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Corporate website

A corporate website is one of the key platforms for promoting your brand. By incorporating your logo into your website design, you will boost your company recognition and create a coherent corporate style.


Emails remain a highly effective tool for promoting brands and products. A logo is the first thing your recipients will see when they open your emails, so make sure it is noticeable.

Profile pictures on social media

If your brand has a social media presence, it’s a great idea to use your logo as a profile picture/avatar on Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Although tiny, a favicon is a very important corporate design element. It helps your audience easily find your website among multiple tabs in their browsers.

Email signature

Finishing your business emails with a branded signature is a very professional gesture. It helps you establish authority and build trust with your customers and partners. Plus, a custom email signature confirms that the email comes from a reliable sender.


When you use your logo in your watermark, you kill two birds with one stone. Not only does a branded watermark protect your graphic content from unauthorized copying but it also boosts your brand awareness.

Outdoor and printed advertising

Billboards, city lights

There’s no better way to promote your business than by putting your logo on a massive billboard located in a busy place. Pair your design with a creative slogan or an attractive offer and all eyes will be on your brand!

Banners on facades

Banners are another fantastic type of outdoor advertising. An eye-catching banner is sure to drive traffic to your office, store, or restaurant!

Flyers, brochures, posters, etc.

Light and easy to distribute, printed marketing materials have a big outreach. Place your logo on your company flyers and get ready for calls and clicks from potential customers!

Price tags, wobblers

Price tags, wobblers, and other POS labels attract customer attention like a magnet. With your emblem on it, an ordinary price tag becomes a powerful promotion tool.

Stickers on vehicles

When you place your logo on your personal car or public transport, you ensure that it will be seen by thousands of people in your city and surrounding areas. Plus, it’s a very affordable promotional method that won’t blow a hole in your budget.


Here comes another budget-friendly promotion method. Bags, notebooks, pens, etc. are indispensable elements of everyday life. When you distribute branded souvenirs to your customers and partners, you put your brand out there for the world to see.

Interior and exterior design


How do you direct passersby to your office or shop? By mounting a catchy signboard above the entrance! Signboards really work, as they generate curiosity and interest.

Store windows

Beautiful store windows never fail to arouse curiosity. If your store looks out on a busy street, be sure to incorporate your brand identity into your store window. It’s definitely worth it.

Walls, ceiling, floor

Decorating various surfaces of your office or studio with your logo is a smart way to invigorate your interior design and make a mark in your visitors’ minds.


A poster is a great way to give your target audience information about a new product, special offers, discounts, and other noteworthy events. The main thing to do is maintain a fine balance between text and eye-catching graphics.

Info stands

Information stands are usually located in business centers, exhibition halls, etc. When you place your logo on such a stand, you’ll be reaching out to a large and diverse audience.

Navigation signage

Navigation maps are always the center of attention. This is hardly surprising if we take, for example, a huge multi-store shopping mall! Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your brand awareness by putting your emblem on navigation signage.

Business documents

Business cards

Without a logo, a business card is only half-ready. Put your emblem in the upper left or right corner of your business card. Make sure it doesn’t overpower the contact information on your card.


Reports are one of the major types of business documents. When you place a small logo in the upper right corner of your report templates, you make your documents part of your brand recognition efforts.


Branded envelopes enhance your business correspondence and contribute to your brand awareness. Plus, they’re a good way to build trust with your customers and partners.


Document folders are actively used not only within the company but also at conferences, exhibitions, and other events attended by thousands of people. This is why an edgy logo on a folder can work wonders in terms of brand promotion!

Price lists and consignment notes

Branded price lists and consignment notes can boost your corporate image and make your company look more professional.


Every corporate document requires an official stamp. A stamp that leaves your logo imprint is an unobtrusive yet effective way to promote your business among your clients and partners.



If you still haven’t put your logo on your product boxes, you’re missing out on some great promotion opportunities! If necessary, change your corporate design to make it more noticeable and catchy.

Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is widely used in all kinds of packaging. It would be a pity to not use this carrier for your brand promotion!


Colorful labels quickly draw customer attention. If you still haven’t designed branded labels for your products, hurry up! For a bigger visual impact, be sure to scale up your logo and place it in the center of the label.

Plastic and textile bags

Plastic or textile bags – whether big or small, with or without handles – have significant promotion potential. A durable bag with your corporate identity on it will serve your partners and clients for years, cultivating an emotional bond with your brand.

Wrapping paper

Untap your creative potential and decorate your wrapping paper with your logo, ornaments, patterns, slogans, and other corporate identity elements. Your customers will be sure to love it.

Product parts

Branding individual parts of your products is a smart marketing trick. The important thing is to not overdo it. Avoid making your logo too overbearing and massive. A small, neat design will do just fine.

Corporate souvenirs

Keychains and magnets

A stylish keychain or magnet with your logo would be a tasteful gift for your partners, employees, and clients. It will remind the person about your company as they go about their everyday life.

Tableware (mugs, glasses)

Branded mugs are a marketing classic. It’s a good idea to distribute such souvenirs at promotional events or right in your office. Tableware will last for a long time, contributing to your brand awareness 24/7.

Phone cases

A branded smartphone case is a relatively new promotion method that is equally effective for freelancers, small businesses, and major corporations. You can use branded phone cases as stylish gifts for your partners and team.

Bracelets and watches

Bracelets, watches, and similar accessories call for a small but catchy logo. When you customize these items, you turn them into unique and memorable souvenirs for your clients and business partners.


A notepad is a perfect printed venue for promoting your brand identity. For a surefire visual impact, place a big logo on the front cover of your notepad. It’ll make a beautiful and useful gift for your employees and long-time customers.


Corporate calendars show no signs of going out of fashion. A calendar is a versatile accessory that can be hung on the wall or put on the table. There is hardly a better gift for clients and partners during the winter holidays!

Digital advertising

Ad banners

Branded ad banners on websites and in apps are a smart promotion method that can’t be overlooked. Make sure your banner is not too in-your-face; otherwise, you risk turning off your potential customers.


It’s a smart move to add your corporate logo to the beginning or end of a promo video. As your clip scores more likes and shares, your brand will gain popularity on the web.


Businesses are using infographics to visualize their products and services, industry trends, statistics, etc. To make your infographic more visually compelling and protect it from being copied, be sure to enhance it with your logo.

Landing page

A logo is an organic part of any landing page. It creates a connection between your web page and your brand. For better visibility, we recommend adding a logo to the header of your landing page.


A presentation is a convenient way to introduce your brand to important clients and partners. With your corporate logo on each slide, your presentation gains a powerful marketing effect. If possible, use a simplified or black-and-white version of your logo so as not to distract viewers from the main content.

How do I use this checklist?

With our guidelines, you’ll be able to leverage the potential of your corporate logo.


Spend a few minutes of your time on this checklist and take your business to a new level!


Navigating the checklist is very easy. Different applications of your logo are carefully divided into categories: Web, Products, Outdoor and Printed Advertising, etc.


We’ve covered a large number of platforms – from emails and websites to clothing and videos – through which your brand can get in touch with your target audience. With our checklist, you’ll be able to squeeze the maximum out of your company logo!


You don’t need any special knowledge to complete this checklist. Simply browse the list and check the uses of your logo that apply to your business.


Our checklist will prove helpful to all types of businesses (startups, freelance entrepreneurs, etc.) operating across a variety of industries.


You can download the logo checklist and freely use it for any purpose – including sending it to your colleagues and partners so that they can check their own brands.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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