Best Dogs to Breed and Sell for Most Profitable Breeding Business

Dog breeders, take note of these breeds that can make your business boom.

Starting a dog breeding business can be a good business venture, especially if you like dogs. Here’s the list of the best dogs breeds to sell for your breeding business. How to Start a Pet Care Business: Open Your Own Dog Kennel!

There are many dog breeds that you can opt to raise. What I have provided here is a list of some of the best dogs that are known to fetch good money in the market. Now that you have a variety of dog breeds to choose from, it is time to get started with your dog breeding business.

Best dogs to breed

The French Bulldog

These French cuties are some of the most adorable dogs that you will want to raise. The reason as to why they are expensive and on demand is because they hardly reproduce naturally. On the market, a French bulldog can fetch up to $8,000. The main challenge a breeder faces with these dogs is their production is unpredictable and it requires a lot of capital to get started.

Siberian Husky

If you take a look at its beautiful blue eyes, you’ll see the reason why you need to breed this dog. It has low healthcare costs and can easily be raised in a backyard as long as there is enough space. Currently, a Siberian Husky goes for $1,000 in the market.

English Bulldog

This grumpy looking guy is a favorite among many people. Going for $3,000 in the market the English Bulldog will always have a good return on investment. Just like its French cousin, the English bulldog cannot reproduce naturally as often as the other breeds. However, if you have the capital and the time, the English Bulldog will give you a nice return.


Speaking of security, how about rearing the Rottweiler? This breed is strong and makes an excellent guard dog. Some people have qualms with their tough and fierce nature but all it takes is good training to make them the ultimate watch guards. These dogs are in high demand and a single Rottweiler can easily bring you up to $7,000. Rottweilers are family dogs and they are easy to raise.

German Shepherd

Everyone knows that German shepherds are very intelligent. Considering its positive recognition worldwide, you can never go wrong breeding a German shepherd. The customer base for this breed is large and you will always fetch a good profit raising these dogs. One German shepherd dog can easily fetch $6,500 and they are always in demand.

Labrador Retriever

If you are looking for an all-time best seller, then the Labrador Retriever is a good choice to breed. The Labrador Retriever is a very friendly dog and makes a good addition to any family. They are quite expensive to breed but they will always be in demand. This dog breed is listed as a top seller by AKC. One Labrador Retriever goes for $1,500. Check out this comprehensive guide about Labrador Retriever

More Dog Business Resources

Are you planning on starting a dog breeding business but don’t know where to start and how to go about it?

Before we can dive into the meat and bones of this guide, it’s important to point out who is best suited for this business. If you are an animal lover who can deal with just about anything that comes with animals, you can easily breed dogs. Most importantly, you have to be a dog lover.

Dogs are friendly and can easily be bred. To successfully breed dogs, you need to be in good physical condition yourself to care, interact and play with the puppies and handle the adult dogs.

As a dog breeder, you need to know how to help the female dogs to give birth. And you should also be ready to handle the birthing process without being squeamish.

As a breeder, your day will mostly involve taking care of the puppies by feeding, playing, and exercising the dogs. You will also be putting the female and the male dogs together when the female is in heat. Some customers will request you to deliver the puppies to their homes and you should be ready to make long distance deliveries for your customers or arrange animal transport.

You will be making money by selling your dogs to people who have a passionate connection with a particular breed and reputable pet stores.

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Skills required to run a dog breeding business

For you to start and run a breeding business, you need to have the knowledge, and also experience, in dog breeding. You should also be aware of most dog breeds and how to choose two dogs that are well suited for each other.

You will need to get comfortable with the birthing process and learn how to help the dogs to give birth since going to a vet each birth can be quite expensive and quickly reduce your profits.

You can take courses on dog breeding from the American Kennel Club. You can take these courses for free and on your own schedule online. You can also learn about the dog birthing from petMD.

Dog breeders also need to know about the shots that new puppies need. You will also need to be extremely familiar with the dog breed which you will specialize in. You can learn about your favorite breed by joining organizations that are dedicated to your breed and read dog breeding books also. Find dog breed organizations in alphabetical order, click on the breed and scroll down to find the associated kennel club group.

Costs of opening a breeding business

The cost of running a breeding business is modest depending on location, and space. You will need to have a breeding facility for the dogs and puppies. You will also have to buy female dogs and a male dog or simply pay for a stud to sire puppies. You will also need to purchase food and pay for the puppies’ shots and tests.

In addition to all these requirements, you will need to pay for a dog breeding business permit which is $100 and also register for litter which is $25 and an additional fee of $2 per puppy to sell dogs as AKC registered.  You can get the full list of fees from AKC.

Other costs include insurance and licensing fees. Remember to form an LLC to protect your personal assets from your business liabilities. 

If you are on a low budget, you can start by breeding one female dog. As the puppies grow, you can sell them and reinvest funds back to grow your business.

Next steps are to register your dog breeding business by getting an EIN number. Learn more about Federal Tax ID numbers in our Entrepreneur’s Guide. 

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