How to Sell More This Holiday Season

Want to make more sales to holiday shoppers? You can increase order size and also turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers by using these marketing tips in your business this holiday season. 

The holiday shoppers are out in force. They are shopping in person at malls and boutiques, and searching online stores for just the right gift for their family, friends, and others with whom they exchange gifts. Some of those shoppers will be shopping in your brick and mortar and online store. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a way to get them to buy more when they visit during the holidays, and also get them to return and buy from you after the holidays? 

Well, it’s not a dream. You can do both.

Here are suggestions to help you maximize your profit from holiday shoppers.

Send email and text messages to existing customers

Send them advanced notices of special sales and events. Then send them reminders when the sale or even is about to start.

Send gift suggestions to your email list

Have merchandise that would make the perfect gift for Mom or Dad, or 11 year-olds? Send photos and descriptions to the people on your list. Add a link to buy online, if you have an online store.  

Post promos and coupons to your social media pages

A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture with a coupon or BOGO offer is the way to get to remind your social media contacts about what you sell and where to find great gifts for the people on their gift list.

Suggest related products to buy

Your customers have many, varied needs. The woman who buys a hand-knit sweater may want a pair of slacks to go with it, or may want need to buy a gift for the office grab bag. The young man who’s looking for a necklace to give his girlfriend may also want to buy a pair of earrings for his mother. And the couple shopping for a new couch may order end tables or lamps if you point out something appropriate. Making those suggestions can boost the size of your average sale – and your profits.

Put impulse-buy items near the sales counter

People get fidgety waiting in line to have their purchases rung up. Capitalize on their desire to look at anything other than the line of people ahead of them by putting attention-getting impulse items on display near the checkout line. Remind lookers why they should buy now by hanging a sign above the display that reads, “Great Stocking Stuffers.”

Capture new customers’ names

The new customer who buys from you today may want similar items later in the year for themselves or for other gift-giving occasions. They won’t buy from you, though, if they don’t remember your name or don’t remember where they put the business card or catalog you gave them. You can help them remember by asking them to sign up for a mailing list  and/ or for text messages. 

Give the customer alternate ways to make a purchase

Your store may be the first one the shopper hits during their shopping trip. They may decide to look in other stores before they make a purchase, then find they don’t have time to return to your store. That doesn’t mean you have to lose that sale or future sales, though. Post signs throughout the store and include literature with purchases pointing visitors to your website and social media pages.

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Follow up after the initial sale

Satisfied customers are your best prospect for new sales. But you won’t bring in as much repeat business as you could if you don’t keep in touch with your customers. Try to send your customers a mailing once a month or once every other month at minimum. Send out coupons , send out notices of special sales, or newsletters about your specialty. Run special promotions through those social media pages after the first of the year, too. 

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