Woodworking Business Ideas

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woodworking business ideas

Looking for the top-selling woodworking items to start your wood business? Check out this list of handmade wood products that you can sell profitably. Included are example images for your crafted wood product inspiration.

Decorative Wall Art

Craft interesting and textured wall art such as these below that are trending in home decor.

Wooden planter boxes

Highly sought-after by homeowners, restaurants and retail stores these can be great beginners project.  Your uniquely beautiful planter boxes can be installed on exterior building windows, decks, patios, terraces and even on windowsills as indoor kitchen gardens.

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Storage boxes

Attractive wood boxes to store items beautifully, from remote controls to cosmetics, is an excellent product to sell.

Coat racks

Every home needs a coat rack. Your customers want interesting well-designed racks to display in their entry hallway for coats, hats, and umbrellas.

Fruit Bowls

Every elegant home has a fruit bowl on their kitchen counter or dining room table. You can craft these functional and decorative display items for people looking for uniquely beautiful wooden bowls.

Picture frames

Many families want to display their art and cherished photographs in unique decorative frames. The framing market is evergreen and always in demand. Wood frames can be inexpensive to make and fairly easy. Your design options are virtually limitless in colors, finishes, and embellishments. You could sell directly to individuals or contract out to a framing shop for increased profits and repeat orders.


For centuries wood has been the preferred material for fine furniture due to its durability and beauty. There’s a huge range of furniture items that you can craft to sell from coffee tables to wardrobes. Choose your furniture making specialty by your interest and your market demand. Small items and those that can be packed flat can be sold online and shipped inexpensively directly to your customers. Larger pieces will be more difficult and expensive to ship outside of your area, so be sure to calculate shipping costs into your selling price.

Baby cradles

Create family heirlooms by handcrafting baby cradles. Parents love to purchase special furniture to celebrate their child’s birth. Grandparents are an excellent target market for your wood crafted baby cradles.

Outdoor deck furniture

From sturdy picnic tables to pool lounge chairs,  wood furniture can withstand the elements and look great. You could customize the designs to your client’s decor.

Garden benches and decorative items

Charming garden benches and other types of garden decor are good items to craft and sell.

Storage cabinets

From bookshelves to kitchen pantries every home needs additional storage which you can offer with your custom created storage cabinets. Currently, there is a strong demand for custom-built clothing closets you should capitalize upon.

Wooden utensils

Utensils made of wood for eating, serving and cooking are best-sellers year-round. Super beginner projects for your woodworking business. They can be ornamental and functional because wood conducts heat better than metal utensils and are longer-lasting. Hardwood chopsticks are a specialty wood product idea.

Wooden candle holders

From simple to elaborate, candle holders are lucrative sale items.

Wall shelving

Decorative shelving is an inexpensive and in-demand project. Consider selling corner wall shelves and special collector shelves for people to display their collectibles such as spoons, teacups, cars, trains, and dolls.

Millwork Trim

Homes builders and construction companies need specialized wood products such as stair spindles, newels, windows and wall trim which you can create and sell wholesale. The advantage of this business model is that it only needs a few customers who will reorder regularly. This is preferable to selling to an individual who may be just a one-time purchase.

Bird houses

Bird enthusiasts love to buy unique high-quality birdhouses from expert woodworkers such as yourself. Some birdhouses will be used for feeding wild birds while others will be inside as decorative art.

Wooden pallet Crafts

Creative uses of wooden pallets are all the rage such as funky Christmas trees to a full living room set. These types of projects are unique and eco-friendly.

Wooden toys

In contrast to the cheap plastic overseas manufactured toys available in the mass market retailers, wooden toys are safe, durable and eco-friendly. Many parents prefers wood toys for their kids. You can start by making dolls, puppets,  puzzles, chess and checker sets, and trains.

Dog beds

No longer are dogs sleeping outside they are pampered family members now, usually sleeping in the living room or in the bedroom. Thus their beds have become an important part of the homeowner’s decor. Pet owners are concerned about the comfort and sturdiness of their dog’s bed. Making dog beds is an excellent woodworking product to build and sell at a profit.
Don’t forget about other types of pets as well, such as cat beds, cat climbing trees, scratching posts, ferret houses, bird accessories, snake housing, and fish tank enclosures are all money-making wood projects.

Bed headboards

Handmade headboards are prominent features in elegant bedroom decor. As such your woodworking skills are in demand. You can craft and sell rustic style farmhouse decor headboards or sleek modern designs.   Customize the headboard for your client to include lighting and storage.

Wine racks

Wine connoisseurs want attractive racks to display their wine collection and store beautiful wine glasses. These are inexpensive and in-demand projects for your woodworking product line.

Coffee cup racks

Storage of mugs is needed by many homeowners. People love to display their collection of unique coffee cups. Coffee and tea lovers will appreciate these items as gifts.

Wood signs

From decorative home decor signs with quotes to commercial wooden signs for storefronts or and restaurants this woodworking niche is highly profitable. Also, this is an evergreen always in demand market.

Wooden clocks

Clocks for fireplace mantels or to hang on the wall can be custom crafted from wood and sold at a profit.

Wind chimes

Artistic wind chimes can be sold in garden centers, gift shops and on a wholesale basis. Alternatively, you can sell directly to customers at flea markets or online at Etsy.

Kitchen cutting boards

Wood is the best material for cutting boards due to its durability. Custom crafted boards bring design flair to kitchens. It’s a very popular product and that you can make different sizes and types.

Wooden beer mugs

Beer lovers are growing in number and want different style beer mugs to use and display. These wooden beer steins make great gifts for Father’s Day and weddings.

Wood pens

By utilizing different color exotic hardwoods you can craft fine pens. The crafting is both personally fulfilling and profitable. These pens make exceptional executive gifts.  You could also make a pen rack because many pen lovers have a full collection they want to store and display.

Jewelry boxes

Ladies, and many men, adore pretty wooden boxes to house their jewelry collections and watches. Bracelet and bangle stands are other options for crafting projects.

Decorative wooden boxes

My husband loves decorative wooden boxes. He has them displayed all over the house (with nothing inside) just for the sheer beauty of their craftsmanship.

Wooden watches and jewelry

The beauty of wood can be used to craft attractive watch bands, pendants necklaces, earrings, and hair barrettes to sell for profits.

Business cardholders

Executives love to display a handcrafted holder holding their professional business cards on their desks.

iPad stands and cell phone

Tablets and iPhone stands are simple to make and sell very well.

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