How to Guarantee That Your Direct Mail Pieces Get Opened

Can’t figure out why no one reads your sales letters? Do you suspect most of them end up in the trash? Here’s how you can guarantee that more of your direct mail pieces get opened.

Is your outbound mail failing to get the attention of your recipients? Are a significant percentage of them trashing the pieces without opening them?

If you want to get a much higher “open” rate on your mail pieces, consider using Camel Mail.

What is Camel Mail you ask? It is an envelope with something inside that creates a “hump”, resembling that strange looking desert animal. That’s called Camel Mail.

Most people can’t resist opening a bulky package when it arrives. There’s something about that hump that attracts our attention. We just have to see what’s inside. So use the power of curiosity as a marketing tool.

Your hump may be created by a promotional item that you want to give to your prospects. Maybe it’s an important article or story you think they will enjoy (to create the hump, send several of them folded into smaller pieces and let the recipient know you sent several copies for her to pass on to associates). Or perhaps it’s just a special offer or gift you want to get in front of your prospects and you present it nicely, and heavily, with decorative paper or bubble wrap.

Whatever it takes, just make sure you create the hump. And the bigger the hump, the better.

Of course the bulky item alone won’t be enough to move a prospect along in the sales process. Make sure you include a direct mail letter or personal note that highlights a specific benefit the prospect gets by doing business with you. If the item enclosed reinforces your message, that’s even better.

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