out of a sales slump and turn things around. Read this advice to find out how.

Have you ever experienced the dreaded downward curve or slump in your sales? Most of us certainly have. If you’ve been through it, you probably have a clear recollection of that lump in your throat, adrenaline-pumping moment when you realize that you need to scramble if you’re going to make your sales goal or quota. The feeling can be overwhelming and can set even the most seasoned salesperson into panic mode.

Of course, the best advice that I can give is to not let your sales dip in the first place. But, I’m not here to lecture. Instead, I have some good news about digging yourself out of a sales slump. Yes, it can be done, and usually faster than you think. You need an action plan, a positive attitude, and the drive to get things done. Maybe the following tips are only a refresher of what you already know, or perhaps they’ll give you a few new ideas. Regardless, these ideas work, and if you’re heading down the path of a slump, you’ll want to start here:

Go After the Low Hanging Fruit
Make a list of prospects who are attainable in the short-term. This isn’t the time to throw the “Hail Mary” for a long shot sale. Set your sights on those who can generate you some real sales now and work your charm on them sooner, rather than later.

Get Critiqued
When you’re in a sales slump, you need an honest evaluation of your abilities from someone who is objective. No, don’t ask your lunch buddy in the next cubicle. Ask your manager or someone you respect within the organization to evaluate your sales performance and presentation. Then, pick his or her brain for ways to improve.

Read Up
A sales slump should inspire your desire to hone your skills. Obviously, once you pull yourself out of this funk, you’ll never want to go back. Read sales books, articles, newsletters, and websites. Attend a seminar or a webinar. Explore new techniques, pick up innovative tips, and uncover fresh ways to sell to your prospects.

Stop the Blame Game
It’s natural to start looking for answers as to why you’re experiencing a slump. However, this isn’t the time to start blaming others or yourself. It doesn’t matter who or what is to blame. Your time and energy is better focused on developing strategies to improve your situation.

Try Something New
The truth is that you’ll always achieve the same outcome if you’re always doing things the same way. Branch out. Explore new techniques, strategies, methods. Who knows – you might just uncover a better, more successful way that will lead to better results.


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