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Creative Dog Grooming Business Names

308 Creative Dog Grooming Business Names

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming your dog grooming business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

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Starting a dog grooming business is an exciting but important endeavor with a lot of steps to complete. One crucial early step is coming up with dog grooming names and choosing your business name. 

But coming up with business names can be tricky. After all, there are legal procedures to follow, and you need a creative, stand-out name. If you’re feeling like the inspiration is running thin or the process feels overwhelming, you’re not alone. Thankfully, help is here — we’ve got over 300 name ideas ripe for the picking. Before long, you’ll have the perfect dog grooming business name.

One quick note before we dive in: just because a name is on this list doesn’t guarantee that it’s available in your state. If you like one of the names we’ve included here, it’s your responsibility to check that the name is available. Please be sure to do your homework before using a business name.

Best Dog Grooming Name Ideas

If you’re looking for a classic dog grooming business name, you have lots of options. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

A Hair Too LongBark in Style Mobile Pet GroomingBubble Love Dog Groomers
A Spa DayBark of the Town SpaBusiness Plans
Affectionate All Pet GroomersBarking Lot Mobile Pet GroomingCanine Capers
All Creatures Big and Small Pet SalonBarks and BubblesCanine Devine
All Four Paws All Fur Pet GroomingBath and Buzz Mobile Dog GroomingChic Tails and Paws Poodle Groomers
All Sitting Pretty Dog Grooming and SpaBeauty Into Beast Dog GroomingClassic Clip
Animal Lovers Dog SalonBitty Class Tiny Dog GroomersClassy Canines
April’s Furry Tails GroomingBloomingtails Pet SalonCleverdog Grooming and Doggie Daycare
Back PorchBonnie’s Dog and Cat GroomingClip ’N Clean
Bad to the Bone Pet GroomingBows and Bones Pet GroomingClip and Fluff
Bailey’s Grooming ServiceBowtique Dog GroomingClippendale’s Pet Grooming

Creative Dog Groomer Name Ideas

A great way to stand out from other dog grooming companies is to have a creative business name. That way, your name will be truly distinct. Here are some great options. 

Comb and CollarDoggy Bath and BiscuitGroome Dots
Cosmo Dog CaresDogs A StylinGroomed to Purrfection
Cut Above the RestElle’s Dog CareGrooming Cottage
Cute TailsEvoke Pet CareGrooming Time
Day in Paradise Dog GroomingFancy TailsGroomingdales Designer Dog Spa
Delightful Dog GroomingFingerbellGroomy
Dirty Dogs Are Our FavoritesFlying Fur Mobile Grooming VanHair of the Dog
Dirty Paws Dog SpaFresh PawsHair Off the Dog
Diva Dogs Show Dog GroomersFreshwishHairy Situations Dog Grooming
Dog Gone Chic Pet GroomingFur FliesHairy’s Pet Grooming
Dog ScentsFuzzy Friends Pet SalonHappy Clean Pet Spa
Dog SenseGentle BrushHappy Dog Mobile Grooming
Dog TalesGlowmore SpaHappy Love Spa
Dog WashGolden BoneHappy Petz
Dog’s DelightGolden’s Mobile Dog GroomingHappy Valley
Doggie Doo’s Pet GroomingGreat TailsHoney Pets Groomers

Cute Pet Grooming Naming Ideas

If your pet grooming shop will have fun, sweet vibes, you might decide you need a cute business name. Here are some of our favorites. 

Hot Dog GroomingMad PetsPaw Prints Grooming Salon
Hot Dogs and Cool CatsMeows and Growls GroomersPaw Spa
Howl to the ChiefMidtown Puppy SpaPawsitively Divine Cat Care
Hugs and Kisses Pet GroomersMiss Puppy SpaPawsitively Purrfect Pet Grooming
K-9 ClipperyMuddy Paws Pet GroomingPersona Pet Care
K-9 HeavenMystic FluffyPet Express
K-9 KleanersNails to Tails Dog Grooming SpaPet Flirt
K9 GroomingPacific Dog SpaPet Gossips
Kat’s DogsPamper CamperPet Magic
King and Queen Dog GroomingPamper ShadesPet Matter
Kitty’s Canine ClipsPampered PointPet Wheel
Kritter CutsPampered PoochesPetman Grooming
LaundromuttParking and BarkingPetprism
Lovely PetsMobile Pet VanPetside
LuxoraParlor for Pets Dog SalonPosh Poodle Pet Grooming

Unique Dog Grooming Shop Names

Some business owners decide that they need a unique name that no one else has thought of. Here are some great options. 

Prefurred Pet Wash and GroomingShampoochesYuppy Puppy
Pretty FeetsShowdogs Pet SpaTop Dog
Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet SittingSoapy Suds Pet GroomersTrans-fur-mations Pet Styling
Puppie ChicsSoapy’s Dog WashTrendy Paws
Puppies DazzlerSparky’s Pet GroomingUltra Glo
Puppy Lovers SalonSplendid PupsUrban Paws
Puppy RelaxedStar Struck Grooming Salon and Pet BoutiqueVanity Fur Pet Grooming
Purrfect TouchStyl’n Mutts Dog GroomingViolet Care
Right On the Spot Mobile GroomersStyle StarWag’in Wheels Mobile Groomers
Scrub-a-dub DogSuds Up Dog GroomingWagtime
Shaggy Chic Pet GroomingTails R’ Wagging Pet SalonWash Your Paws Pet Grooming
Shaggy DawgTailspin Dog GroomingWell Groomed

Funny Pet Grooming Names

A great way to make your name “stick” in the minds of your customers is to pick a name that makes them laugh. After all, who doesn’t love a good joke? Here are some of our favorite funny pet grooming names. 

Whisker Wash Dog GroomingTail Waggers TrimPawsitively Pristine
Wiggly TailsThe Grooming GigglesGlamour Paws Parlor
Woof Gang Bakery and GroomingSniff and Puff ParlorThe Barky Brush
Woof Woof!Muddy Paws MakeoverRuff Life Grooming
Zoom Zoom Groom Mobile Dog GroomingFurball Fiesta GroomingClip ‘n’ Snip Canine Salon
Paws and Relax SpaCanine CoiffuresTailspin Trims
Furry Fiasco GroomingPoodle Strudel GroomingHappy Tails & Trails Grooming
Bark ‘n’ Bubble GroomersBarking Mad GroomersBow-Wow Boutique

Catchy Dog Grooming Name Ideas

A catchy dog grooming business name could be your ticket to name recognition in your city or town. Here are some catchy monikers. 

Clean Paws PalPaws Clean AheadPawslance Groomers
Dirty Paws AnswerPaws Collar Clipper GroomersPawsorama Mobile Groomers
Fetch TailsPaws DayPawstastic
Pack of Paws Mobile GroomingPaws HappySoapy Paws
Paws AcceleratePaws HoundSpot Tails
Paws ActivePaws K9Sudsy Snoots
Paws AridPaws PawsTailsfluent
Paws BarkPaws Pup PalsTailslux Dog Spa
Paws BuddyPaws PurebredWaggle Tails Groomers

Cool Dog Grooming Names

Do you want to market yourself as a smooth, hip grooming shop? A cool business name could be perfect for you.

Forage TailsSociety Dog TailsTailsque
Furry Tails GroomersTailsaroTailssio Dog Spa
Pantry TailsTailsisticTailsster
Partner TailsTailslazaTailssy Pet Groomers
Posh Tails Doggie SpaTailsluxTime for Tails
Premium TailsTailsology Designer Dog GroomerUnleashed Tails & Suds

Good Dog Grooming Shop Names

All dogs are good boys or good girls who deserve a good dog grooming shop. Here are some name ideas to help you market to the furriest friends of all dog breeds

Buddy Fur ClippersFurlance Mobile Dog GroomingFurworks
Companions Fur ShampooFuropediaWorking Fur Groomers
Critters Fur & Tail GroomingFurpad Grooming VanFur Addicts
Friends of Fur Furgenics Dog GroomingFurporium Pet GroomersPlanet Fur & Fluff
Furify Dog GroomersFurscape Designer GroomersShack of Fur Dog Studio

Clever Dog Grooming Name Ideas

An awesome business dog grooming business name is one that makes people wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” You may be able to highlight your stand-apart service with a clever dog grooming name. Here are some of our favorites.

Bark & Suds GroomersDoggiearoPrime Doggie
Barkworks Dog GroomersDoggiebeaQuest Doggie
Barn DoggieDoggieluxResort Bark Dog Spa
Cherish DoggieDoggieworksSanctuary Doggie
Doggie DivasFurry BarkShack Doggie
Doggie FluentGroom DoggieUnleashed Doggie
Doggie Fluff DoKingdom DoggieWorld Doggie

Classy Dog Grooming Business Name Ideas

Will your dog salon appeal to pet owners who want a high-end pet grooming experience for their best furry friends? You’ll need a classy dog grooming name. Here are some of our favorites. 

Posh PupsExecutive Dog GroomersPupperazzi Pet Spa
Designer DoggiesFirst Class Pet GroomingNoble Tails Luxury Grooming
Chic & Clean Pet SpaAristopaws Grooming SalonCanine Couture Stylists
Classy Paws GroomersLuxe Paws Pet SpaThe Pampered Pooch Palace
French Dip DoggiesVelvet Fur Grooming BoutiqueAristocats and Dogs
European ClippersElite Tails Pet ParlorRoyal Bark Grooming Studio
Show Dog Winners GroomingRegal Beagle GroomersPrestige Paws Grooming Co.
Handsome PoochesThe Gilded LeashOpulent Paws Elite Grooming

How to Name Your Dog Grooming Business

Maybe you’ve scrolled through the categories above and found a name that might fit, but how can you be sure? Or maybe you’ve decided that you want to come up with your own unique name instead. How do you make that happen? 

There are a few crucial steps to follow to make sure your dog grooming business name is compliant with state laws and just works on a practical level. 

Step 1: Define your brand identity

What is your brand’s unique selling proposition? How do you stand out from other pet grooming services in your area? Maybe your pet grooming company will focus on luxury pet care, affordable grooms, or on-demand services. And what services will you offer? Maybe you’ll focus on quick touch-ups, like a bath, face trim and nail clip. Or maybe you’ll be a full-service salon for dogs and cats. Ultimately, nailing down these selling points can have a big impact on your naming efforts. It’ll also help you find ways to appeal to your target audience, too. 

Another thing to consider is your brand’s personality. Do you want people to think of you as a classy grooming salon? Professional? Playful? Quirky? There’s no wrong answer here, but knowing the atmosphere you want your salon to have can shape your business name.

Step 2: Brainstorm name ideas

Now that you’ve decided on the specific focus of your dog grooming salon, it’s time to do some brainstorming. There are lots of ways to brainstorm, but the best way to start is to come up with keywords that match your unique selling points. 

Once you have a list of keywords, you can start playing word games like word associations or using alliteration (stringing the same sound together) to come up with clever names. You could also consider using a business name generator; we explain how to use these tools later on. 

Finally, don’t forget the value of community input. You can run your name by family, friends, or even social media followers. What are their ideas? Or what do they think of your proposed name? A second opinion can be really valuable — one of your friends might even suggest the perfect name.

Step 3: Keep it simple and memorable

A good pet grooming business name needs to be unique, but it also needs to be simple and memorable. That way it’s easy for your customers to remember. And you want your customers to remember your name; it’s how they’ll recommend you to their friends and family. 

In a similar vein, you want your dog grooming business name to be easy to say and spell. Then your customers will be able to recommend you at every opportunity: in conversation, on social media threads, and more. 

As part of staying memorable, it’s best to avoid using cliches or overused words in the grooming industry. They’ll make it hard to stand out.

Step 4: Check for uniqueness and availability

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your name doesn’t infringe on any protected names. States protect the names of registered businesses like LLCs and corporations, so you will need to check that your name isn’t infringing on those names. To do so, you’ll have to run a business name search. 

Another important category of protected names to check is trademarks. The most well-known trademarks are federal trademarks, and you’ll need to run a trademark search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website to check that you aren’t infringing on any federal trademarks. But you’ll also need to check that your name doesn’t infringe on any state trademarks, either. 

Avoiding infringing on trademarks and state-protected names is a legal requirement, but there are some practical aspects to consider, too. 

Establishing a Unique Online Presence

In today’s digitally-driven world, an online presence for your own dog grooming business is essential. You will need to get a domain for your business website, and we highly recommend getting one that matches (or closely resembles) your business name. That will make it easier for customers to find you online. We can help you with searching and registering a domain name, too. 

Social media accounts can also be invaluable to a new small business. And if you want it to be easy for customers to find you, you’ll need to pick social media handles that match your business name. So once you pick your name, start opening those social media accounts. Even if you’re not quite ready to be active on a given platform (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc), setting up an account is helpful so you can claim the handle as your own. 

Getting a web domain and social media handles that match your business name will help maintain consistency in your brand image.

Step 5: Get feedback on your top choices

By this point, you might have one name that you’re sure is “the one,” or you might have a couple names you like. But regardless, it’s time to get some feedback on your name. You can be informal or formal with this process. Some small business owners might decide to hire a marketing professional to get an expert perspective. Others might ask their social media followers or have a “focus group” with their friends and family. 

No matter how you go about it, be sure to solicit honest feedback about your name and consider it carefully. Is it memorable? Easy to say and spell? Does it fit your business? Are there any unintended negative connotations in the wording? Can they think of any better names or ways to make your current name better? 

As simple as it sounds, getting feedback on your business name can help turn an average name into a perfect one. You might even find that your friend or potential client suggests the perfect name for you.

Step 6: Make your final decision

The moment of truth has come: picking the final name. After the steps above, you may only have one perfect name, or you might have some to choose from. You’ve put in a lot of work so far, so if you just have a gut feeling that one name works best, trust your gut. After all, the perfect business name is something you like, too. 

If you’ve made any edits to your name since checking availability, be sure to double-check that your name is available. After that, it’s time to jump into some registration steps. 

Register your business name

The easiest way to register your business name is to register your pet grooming business as an LLC or corporation. The exact process varies from state to state, but generally speaking, you’ll need to file Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation. Once your business is registered, your name will be protected in the confines of your state. 

You can also consider registering a federal trademark with your name. This process can be complicated and time-consuming, but it’s the most surefire way to protect your name nationwide. A state trademark is an easier and less expensive option, but the protections are limited to your state. If you go this route, we highly recommend consulting with a trademark attorney to get customized guidance for your application. 

If you’re going to be operating as a sole proprietorship or partnership, your options are a little limited. Getting a DBA, or “doing business as” name, is a decent in-between. States often don’t protect DBAs for exclusive use, but some do. Even if your state doesn’t protect DBAs, registering one does add your name to the state records. That might discourage others from using it.

Using a Dog Grooming Name Generator

If you’re struggling to come up with a dog grooming name on your own, a business name generator might be a helpful tool. Let’s walk through how to use one for the best possible results. 

Step 1: Create a list of keywords related to dog and pet grooming

The best way to get started is to generate a list of keywords related to your new business. List some related to grooming, like “groom, clip, care, fur” or something else. Then, if you have a specific niche you’re targeting, list some keywords for that. For example, you might include “luxury” if you’re serving high-end clients or “mobile” if you’re going to bring the salon to your customers. 

You might also include some geographic keywords like your city, a local landmark, or something similar if you want your name to reflect your local heritage.

Step 2: Input keywords to generate names

Now that you’ve got a list of keywords in hand, it’s time to input keywords into the generator. While there are no hard and fast rules on how to do this, it’s recommended to play around with different combinations. That’s because each time you type in a combination, the generator will produce different results. 

Having lots of options to choose from will help you find a great name. 

Step 3: Evaluate the suggestions

After you’ve input your keywords in a variety of combinations, you’ll probably have a pretty notable list of potential names. Odds are you’ll be able to eliminate some pretty quickly just because you don’t like them. 

Once you’ve culled the list to the ones that could work, it’s time for some careful evaluation. What do you like about the names the generator produced? Do they fit your business’s unique selling proposition? Are there any negative connotations to your name?

And most importantly, does the name resonate with you and your target audience? You need your name to make an impact, so if the name isn’t making an impact, you’ll want to make some changes. Even just making a few tweaks to a generated name, such as adding your name or city, can take a name from boring to great.

Step 4: Check for Uniqueness and Availability

When you use a business name generator, it’s absolutely essential to check that your name passes the availability tests we covered above. You cannot use a protected business name, so please run a business name search in your state, a state trademark search, and a federal trademark search. 

On a more practical level, it’s advised to check for domain name availability, matching social media handles, and so on. 

Step 5: Select your final dog grooming name and reserve it (optional)

After you’ve checked that your potential names are viable and available, it’s time to pick your name and consider reserving it. If you’re still on the fence between two or three names, don’t worry; it’s okay to pick your favorite and just go with it. There is a lot to be said about your own intuition. And it’s your business name. You need to like it. 

By now you’ve put in a lot of work to create the perfect name. You don’t want that hard work to go to waste. To protect your name until you register it, you may want to file a name reservation in your state. That will keep your name protected until you have the chance to file your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation. 

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