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General information

A werewolf is a mythic creature which is often mentioned across ancient mythologies. The most common characteristic of a werewolf is its ability to turn into someone else. In the modern culture, the image of a werewolf is widely used in the mass culture. Werewolf logos are common among video game developers, film studios, rock groups, biker clubs, and even apparel brands. The multifaceted semantic meaning behind a werewolf inspires business to explore this image to the core.

Greywolf Lodge Logo
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Lone Wolf Tech Logo
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What brands use a werewolf logo

The popular TV series Werewolf got a custom text-based logo with a striking pseudo-Gothic font. The Young Werewolves, an ambitious music band, combined the images of Jolly Roger and wolf. In the logo for, a youth apparel brand, you can see an impressive drawing of a werewolf head. The scientific company Werewolf Therapeutics boasts an emblem with a wolf howling at the moon. A similar design solution is used by the WOLFeyewear, a successful eyewear brand.

The Young Werewolves Logo
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What images to choose

Since a wolf is considered to be one of the many werewolf incarnations, feel free to use it in your branding. The options are endless. It can be an entire animal or just its head with sharp fangs. Also, considering adding other recognizable images, such as glowing red eyes, evil grin, moon, etc. Some brands depict a werewolf during its magical transformation. If you’re adamant about creating a text-based logo, we recommend using dramatic Gothic-themed fonts.

Overwolf Logo
Style Gym Logo
Weirwolf Logo
Radio Wolf Logo

What colors to choose

Werewolves are dangerous nocturnal predators. Use your color palette to create the appropriate atmosphere. The best shades for a werewolf logo are dark ones. Focus on black, deep blue, bloody red, and yellow. You can’t go wrong with the classic black and white scheme. When composing the best color palette for your werewolf emblem, make sure it matches the personality of your brand.

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