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Here are the best entertainment business ideas to become a creative entrepreneur. With over 40% of families living paycheck-to-paycheck right now, you are in a prime position to explore an entrepreneurial idea in the entertainment field. A side hustle might take some time to develop, but many low-cost business ideas can also bring in the supplemental income you need.

Almost every industry offers entrepreneurial ideas to pursue. The entertainment sector is quite lucrative because it provides the highest income potential. Music, film, acting, dance, art, and more all offer creative outlets for your entrepreneurial energy.

If you want to make some extra money or perhaps pursue a second career, then here are some of the top entertainment-related business ideas to consider.

Best Entertainment Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs 

You don’t need to be an entertainer to make money in this industry. If you bring your talent, a hard work ethic, and an entrepreneurial spirit, then you will find these ideas could be a lucrative opportunity to pursue.

Music Business Ideas 

  • Artist Management

Bands and musicians require representation to book gigs or speak with record labels. If you have excellent negotiating skills, then this could be an immediate weekend business for you to start. Some areas require licensing or certification, so make sure you comply with local laws.

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  • Recording Studio

A small room in your home can become your next business idea. All you need is some soundproofing for the walls, a computer, and a microphone. Then you can rent that space to musicians in your community.

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  • Karaoke Bar

Encouraging other people to sing can be a lot of fun. You can choose to operate this business with or without liquor, depending on what permits you want to pursue.

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Dance Business Ideas 

  • Night Club

You can start a small nightclub on your property with the right licensing. New trends include alcohol-free establishments, helping you to avoid the expense of a liquor license.

  • Party Entertainment Service

It is a challenge to find a fantastic emcee in most communities. If you have excellent social skills, then hosting seminars, opening events, or being a master of ceremonies could be a fun weekend business to start.

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  • Choreography Clinics

You would create dance routines with this business opportunity. Your clients would include cheerleading teams, gymnastics instructors, marching bands, musical theater, and anyone else who performs. Video game designers are even turning to service providers in this area to create realistic interactions with players.

  • Dance Studio

If you are passionate about dancing and have some knowledge to share, then this business idea could be a part-time weekend business. You can set appointments or classes based on what works for your schedule.

Art Business Ideas 

  • Portrait Photography

Actors require updated headshots and portraits when applying for or responding to casting calls. If you have a high-definition camera, then you can snap images part-time without giving up your current job. The investment is minimal since you can take natural photos without sophisticated lighting equipment.

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  • Pottery Studio

You can take a couple of approaches to this idea. If you have a talent for pottery, then you could teach others how to make vases, dishes, and similar products. You can open a glazing studio with pre-made elements so that customers can take items home after they’ve been fired in a kiln.

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  • Videography

Videographers will capture live video of an event, like a corporate party or a wedding. You could also film your own videos.

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  • Set Decoration

TV shows, movies, and theater productions use sets to create an imaginative world for viewers. Your artistic talents in these areas can help you to start a low-cost business for beginners without much effort.

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 Acting and Performance Business Ideas 

  • Dinner Theater

If your community doesn’t have a theater, then this entrepreneurial opportunity could be a lot of fun. You’ll need more licensing and permits than other pursuits, but it could also turn into a long-term business venture. If you don’t mind working nights and weekends, this idea might lead you toward success.

  • Be an Extra

Being an extra in a movie or TV show means your acting talents happen in the background. These non-speaking roles don’t require agency registration, and you can earn several hundred dollars sometimes with your weekend work.

  • Stand Up Comedy

If you can give people a good laugh, then finding gigs as a stand-up comedian can bring in some cash. It can take some to develop a reputation with this idea, but your entrepreneurial spirit could encourage a career change one day. You could open a comedy club that features this talent if you don’t like to be in front of people.

 Event-Based Business Ideas 

  • Gaming Trucks

A new trend in the entertainment business is to provide a gaming truck. It’s like having a food truck, but you stock it with televisions, computers, and gaming consoles. People then pay you to play games when you pull up. This option can also let you provide rentals for private parties and special occasions.

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  • Become a DJ

If you love music and parties, then starting a DJ service could be a fun way to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. You can focus on children’s entertainment, corporate events, or any other niche you prefer.

  • Artistic Clinics

Any creative talent you have can become an event-based business idea. You could host songwriting clinics, photography seminars, or painting lessons. The list of possibilities for this option is almost endless.

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Film and Video Business Ideas

  • Video Editing Services

If you have a computer with robust processing, then you can start a business editing videos for others. This entrepreneurial idea allows you to work with clients all over the world.

  • Voiceover Services

Your distinctive voice could be the foundation of a low-cost startup. People would send videos or slides to you, and then you would read a script over those images. Check out this top promotional voice over artist’s site for inspiration.

  • Advertising and Marketing Services

Other companies need marketing help with video and audio creation. Your talents in these areas could produce TV and radio ads.

What Entertainment Business Idea Do You Want to Pursue?

A side hustle can be a fun way to make some money. It gives you a chance to work with your family and friends, meet new people, and do something you love.

These ideas can help you to maximize your earning potential. Choose the best low-cost startup, implement your business model, and then enjoy providing family entertainment options to your community.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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