Get the mandated New York LLC Certificate of Publication

Meet the New York requirement to publish an announcement of your LLC

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New York requires new businesses to announce their LLC formation in two newspapers for six consecutive weeks within 120 days of registering with the state. We’ll help manage the publication process for you so you can focus on your business.

Secure your certificate for $200 plus state and publication fees

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Get a New York LLC with publication certificate

Certificate of Publication benefits

Ensures compliance

Satisfy your legal requirement to deliver a certificate to the county clerk within 120 days of forming an LLC in New York.

Simplifies the process

We coordinate across the county clerk, newspapers, and the state to publish on time and meet all requirements.

We deliver your certificate

We deliver a Certificate of Publication to the Department of State to meet legal requirements.

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New York LLC

Meet the publication certificate requirement

Secure your certificate for $200 plus state and publication fees.

How it works

ZenBusiness acts on your behalf to complete and deliver your Certificate of Publication within the 120 days required by the State of New York using the following process.

1. File your LLC with New York.

If you haven’t formed your company, then you will need to file your LLC in New York. The process can take up to 2 weeks and requires that you cover the $200 state fee.

2. Verify with the County Clerk which two newspapers are eligible for your LLC to publish in.

Once your LLC is formed, we contact the County Clerk to provide your company information and determine which two newspapers to publish in on your behalf.

3. Publish in the two newspapers to receive an Affidavit of Publication.

Once we have satisfied the requirement of publication in two newspapers for six consecutive weeks, the newspapers will provide us with separate Affidavits of Publication.

4. Deliver a Certificate of Publication to the Department of State.

We deliver a Certificate of Publication — including the Affidavits of Publication and additional filing fee — to the Department of State to meet your legal requirement.

5. The Department of State processes and delivers your Certificate of Publication.

Once the state receives the certificate, it usually takes them seven business days — plus mail time — to process your certificate and deliver it back to us.

New York Publication Certificate FAQs

  • New York is one of a few remaining states that requires newly created limited liability companies (LLCs) to publish a formation announcement in two newspapers once a week for six consecutive weeks. This requirement, found in Section 206 of the New York State Limited Liability Company Law, dates back to when newspaper ads were the only way to ensure the public was notified and remains a requirement to this day.

    According to the law, LLCs that fail to comply within 120 days of formation could have their ability to conduct or transact business suspended. The law goes on to say that contracts and the liability shield will remain intact. We highly recommend that all new LLCs in New York follow the mandated law to remain compliant and limit their risk.

    The process of certification often requires coordinating with the county clerk, newspapers, and the Department of State, all of which can quickly become challenging. ZenBusiness offers a Certificate of Publication service where we will act as your agent to manage all these steps and secure the certificate on your behalf.

  • Costs typically range from $600-$1200 when you combine the New York county fees, newspaper advertising rates, and certificate filing fees.

  • You can definitely do this yourself, but it will require time and patience as you coordinate with the county clerk, newspapers, and the state. You may also have to consult a lawyer depending on the complexities of your business.