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24 Drone Business Ideas

These profitable drone business ideas will help aspiring entrepreneurs, like you, start their own successful business. Get your best new drone business idea from this big list of company ideas.

Drone Business Ideas List

1. Aerial surveying

Drones can take photos and measurements from above and visually record land that may be inaccessible. These capabilities make them ideal for surveying and mapping difficult terrain. In many instances, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are replacing helicopters for surveying.

Professional organizations such as energy power plants, government land management departments, construction firms, and businesses require this type of aerial survey service. Sell your services which could include topography, digital mapping and archaeology data. To succeed you will need to be an expert in aerial photography and in surveying land. Some of these drone applications will require additional certification.

2. Wedding Photography and Video

One of the most popular and profitable ways to make money with drones is to become a wedding photographer and videographer. Sure the competition is high in this field but that is because it is so lucrative. Couples want unique and interesting photographs of their wedding. Aerial drones can offer outstanding perspectives.

Recently I attended my brother’s wedding on a Florida beach in Florida. He hired a drone videographer who created an aerial video all of the entire beach, surf waves and sunset that was spectacular.

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3.  Sports Video

Professional athletes and sporting enthusiasts want to have fascinating films of their winning achievements.  Among the most popular markets are surfers, auto racers, runners, golfers and motocross. Don’t know how to play golf? Check out this site to learn how to play golf

4. Drone Retailer

As your interest in drones increases, you will become familiar with the different features and models on drone equipment. Use your expertise to earn money by reselling drones. Many drone businesses need to constantly upgrade their equipment. You could both sell your customers new equipment then resell their existing drone equipment as trade-ins. Plus you could deal with new drones as an online dealer or as a specialized drone brick and mortar retailer. Consider renting a section of existing technology or sports stores for your drone business.

Stay away renting out drones since it is problematic and unprofitable. Drone experts do not recommend drone rental businesses because of the high likelihood of damage and loss of money.

Your best bet is to sell both new and used drones to cover all parts of the market from hobbyists to professional cartographers. Expand this business by offering drone training courses in piloting.

5. Drone repair

This is an extremely necessary service due to the rugged environments many drones are being used for these days. Sending drones out into remote areas often result in crashes that require specialized repair services.

Your clients would be military, hobbyists, drone racers and drone business companies. Because drone equipment is expensive, fragile and prone to malfunctions repair services are in demand. Also consider offering drone customizing, upgrading equipment and reselling repaired drones.

6. Drone training courses

Piloting drones is not as easy as it seems. Both for protecting the expensive drone equipment and to properly conduct services, extensive training for professionals is needed. If you have this type of knowledge you can create drone flying courses to train people in the proper use of drones. Also, you could offer drone certification to your passing students. Your classes can teach people how to maneuver their drones and take photos and videos.

7. Package delivery by drones

Many states now accept delivery services by drones. In fact, the largest online retailer, Amazon, is actively pursuing this form of delivery.   Drones can deliver many types of items quickly at lower costs than traditional delivery transportation of planes and trucks.

8. Drone advertising & marketing

Offer local businesses advertising opportunities in the sky by carrying ad banners with their logo messages. Further, you could film a video of the company’s headquarters, stores, and product demonstrations. This media could be posted on their website and social media accounts to maximize exposure for their company.

9. Security surveillance

The use of drones for security is on the rise.  Aerial drones can capture images and video footage of the property and send it to a smartphone or computer instantly. This enables the property owner or manager to safely monitor the building and grounds.  If there has been a security breach the drone can be programmed to call the police immediately. Moreover, security drones have been used for other types of property security such as floods, fire and water leaks.

10. Search and rescue operations

Drones can save lives.  They are successful in locating lost individuals and animals because they can continue to work at night and access very tight areas.  In the bargain, there is greater safety for helicopter pilots and lower costs for municipalities.

Plus they can be equipped with specialized sensors for infrared and night-vision which helps rescue teams find people by their body heat emission. Also, drones can be used to drop emergency survival supplies.

11. Drone insurance provider

Many states in the US require commercial drone operators to have adequate insurance coverage for their businesses. As the number of drones in commercial usage rises this is a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Drone liability insurance covers the drone pilot and his company from injuries to pedestrians or privately owned property done by the drone. Although not required in all states, many personal drone operators purchase this liability insurance to protect their personal family assets from litigation.

12. Warehouse Inventory management

Major retailers such as Walmart are using drones in their warehouses to better manage their inventory, shipping processes, and logistics. Drones can save companies money and speed their product distribution.  Using drones for counting inventory, locating goods and gathering items for shipment is an emerging technology.

13. Real Estate Sales

The use of drones in real estate has increased dramatically this year. Aerial photographs can indicate the location of real estate listings proximity to related buildings. These images give context to a properties location.  Drones can take photos and videos to show nearby waterways, railroads, schools, shopping malls, and highways.  Buyers state that this feature is an important part of effective real estate listings.

Real estate professionals working with residential, commercial and land parcels can all benefit from the images and information obtained from using UAS (unmanned aircraft system) technology.  This imagery is an incredible tool for potential homeowners moving to a different city, buying a second home, or trying to streamline the research process necessary to buy a new home.

Furthermore, many commercial properties or large parcels of land do not lend themselves well to traditional photography. Other UAS applications in real estate include insurance inspections, appraisals, building management, and heat-loss imaging. 

14. Racing drone events and clubs

Race enthusiasts love racing their drones. Here is your opportunity to stage create events or create drone racing clubs to cater to this audience. You can make money with admission fees, advertising placement and vendor booths.

15. Racing drone contestant

Drone racing is an exciting and growing sport and pilots wear virtual reality headsets to win the race. Many major races such as the World Drone Prix Offer huge prizes $250,000 for the winning drone.

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16. Drone websites and blogs

Every day there is new information about drone technology. This is an opportunity to report on these trends to both commercial and personal drone operator pilots. Also, there are many FAA rule updates and restricted no drone zone areas changes that drone operators need to know. Your site could be a reference source of this information.

17. Construction building inspection

Modern drone technology allows building inspections to be done cheaply and safely. One of the most critical elements of a building is its roof. As such a roof inspection is vital. Before drone technology, this was costly and risky.

Offer drone roof inspections which include a close-up view of the building exterior with high-quality video of all elements of the roof including gutters, chimneys and flashing. This enables the property owner to discover areas that require repair maintenance. Utilizing infrared heat sensors you can also report on the energy efficiency of roofs, windows, and doors. If you have experience in construction this could be an ideal drone business for you.

18. Underwater inspections

If you own a submersible drone you can start an underwater inspection business. In the past, the high expense of this equipment restricted usage to government and institutional research labs. Now that costs have been reduced your business opportunities have increased.

You can sell underwater inspections for environmental assessments, law enforcement, docks building, boat marinas, and artistic ocean life photography art. Expand this business by offering underwater footage of scuba divers enjoying your hobbies.

19. Fishing drones

The hottest new business idea for drones is to help fishermen catch fish. Use your drones to search waterways to find schools of fish and then direct the fisherman to that exact location. Waterproof drones and submersible drones can also be used for this purpose.

20. News media coverage

Sell your drone services to the news media for them to include on their website and social media. Drones can get excellent video footage of large events without any distraction or interruption of the proceedings. Drones can even replace helicopters for the daily traffic report.  It is much safer for journalists to send a drone into a dangerous area to obtain news footage.

21. Drone YouTube channel

Watching drone footage is exciting and interesting to many people. So consider creating compelling videos and posting them on YouTube on your own drone channel. Some YouTubers that cover travel and vacation destinations earn thousands of dollars monthly from advertising revenue.  Post post beautiful videos to encourage more subscribers. Then advertisers will pay you more money to post their ads on your videos due to greater page views.

22. Agricultural inspection

Farmers need to check their acreage for crop health management, weed identification, pest control, fertilizer, and water distribution needs. Your drone can quickly and inexpensively give the farmer all the information he needs from these aerial inspections to manage his business more efficiently.

23. Mapping

The technology of geo-reference maps is allowing drone experts to quickly and easily measure and map, towns, buildings, and landmasses.  Today’s drones are capable of providing accurate measurements for digital survey data. This is an in-demand service that you can provide as your business.

Specially equipped drones can also gather three-dimensional mapping cartographic information with amazing accuracy of a few centimeters. Clients will hire you to monitor flooding, pollution, mining, construction projects, and urban planning.

24. Utility Equipment inspection work

Utility companies who used to traditionally use helicopters – at great expense and safety risk to Pilots- to inspect electrical lines now want to hire experienced drone operators. These companies need to regularly inspect their remote substations, pumping stations, and other facilities. Your small unmanned aerial vehicle is the perfect solution that is most suitable for the job.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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