25 Best Business Ideas for the UK

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Best Business Ideas for the UK

List of Business Ideas for the UK

1. Brexit Business Lawyer

The Brexit vote has caused a significant amount of uncertainty for the entire United Kingdom, specifically in how company owners conduct business. This is because there are many laws related to how you conduct business that will change once the Brexit deal is complete.

This United Kingdom business idea would help solve that problem by providing a corporate lawyer service to those businesses in the UK that are affected by the changes. The Brexit lawyer service would charge a fee per hour and you’d help review any laws for the UK and the European Union to see how the business operations may need to change with the new policies in place.

If you have previous law experience or want to become a lawyer and enter a growing niche, this would be a great business to start.

2. Personal Budget and Money Management Service

Personal budgeting and money management is a skill that many people in the UK lack, according to studies. Money management and financial literacy are also growing issues in the nation as people feel like it’s becoming more and more of an issue. Additionally, there are many apps out there that people can use to manage their money or budget, however, if you don’t know how to budget and manage money in the first place, then these apps are pointless.

That is where you can come in and start this business idea. To start this cost-effectively, you could begin by preparing a set of budget templates and personal finance checklists for potential clients. Then you could reach out to people in your network to teach them how they can budget and manage their own money. You could charge a one-time teaching fee and an ongoing finance review fee to make sure your clients stay on track of their financial goals.

3. Affordable Seniors Living Complex Company

The growing senior population is a problem that is affecting the entire world, however, the UK is one of the countries experiencing this problem the worst. As people in the UK grow old many people can’t afford to hire a private nurse for their home.

This UK company would provide seniors with an affordable place to stay and receive their healthcare. If you’re passionate about helping others and enjoy the company of the elderly, this could be a great company to start. First, see if there is a facility that someone can rent to you for a low price. If they know your intentions are to help others, especially seniors, they may be more inclined to give you a good deal. Once you have the facility rented, you can look into renovations to make it suitable for living and then market the service.

4. Smart Technology Property Management Group

The property management industry is years behind considering the available technology out there. They have not implemented much in terms of smart technology to make both their lives and their tenant’s life easier. If you have a passion for smart technology or information technology and infrastructure, this could be the perfect idea to consider.

To begin, you will want to set up a basic inventory of the components you’ll need to convert a basic tenant’s house into a smart home. For instance, this may involve gathering components and programming instructions so lights automatically turn on when someone uses the front door at specific times, or it may be an alert system for when people are away from the home and the property manager needs to know about a burst pipe. All these scenarios could be programmed using components that make up a smart home.

Once you have that, you can approach property managers and work with them on an on-going basis to set up systems that allow them to know if there are emergencies that need taken care of, if lawns need to be cut, etc.

5. Import and Export Trade Consulting Firm

Brexit has also added a significant number of difficulties when it comes to importing and exporting. Previously, all imports and exports would fall under the European Union law, however, now that the UK has decided to leave the European Union, these import and export laws will change.

The change in laws can be dramatic for some businesses and they may not know how to navigate these changes. By starting the Import and Export Consulting Company, you can help small and medium-sized businesses navigate the changes in these laws as Brexit is implemented.

This company may involve helping business owners change suppliers to avoid higher import costs, or may need to adjust their prices accordingly if they have to pay more for exporting their product to customers.

6. Employment and recruitment specialist

With the laws and policies changing in the UK, there could be demand for both workers looking to change jobs to another country within the EU or even North America. With this increase in demand, people may need help in their searches and relationship-building efforts as they look for new jobs. That is where you could come in and start an employment agency. By specializing in either jobs within the UK or establishing careers for others internationally, you could help these people in need, and charge a consulting fee in the process. This idea would be perfect for you if you have experience in HR or have a large network of people who could hire others.

7. Warehouse and Storage Company

Amazon has changed the way people shop forever and if the smaller retail outlets and small businesses don’t adjust accordingly, they could be put out of business. This is a major problem as the United Kingdom’s economy is quite dependent on the number of small businesses and the people they employ.

To fight this problem, you could start a company that would be a warehouse and storage facility. Other small businesses would pay you a monthly fee to be able to use your warehouses and facilities, so they could house inventory that would be shipped from your warehouse to the end consumer. Ultimately allowing them to start their online stores and to compete with Amazon without scarifying their product margins and brand name.

8. Rural renewable energy distribution Service

Renewal energy is now a major energy source in the UK and across many places in Europe. However, the energy is only easily available if you can get it directly from the source, such as a windmill, or if you live in a rural area, you may still be dependent on other sources of electricity.

A Rural Renewable Energy Distribution Company could help solve that problem. By working with the renewable energy producers, as well as the rural energy companies who manage the energy sources, you could see if either party would be willing to pay you to hook up batteries to those renewable energy sources, so you could then transport that energy to other rural markets and areas where they need the extra energy. This is a unique idea that may have not been implemented yet.

9. Multi-language transcription service

Europe is full of people who speak different and multiple languages. For businesses, this can be difficult when they operate across Europe and maybe even east into Asia and Russia. To help the businesses operating in these areas, you could start a multi-language accurate transcription service. Even if you don’t know multiple languages, you could find someone who does and then finds clients who will pre-pay for your services. Once the clients pay, you can pay your employees to begin the work, allowing you to start the business in the UK with low startup costs.

This service could also be operated completely online because your clients could upload documents to an online portal on your website, and let you know what languages they need it transcribed to.

Human transcription services is a high-value service so this could be a lucrative business if you get the attention of the right clients.

10. Headquarters relocation company

Again, due to Brexit, many companies are relocating their headquarters from the UK to other countries due to uncertainty about what is going on. And changes in tax laws could make it more profitable if companies move to other countries outside the UK.

If you have experience in tax law or would like to learn, this would be a great business idea in the UK to start, as many companies are facing problems and issues related to Brexit and taxes. If you have the knowledge, you can begin by reaching out to companies that operate across the European Union.

11. Upcycled Furniture Business

Ever wanted to start a furniture business but didn’t want to enter into competition with some of the big-name furniture producers? Well with this business idea, you can help solve the problem of having a polluted world and start selling upcycled furniture online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

Upcycled furniture is old furniture or old materials that are reused and refurbished into newer furniture that people will buy and use to decorate their homes. The great part of this business idea is that it can be started with little money and it supports the growing trend of sustainability, as many consumers now are looking at how their purchase decisions can affect the earth and the climate.

To begin, you could start be sourcing free furniture and old materials from friends, family, and strangers. Then you can refurbish them and list them on online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or other apps.

12. Supply Chain Management and Transition Specialist Company

As the business landscape changes with the UK leaving the European Union, there are many different supply chain and customer management tasks that may need to change for businesses that operate across Europe profitably.

By working with existing medium to large-size businesses, you’d work with the existing supply chain they have to make sure the business operations, profitability, and other aspects remain positive. You may also need to get new suppliers for the business if the law changes make it unprofitable to do business. For instance, if your clients have a supplier that would no longer allow them to produce products profitably due to the changes in taxes that need to be paid, you may help the business find a new supplier or negotiate with the current. If you have supply chain management skills and like to negotiate, this could be a great niche business to start.

13. Online Nurse Access Portal Service

There is a growing elderly population in the UK, and not all of them want to rely on the public health care system. There may even be a large demographic that is not able to leave their home due to an illness or just old age.

To help these people, you could start an Online Nurse Access Portal that they could video call to talk to a doctor and see if they need to order a nurse in, of which you could contract out at the beginning to keep costs low and then build out that service later.

Starting this business idea in a low-cost way could be done if you set this service up using a website that used an online video calling service like Skype or EZtalk.

14. Women Career Transitioning Service

Research suggests that there are approximately three million women in the UK alone that will need to transition their jobs into another field or career due to technological advances. There is a large and disproportionate amount of men in higher leadership roles in most companies, and most women are then stuck in the more administrative and repetitive roles that can easily be taken over by AI and computers in the coming years.

Because of this problem, its time that their businesses are started to help these women succeed and grow. If you have a passion for helping women, you could start the Women Career Transition Service, to help them find new careers and grow into fields that aren’t going to be threatened by AI. By working with them on an on-going basis, you can help them get a new job, learn what new training they need and other steps they should take so they can be the most successful they can be.

This business would also be great because it will help narrow the gap between the number of men in high-level positions by getting more women in those positions. And it could also be run if you work full-time as your clients usually will too.

15. Ireland traveling Consulting Firm

When the Brexit deal goes through, there is going to be increased complications crossing the border between northern and southern Ireland. This is because only half of Ireland will be left in the European Union.

This consulting firm could specialize in helping people plan a seamless trip when crossing the border, as well as traveling around the country and having a fun trip. This could be also set up as an online business where you sell guides about amazing trips to Ireland and crossing the border seamlessly.

16. EU moving consulting and service

Due to all the changes in the UK, there will be many people who will want to move to other parts of the EU for more stability with their jobs and the political landscape. When people are looking for a new place to live, it can be difficult to find a great place to live if you don’t know the area.

If you have a strong knowledge of the different regions and areas of the multiple countries in the EU, you could start a service that would help people find a place to live in the desired location, using their set of criteria. A one-time location-finding fee could be charged to generate income. After the location is settled people could pay you more if you move them to the destination.

17. Connected Home Specialists Company

The average age of a house in the UK is quite old, likely 50+ years. Unlike in North America where there is a lot of new construction, the UK has a lot of older homes. This prevents the opportunity for homeowners to have their homes “connected” and “smart”. Special flood prevention sensors, light sensors, and other fancy technology can’t be built into the house.

There could be some residents in the UK that want to have a smart home but don’t have to budget to tear down and rebuild the home as that is extremely expensive in the UK. Instead, they could hire your Connected Home Specialists company to set up their home as a smart home. This could include installing smart thermostats and special door locks and light sensors.

There are two business models that could potentially be used in this business.

The first would be to do a simple consulting session with the client and let them know the changes they can make themselves, to make their home connected and the software needed.

The second business model would be to conduct the review yourself and then do the install too. With the second option, you’ll have to pay more money for components and you may need some construction knowledge, but you could charge your clients a lot more money.

18. Smart Appliances Manufacturer

Similar to the problem presented above, there aren’t many smart or connected homes in the UK simply because they don’t build a lot of new homes, leaving the current ones standing so there aren’t many options for a connected or smart home. However, citizens of the UK are increasingly interested in having smart home appliances.

This increase in demand presents the opportunity to start a smart appliance manufacturing company. If you want to start with targeting a specific niche, you could begin by creating smaller smart appliances like mini-fridges, toasters, and coffee pots. So you aren’t jumping into a business like laundry washer manufacturing where there could already be a lot of competition.

19. Personal and Corporate privacy compliance firm

People’s privacy is an ever-increasing importance, especially in the United Kingdom and many other parts of the European Union. Because of this, there is increased demand from both consumers and businesses to have safeguards in place and to protect people’s personal data.

However, there have been so many large data scandals in the recent past with Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Whatsapp, and other companies. Consumers are increasingly less trusting of companies that collect data.

A corporate and personal data privacy company could be started to help people solve this issue. For example, you could consult with existing small to large businesses to see how they can improve their security. You could also work with consumers to help them protect their personal data, and even establish how much of their personal data is out there for the world to see.

20. Internet/ Offline Accessibility Business

Accessibility refers to how other people with disabilities such as being blind or deaf will interact and access your online or offline (brick and mortar) storefront. There are so many businesses that don’t cater to these people and it’s quite sad. These people deserve to have services and products offered to them in a way that they can easily understand and enjoy it. For instance, many restaurants may not have menus in brail so blind people can’t understand them.

This business idea would help solve that problem by providing accessibility services and products to existing businesses that would like to further cater to these people. For instance, you could start by approaching restaurants in your area to see if they would like to buy custom brail menus from you that you would create from their original menus and design.

There could also be audio versions for people who are blind and don’t necessarily read from brail. Or, if the person is deaf, you could work with employees to teach them basic sign language so they can communicate with everyone.

21. Facial and Voice Recognition Disturbance Company

The use of CCTVs in the UK is huge. The main cities are almost completely covered when it comes to CCTV surveillance. For some, this may be an issue, or for others it’s not. But for the ones that have an issue with it, you could help them solve this fear by selling facial recognition disturbance masks that people could wear to avoid facial recognition.

This could also be a very popular business that could be expanded into China since they have a lot of facial recognition technology that may be an issue for certain people.

22. Vertical Farming Company

Farmers in the UK are feeling the pressures of climate change as they continue to struggle with crop predictability and stability of the year-to-year difference in crop yields. Because of this, UK farmers face financial instability, and it’s increasingly tempting to sell their plots of land as they can receive large amounts of money for that.

To help fight this problem, you could work with the farmers to use pieces of their land and partner with them to build vertical farming buildings. These buildings would be able to grow all types of crops on different levels of the building. The crops would also come out perfect because each level of the building can be climate controlled, so there is no need to worry about crop yields falling due to a drought. Additionally, with these buildings, farmers would be able to grow crops year-round.

To make money from this, you’d sell the crops to buyers and get a share of the profit and the rest would be split with the farmer.

23. GDPR Compliance Company

Businesses in the European Union are required to be compliant with GDPR, which is a set of rules and regulations that businesses must follow if they are interacting and doing business with people in the EU. For this exact reason, a GDPR Compliance company could be set up to help businesses in the UK, that also operate in the EU, to be compliant with their business practices.

If you have an interest in compliance or knowledge of the GDPR compliance laws, this could be a very interesting business idea for the UK. There is also a large number of businesses in Africa, Asia, and North America that need to be GDPR compliant if they have EU customers as well. And there could be a lot who aren’t and don’t know what to do to become compliant.

24. Juice Manufacturing Business

If the Brexit deal goes through, juice import taxes will increase by about 22%, which could add a lot of expense to the businesses buying the juice. This increase may cause juice-related businesses to want to switch suppliers and source the juice within the country to save that percentage amount.

The Juice Manufacturing Business could be capital intensive, however, there could be a great pay-off as many people in the UK may simply like the fact that the product is made within the country and not imported from some faraway land, creating a larger carbon footprint.

25. Electric car repair company

Although there are many regular car repair companies, the Electric Car Repair Business would specialize in fixing and repairing only electric cars. By deciding on this one niche, you may be able to be viewed as the expert in electric cars in your area. With the increasing popularity of electric cars and regulations coming in place to prevent more gas cars on the road, there will be demand for repairs. In fact, by 2050, all cars on the road need to be zero-emissions anyways.

The electric car repair company would be a bit different than a regular repair shop, as you may need to specialize in how batteries work. The benefit of only servicing electric cars is that some repair shops that specialize in this in other areas receive special Tesla contracts so they are the only repair shop in a certain radius that can service Tesla cars. Allowing you to establish a niche in this area.

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