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one-person business ideas

Can’t connect with a business partner? Do you want to start your own company?

There are several advantages to starting your own small business alone, even if it is difficult. The most important advantage is that you oversee everything associated with the company and can make decisions without having to consult anybody. It’s also a lot more gratifying than working another 9-to-5 job!

You might not be the most social, outgoing person. You’re an introvert and you enjoy your alone time. That doesn’t mean that you can’t start a business and become an entrepreneur!

There are many solo business ideas that you can work on all by yourself! We hope this list of solopreneur new business ideas inspires you and helps take away those fears out of entrepreneurship. Included are links to resources on how to get started making money as a solopreneur.

Keep reading to discover one-person business ideas that you can run yourself…

What is a One-person Business? A Solopreneur?

A solo business, or a solopreneur venture, means that only one person owns the company (YOU!), there are no partners and no employees. 

It does not necessarily mean that the entrepreneur does not outsource or hire subcontractors or consultants to get the work done.  It simply means that primarily a single individual is managing or running the company.

✔ Learn about the 10 archetypes of solopreneurs and determine if you belong to any of them here →

Good Reasons to Launch Your Small Business By Yourself

Best Solopreneur Business Ideas to Launch a One-Person Company

Check out these profitable solopreneur business ideas you can start by yourself and become successful with no employees. Here are proven business ideas that anyone can start and run successfully as a one-man (or woman) show.

Web Design Business

Become a professional web designer, site builder, or blogger and build your own online empire from home. It is easier than ever with every business and organization demanding freelance designers and programmers.

Get clients locally or internationally either thru networking with your existing contacts (start with friends and family), posting on social media, or selling gigs on online marketplaces such as Fiverr.

It’s important to remember that you can’t just use one method or platform for social media marketing for your web design firm. You’ll need to combine strategies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to get the biggest reach and the newest clients.

Freelance Writing Service

Start an area of expertise blog or get gigs on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and these sites recommended by top freelance writers. The average freelancer writer makes $30/hr according to

Freelance writing is becoming increasingly common, with many people opting for occasional freelance work as an additional income or transitioning to a full-time freelancing profession to reap the benefits of working remotely and on their own time.

Due to the rise of content marketing, there is a growing demand for talented writers in all niches and topics.

Increase your skills and learn tips from successful freelance writers in these online courses

Read this helpful guide to discover everything there is to know about getting started in freelance writing, creating a portfolio, and making money.

Data Entry Business

There are many companies that offer this option as well, so explore! You can even find companies that will hire you to enter data from home on a part-time basis.

One of the most appealing features of working data input jobs from home is the flexibility to work whenever it is best for you. You may work at any time of the week or on weekends. It’s ideal for moms, students, and anybody else who wants to make more money from home using their computers.

There are several internet data entry jobs that allow you to work remotely and make a decent living no matter where you reside. Read this article about 9 Data Entry Jobs to Earn from Home on Your Own Schedule

Home Repair Business

Whether you’re good at fixing cars, plumbing, or appliances, there is always someone in need of your services!

Starting a home repair business is an excellent opportunity to dip your toes as an entrepreneur. There is a minimal barrier to entry since you may start out as a single-owner firm with little initial investment.

Because you want to start a home repair business, you are most likely handy and have the necessary skills or at least enough repair talents to get started.

The misconception that most people have about this business is that you must have a lot of building expertise and knowledge to complete everything.

This isn’t correct. If you have a desire to help others, enjoy working with your hands, and are able to address typical issues at home, that’s all you really need. Uncover the essential costs of launching your venture with our guide to the costs of starting a handyman business.

Go ahead and steal one of my best construction name ideas here

Graphic Design and Illustration

Create digital art or graphics for advertisements and flyers for businesses and organizations – locally or worldwide.

Entrepreneurship may be an exciting opportunity for a graphic designer. You get to be your own employer, establish your own schedule, and work on a variety of interesting creative projects.

Starting a design business can be hard. You have to figure out how to launch. It is not easy if you have never done it before, but it will get easier when you do more art jobs.

Here is a detailed checklist of everything you need to do and consider before launching your own freelance design firm from the ground up in order to assist you to get started on the right foot.

Take these online courses to learn more about design and how to make money with your art talents.

Consignment Sales Store – Online or Brick and Mortar

If you enjoy thrift shopping, why not make some money off of what you find? Offer to sell your items on consignment at a local store or flea market – or even launch an online resale boutique. Check out my list of cute thrift shop names here

Many secondhand stores work in a variety of ways, allowing you to make money or store credit for your old, out-of-date apparel. There are consignment shops for practically anything you still have in excellent condition, from maternity clothes to shoes, sports equipment, and handbags.

As we face recessions and uncertain economic conditions the market is growing of people who are willing to pay for gently-used items.

Learn about consignment shops and whether they might be a good money-making opportunity for you in this helpful guide from Money Crashers.

Interested in reselling business ideas? Check out my big list of small business ideas for resale entrepreneurs here

Personal Organizing Business

This is a great option for those with experience in the field. If you are detail-oriented and an expert in your area of expertise, start a business organizing workspaces.

Clients may find it difficult to throw things out, which is why organizers frequently must function as coaches, assisting them in processing their emotions surrounding belongings. Furthermore, organizers need to understand their clients in order to create systems that they will be able to use successfully.

Organizers frequently engage in some of the work, but they frequently delegate complex tasks such as painting or shelving construction to subcontractors. There is no formal licensing for professional organizers.

It would be wise for organizing entrepreneurs to join the National Association for Professional Organizers. They support the industry and offer helpful classes plus other business benefits.

Tutoring Business

Whether it’s one-on-one tutoring or as a group class instructor, this is a great way to make some extra money on the weekends! You could make start by becoming a tutor for school subjects (math, English), exam preparation, foreign languages, or professional skills. Remember that you can tutor students locally or online from around the world.

Depending on the topic and educational level of their pupils, tutors may make anywhere from $10 to $75 per hour. Tutors with specialist knowledge, such as foreign languages, advanced physics, or postsecondary material may charge more.

These services can be provided at the customer’s home, at the teacher’s home, or somewhere else, such as a school or library. If someone lives far, you can teach them online. You can use video conference tools to do this and make money in the comfort of your home (or even the local library or coffee shop!).

Learn how to become a tutor in this article from Side Hustle Nation

Don’t waste your money on ads. Social media is the best way to promote your small business online because you can connect with people directly.

Focus on your niche – either geographic location, subject expertise, and teaching methodology. Join groups and give helpful tips to demonstrate your expertise, generosity, and patience. Soon you will have students contacting you for tutoring help.

Social Media Account Manager

If you have the time and a computer, becoming a social media consultant or establishing a digital marketing firm may be ideal for you.

The following prerequisites are recommended: being able to communicate online and using social media platforms, as well as a preference for interacting with others online.

Begin by collaborating with a few local non-profits or offering your services at a reduced rate to local company owners.

Check out this low-cost Udemy class that teaches you how to start your social media management company from home

You can make a lot of money by using social media. This article will help you see the benefits of using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Business

There are many cleaning services available, so one way to stand out and keep up with current demands is to provide a green cleaning service. This business service is perfect for loners since you will typically be working when the clients are out of the building.

A significant benefit of this business opportunity is that with a little study, you can produce low-cost cleaning solutions that you may develop yourself. Your DIY solutions such as lemon-scented kitchen cleaners save you money on supplies while increasing your profits nicely.

You may even market versions of the natural green cleaning products you’re using if your consumers appreciate it.

Get more green and sustainable new business ideas on my list here

Landscaping and Lawn Care Business

If you love being outside with the great outdoors, this business might be for you! If you like to do yard work and enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass, then you may want to start your own landscaping business. Green up your neighborhood and make money with your own single man or woman lawn care firm.

The landscaping industry is exploding; and if you live in a warm climate, you may be able to work year-round. The landscape services business, which includes everything from lawn care to driveway renovations, has an annual revenue of $93 billion and employs more than 1 million workers.

Learn how much it costs to start a lawn care or gardening company in my article

Dog Grooming Business

People want their dogs to look good at all times, especially if they are going out in public dog parks. This is a great business, to begin with only one employee – YOU!

If you enjoy interacting with animals, have a keen sense of beauty, and work hard to satisfy your clients, becoming a pet groomer may be the perfect job for you.

The pet grooming business is a fast-developing sector with little start-up expenses that allows you to do work you enjoy while still maintaining control of your own company and generally working alone with no workers.

Get inspired by my list of the best dog grooming business names here – that are available and not taken!

Dog Walking Service

if you love pets, then this will be the perfect job for you!

Although it’s difficult to run a dog walking company, it may be gratifying.

Expect to walk dogs in all types of weather, and keep in mind that your clients may also want you to walk their pets on weekends and holidays. Dog walkers spend a lot of time with their regular clients’ dogs, so keep in mind that if a customer stops using your services or moves away, you may not be able to see the dogs you’d been walking – missing their sweet canine company. 🙁

When you start your business, it is important to be different from other businesses. For example, the walkers that dog owners can find on apps like Wag and Rover. Taking a course in canine cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid, or having previous experience as a dog trainer, are just two ways to set yourself apart.

Pet Sitting Business

A pet sitting service is an excellent method to debut in the animal sector.

As the company president, you are in control of your schedule, service area, and product range.

It is not overly costly to launch, and you just need to be sure you have all of the necessary commercial papers and licenses for your location as well as some basic equipment for pet care.

Learn how to start your own pet sitting business from the experts at Pet Professionals

Bakery Business

You might consider establishing a bakery company as an independent solopreneur, where you provide baked goods for events or on a wholesale basis to other local bakeshops instead of attempting to run your own full-fledged baking facility.

Get inspired by my list of the best, catchy bakery names here

Learn how much it costs to start a bakery – home-based, storefront, online or commercial in my in-depth article here

Junk Removal Business

This is a wonderful business for those who can’t stand clutter!

If you love being active and like the thrill of doing something new every day, the garbage removal business may be a good fit for you. Starting your own junk removal business means you’ll be your own boss, with no two days ever being the same.

Junk removal firms are essential for homeowners and renters, house purchasers, construction workers, and others. A commercial waste removal company, on the other hand, may come into a location and clear trash, which might include anything from outdated appliances to brush to trees to bags of garbage. Many cleaning tasks are difficult and time-consuming, and they’re typically things that the property owner can’t manage on their own.

You’ll like the gratification of providing a service that people want, as well as making decent money for your efforts. Starting a business like this isn’t as simple as getting in your vehicle and going. Continue reading to discover what is required and whether this company opportunity is appropriate for you.

Piano Tuning and Repair Business

If you have a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together, this could be the perfect job for you! Also, consider other types of instrument repair if you have the knowledge and specialized tools.

Senior Home Health Aide Companion

It’s gratifying to care for someone else, especially in their later years.

The senior business sector is a developing one, with 77 million baby boomers reaching retirement age. Seniors are increasingly seeking a means to keep social and go out and about as they become older. Also, they often need help to manage their homes and their health care needs.

A home companion business may be the ideal concept for you if you enjoy assisting the elderly. You may also work in this industry as a senior care consultant or an elder caregiver.

Get more of my best business ideas on how to serve the elderly and make a living

Affiliate Marketing Blog

Create a blog to share your experiences and promote products you use and recommend.

A blog about affiliate marketing is not the same as a person or a blog that supports a firm’s activities.

Because you must produce content for people who are looking to acquire goods and services, this is also known as “content for sale.” You must also monetize the traffic and, eventually, turn it into sales through affiliate programs and affiliate offers.

It’s a type of commission-based selling in which you get paid for each sale that results from your efforts (on successful transactions). You make money if someone purchases something after clicking on your affiliate promotion links. If not, you don’t. It’s as easy as that.

The nice thing is that you won’t have to worry about creating a product, delivering it, taking care of stocks, refunds, client service, business development, invoices, and other things that a company must do.

Learn more about how to create an affiliate blog business on this guide by

Teach classes as a Business

Start by teaching online through platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. Or you could offer classes at your local library or even your home. A woman in my neighborhood makes a good living teaching basic cooking from her residential kitchen. Start a business teaching something you’re good at, like sewing or knitting.

Amazon Affiliate Business

Become an Amazon affiliate by promoting other people’s products in return for a commission on sales you generate, which is as low as 4% of the sale price of the item you sell.

Interested in Amazon opportunities? Read my article about the best ways to make money from Amazon here

Virtual Assistant Business

Offer to help others with their projects as a virtual assistant. Become a virtual assistant and help small businesses with their administrative needs from afar. All skills are in-demand such as telephone appointments, scheduling, travel itinerary, correspondence letter writing, research, and report creation.

Covering the basics of your service menu will help you grow your social media presence. Start by making sure that each platform has a consistent theme and content, so people recognize it as part of your business.

Remember your social media channels will often be your best source of new clients. Read this article to get tips on how to promote your company on social media.

Sell your photography online

Do you bring your camera with you everywhere you go, capturing lovely shot after lovely shot?

You can turn your passion into a side business and learn how to sell photos online for extra money.

By selling images online, you can cash in on your passion for photography. You may also sell photographs on stock photo sites.

Once you’ve edited and uploaded them, plentiful photo sites and other internet marketplaces and tools allow you to transform files lying dormant on your hard drive into additional money without much extra work.

Check out this list of the best places to start selling your photos online at Penny Hoarders

Event Photographer and Videography

Do you have a knack for capturing moments? You could be an event photographer! Event photographers are responsible for photographing weddings, corporate events, and other occasions that require beautiful pictures.

This is not the same as taking pictures at your friend’s birthday party or family reunion. Event photographers often need to take many photos quickly in order to capture all of the key moments.

Into drone photography? Then check out my list of the most profitable drone business ideas here

Business Consultant

Consulting gives you the flexibility and time to explore your passions while providing valuable insights and advice for others in your field of expertise. As a consultant, there are many ways that you can monetize this business model such as charging by the hour or per project pricing or offering paid services like coaching sessions with clients.

Consultants are able to work from home or anywhere, and offer their expertise on a temporary basis. This is great for people who want to have more flexible hours and enjoy the ability to work from home.

Event Planner

You may create your own company as an event planner if you like organizing great parties!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or want to supplement your income, there is a lot of opportunity in event planning.

Event planners coordinate the logistics for any type of event from conventions and conferences to weddings and birthday parties. Event planners can be self-employed or work for an event management company. The median pay starts at $40k per year, but with more experience can reach up to $90k per year!  

So if you’re looking for a new career path with lots of opportunities this might be it! 

Check out my list of the best event planning business names here

Errand Service Business

Charge fees to do someone’s grocery shopping for them while they’re on vacation or busy working.

People become less competent at handling basic chores, such as grocery shopping, obtaining prescription medicines, and so on as they get older or busier with job and family commitments.

People that live alone or with relatives are often assisted by errand runners, who do the chores they can no longer or don’t want to do themselves.

The going rate for an errand service is about $20 to $35 per hour, with a national average of around $30 per hour. As an errand runner, you may make a substantial profit.

Learn how to make money as an errand runner in this guide here

Life Coach

Are you a people person? Do you have a love for helping others and want to make a difference in this world?

If so, starting your own business as a Life Coach may be a perfect idea. All it takes is the desire to help others, some patience, and dedication.

Take time to research what type of coaching would best suit your interests and skillset. Evaluate if mentoring or teaching are things that you find yourself doing naturally with friends or co-workers; do you like advising on personal problems; do you enjoy talking about life experiences? There are many different types of Life Coaching offered today!

Research which one would work best for your personality type.

Teaching classes locally

Popular topics include photography, sewing, painting, and writing. Make additional money by selling the supplies, materials, and books needed to complete class projects at a profit.

Vacation rentals

Rent out your home when you go away for the weekend or longer periods of time. Rent out your home as an Airbnb host. Rent your home to tourists who want to stay in the area but don’t have time for more traditional lodging arrangements.

Custom Party invitations

Design and sell custom invitations for weddings, birthdays, etc. Also consider creating custom holiday greeting cards for businesses, organizations, and families.

Start a Business Today

Let ZenBusiness Simplify the Process


Grocery delivery service

Some of the country’s most well-known supermarkets, such as Walmart and Target, now offer online shopping and delivery. However, not all stores are accessible via this service. Natural and local food stores are great places to begin building a delivery network with your new business services.

A simple method to get this company up and running is to contact local shops and negotiate a contract to deliver goods for a fee. Another alternative is to provide your own online purchasing alternatives for items you wish to store.

When a client places an order on your website, you go out and acquire the goods and deliver them. It’s possible to wholesale or resell connections with local businesses in order to make money not just on delivery fees, but on the goods themselves.

Mobile App Development

If you’re interested in becoming a developer, then you should consider learning HTML and CSS. It’s easy to learn on your own or through online tutorials.

You can learn how to create mobile apps by taking courses at Udacity. I recommend checking out their Android Nanodegree Program, which helps you develop the skills needed to make money with your app.

Ecommerce Seller

From almost any place in the world, you may create and manage an eCommerce site on platforms like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy while also taking care of sales and delivery from home or a rented warehouse.

You may create and manage an eCommerce site from just about anywhere in the world. In fact, Shopify link has customers who live on mountain tops, own companies with hundreds of employees, and others!

Ebook Author

You may also concentrate on producing more extended content (than blog posts and articles) and then self-publish your own ebooks to sell.

To start, you need to think of a topic that interests people and then do your research before writing and publishing your books.

This is a great way to make money. You can post them on sites like Amazon and become an author!

There are lots more ways to make money on Amazon, get my best Amazon business ideas here

Software Developer

If you want to create more sophisticated solutions, consider creating software for clients or selling to them.

Creating a piece of software or a Saas (software as a service) is an excellent method to begin an online business, and you don’t need to write it yourself.

This real passive income approach may also lead to more possibilities.

There is a lot of growth potential, and you may cross-sell and upsell different items and services on the backend.


It’s now easier than ever to start your own podcast.

The podcasting industry has exploded in recent years. With the ability to connect with an audience and build a loyal fan base, it’s no wonder that many people are looking into starting their own business as podcasters.

A podcast is a specialized form of audio programming that can be downloaded from the internet or streamed on-demand. It is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and generate passive income. 

You may run your podcast, establish a website, and generate income by selling advertising or affiliate products.

Bookkeeper Services

Thining of starting a business as a bookkeeper for small businesses? What does this mean? It means you’ll be working with entrepreneurs to help them organize their finances and keep track of where their money is going.

Bookkeepers today need to be available at all hours including nights and weekends. And with the rise in mobile technology, those who lack access to a computer can still work from home as a bookkeeper by using their phone or tablet.

Tax Preparation Business

Taxes are unavoidable. But, preparing them can be hard work. This is where your tax preparation services come in. If you are good with numbers and looking to start a business of your own, this might be an excellent opportunity for you!

Tax preparation is a highly competitive market, but it’s also one of the most lucrative. The average tax preparer earns over $60,000 annually with just 2-3 years of experience.

Are you someone who has been thinking about starting a company in competition with your employer? If so, this blog post will help.

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business By Yourself

Before launching into a solo business startup consider these pros and cons of becoming a solopreneur:

PROS of Starting a One-Person Company

-The personalized touch. All your clients will get you and your services, not a hired hand.

-Complete creative control and responsibility. You decide exactly what your product packaging looks like and you are responsible for your marketing messages.

-No one to answer to but yourself. Alone you set your schedule, work tasks, and financial goals.

-It’s your idea and you’re the boss. Nobody else to steal your good ideas and take the credit.

-It doesn’t get any better than this. I believe that being a solopreneur is the greatest (and sometimes toughest) lifestyle.

CONS of Launching a Business Alone

-If you make a mistake, there’s no one else to blame it on. All problems (and profits) are yours alone and you must correct mistakes and solve issues yourself.

-You are your own boss, but that also means you don’t have an employer to pay your salary. Being a business owner does not mean a guaranteed income. Revenues, and thus your paycheck, are variable in most small businesses.

-It can be lonely at times. Some people like to be alone most of the time. But if you thrive on the energy of being around people you may find a solopreneur company lonely sometimes.

-You will be a “small fish in a big pond.” Since you are only one person your company will be tiny compared to the major competitors in your industry. This can seem intimidating at times.

-It’s not exactly easy to work, and you will find yourself working long hours and then on the nights and weekends going to industry events and networking parties to meet clients and stay ahead of your competition. You will likely work more hours and have less free time than a full-time job.

Learn more in my article pros and cons of starting a business vs. getting a job.

How to Start a Business with No Employees

1. Work through a project plan. Draw up a list of tasks, how long each one would take you to do and what skills you’ll need at each stage.  Then get started taking tasks one time to prevent overwhelm.  When you are a single entrepreneur is important to pace yourself to avoid stress and overwork.

Remember, you can learn almost any skill online these days on teaching platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare – my favorites.  Don’t hesitate to build your expertise because remember you will fulfill many company roles and need different talents.

2. Find your niche. What are the gaps in the market that no one else is focusing on? How can you meet these needs differently?

It’s important to take time beginning of your launch to determine your exact target customer. 

Once you understand who is most likely to purchase your products and services your marketing channels and activities will become clear.  This is because you will know what newspapers, magazines, social media, and geographic locations to begin to promote your new business.

3. Know when to scale back. Before you start investing in equipment or new hardware, stop and think about whether you really need it right now, or if it might be something to add down the line when your business grows more quickly than expected.

I see many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of over-purchasing startup materials, office furniture, printed brochures essentially wasting a portion of their precious start of capital.  I highly recommend that you buy less consider used equipment to conserve your startup funds very carefully.

4. Don’t borrow money too easily! Consider whether this is something you can afford without loads of debt – most businesses don’t get off to an ideal start and if it all goes south, you’ll want to be able to pay off your loans.

Please do not be fooled into thinking that just because you can get a loan busy should get a loan! Be sure to read my list of proven startup funds sources here

5. Choose an appropriate office space. A great many businesses fail because they don’t have the right location for their work – consider whether a separate room is suitable, or would you benefit from a dedicated building? 

The same applies to selecting retail locations and restaurant spots.

6 . Gather resources together. You’ll need lots of different things to get you started, ranging from office furniture to electricity supplies for your equipment. Identify all the items that you need and see whether they’re available on finance or can be rented.

7. Obtain a business bank account. Take care when setting this up and make sure that you personally are in control of it – not your business.

Learn how to open a business bank account properly in my article here

8. Start networking! Build a profile of contacts through local associations and social media, then use them to spread the word about your new venture.

9. Research intellectual property law. Before you approach anyone with the idea for your work, be sure that they haven’t already done something similar or developed a product that could be considered like yours.

Check out my best tips on how to protect your business ideas both with and without here.

10 . Get a website built.  These days, everyone needs an online presence – preferably with their own domain name – so that your customers can find you and read more about what you have to offer.

11 . Plan ahead! You’ll need plenty of time, in the beginning, to make sure that you’re able to keep up with demand. You can hire temporary workers once you need additional help, but make sure that they’re reliable and do exactly as they say.

12 . Keep it in the family! If possible, get a relative or friend involved to give your business the best chance of success from the off. They’ll be more inclined to stick it out through difficult times and don’t have to be paid if you decide to later downsize.

Dear my best tips on how to start a business with your spouse – or with your family!  

13 . Nail down your pricing plan. Your website will need to include a list of prices for the various services that you offer, so this is essential from the outset. If you can find out how much these things cost other places, you can use this as a bargaining chip when trying to rent other equipment or hire your own.

Learn how to best price your product products for both profit and strong sales in my article here. 

14 . Start small and keep it simple! If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about offering that level of service that you’ll later have room to include – concentrate on one thing at a time and add more features once your business is up and running.

My most successful startup begin with a single product and grew into a full collection of beauty products.  Don’t be concerned about starting small is more important that you get started at all!

12 Most Common Mistakes of Solopreneurs and How to Avoid Them

These are the top mistakes you should avoid in your single business. These are the poor decisions that I see my entrepreneur clients make.  Please learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones!

1. Not having a specific location for your business, or not having adequate space to conduct business from home and other remote locations.

2. Framing the work you are doing as “just a job” rather than framing it as a business.  

3. Having too many clients at once, thus, not being able to offer quality services.

4. Not taking the time to network.

5. Trying to do it all yourself, without a team of consultants or subcontractors working with you.

6. Thinking that money will come in as fast and easy as you originally anticipated.

7. Not having specific goals for your business.

8. Not having an exit strategy when making decisions for your company.

9. Making your business all about you, and not pointing the focus to the people who will be buying and using your services. Make it about them – your customers! 

10. Not pricing yourself high enough.

11. Not Getting Permission – Check your local zoning laws to see if you are allowed to do business in the location that you plan (which includes your home).

12. Too few services rendered – offer the widest selection of items to satisfy the maximum number of potential customers.

Single-owner businesses are not uncommon anymore. With the rise in entrepreneurship, it’s more common than ever to start a business by yourself and do everything for your company without hiring employees or partners.

If you’re looking for a new business idea, we listed the best and most profitable single operator business ideas to start alone in this blog post.

A single-owner business is an excellent way to become an entrepreneur with a little upfront cost and without the pressure of needing employees or partners. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this type of enterprise; it’s not easy!

Successful solopreneurs need lots of patience, grit, creativity, and resilience in order to succeed – but if that sounds like something you’d love then these successful solopreneur businesses above may serve as inspiration.

What would your dream solopreneur company look like? Why not give it a try today?

If you’re thinking about starting your own solopreneur business, there’s never been a better time!

Hey, perhaps you would consider starting a business with your family instead of going it alone?

Then, check out my list of the most profitable family business ideas for entrepreneurs just like you here. These businesses are proven money makers and will help you get started on the right foot.

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**These filing times are averages and include our processing times and Secretary of State turnaround times which vary by state.

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