How to Create a Philosophical Logo?

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General information

A philosophical logo is an image, rendering views of a person or an organization as well as their area of business. As a rule, such logos are laconic and minimalistic and are composed of one element, informing others about what the company is doing.

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How to choose the right fonts?

The fonts, used for such images, are graphic and minimalistic. Symbols of several sizes can be used. The text itself can contain a quote or a slogan, and widely known symbols, such as yin-yang, may also be included.

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How to choose the right colors?

The color scheme has to be as calm and subtle as possible. Pastel tones can be used here, as well as all shades of grey, green, blue and beige. Standard black-and-white color scheme is very popular, too. It is preferable not to use colors that are too bright, such as red, violet or yellow.

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Philosophy Of Metrics Logo
Philosophy Society Logo
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How to choose the right elements?

The logo can be geometrical, the most popular forms are a square and a triangle, sometimes turned upside down. It can be complemented with an image, commonly associated with wisdom, such as a picture of an owl or an open book.

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