What Is an Unmetered Datacenter Proxy?

Unmetered datacenter proxies are real IP addresses that have no data caps or monthly transfer limits (unlike other options which usually charge per GB). The advantage of this unmetered proxy system using uncapped data is that you will save a fortune if you, like many users, require huge amounts of bandwidth. For most, it’s simply not sustainable to pay fees per GB on a normal payment model as the monthly outgoings for the amount of usage required would be astronomical.

Unmetered data center proxies provide you with a third-party IP address, positioned between you and the internet instead of directly connecting you like an internet service provider would. They are able to do this because unmetered data center proxies are completely unaffiliated with any ISP. The high level of anonymity they provide with secure IP authentication through being a private proxy is invaluable.

Advantages Of An Unmetered Datacenter Proxy

Location Protection

Location anonymity helps you gain access to geo-restricted content and is just one of the fantastic features that comes from a hidden location IP address via an unmetered data center proxy. With no attachment to any ISP, your browsing and online business activities remain secure and anonymous whilst being carried out smoothly with no risk of interruption.

Huge Quantity Of IP addresses

Unmetered data centers operate like IP sorting offices or distribution centers, providing massive volumes of IP addresses and making them available for your use. This is hugely beneficial for all scraping activities and offers loads of IP addresses that can be rapidly disposed of after use.

Increased Proxy Speed

Unmetered data center proxies do not have the same speed limitations that you see with residential proxies because of their lack of affiliation with any internet service providers. This means their potential for speed is undeniable and they are notoriously capable of consistently high speeds, which in turn ensures any work or activities done on line are completed quickly and efficiently.


Unmetered data center proxies are much less expensive than unmetered residential proxies. This provides an excellent option for users, particularly for new businesses with restricted or tight budgets. You can conduct your online business safely and anonymously at affordable prices in the cost-effective manner of buying proxies in bulk and storing multiple proxies ready for when you need them.

Disadvantages Of An Unmetered Datacenter Proxy

Reduced Choice Of IPs

Unmetered data center proxies are not as versatile as unmetered residential IPs .They do not have the same variety or diversity of the unmetered residential proxy IPs and are not as useful in avoiding geo-restrictions. It can be easier for websites to identify and ban unmetered data center proxies because their IPs all share the same sub-networks of the data center in which they were created.

Final Thoughts

Safety and anonymity online should be a priority for everyone seeking to reduce the risk of having private and sensitive information intercepted by hackers. Unmetered data center proxies clearly offer many critical advantages to secure your data and protect your privacy on the internet whenever and wherever you want to browse, surf or conduct business.

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