Start a Pet Sitting Business – Great for Animal Lovers!

Pet sitting as a business and career opportunitySome days do you just sitting at your desk in the office and wish you were working with animals instead of people? Your daydreams may be leading you to a great new business idea for somebody like you who love animals – become a professional pet sitter. You can make this your career, job, either full or part-time, depending upon your schedule and desires to become the local pet sitting services.

What Exactly Does a Pet Sitter Do?

Today’s families and busy career couples are traveling for both work and pleasure more than ever and their lovely fur companions, cats, dogs, and other assorted pets, need to be cared for in the owner’s home while they are vacationing or have traveled out of town so needed pet sitters. This is where your business as a pet sitter comes in. 

You as the professional pet sitter would go to the pet owner’s home, and care for the animals includes walking for exercise, playing for stimulation, feeding and watering cats and dogs.  Additionally, you may have to administer veterinary medicine and brush, groom, and clip the pet’s nails.

The business of pet sitting service is growing due to a multitude of factors such as increased travel due to lower fares and families spread across the country, an increase in pet ownership, and desire for animals to be most comfortable attended to in their homes – instead of being moved to an impersonal dog kennel or dog day care center.

Today’s pet owners go beyond just spoiling their pets with expensive food and toys; they spend generously of their disposable income for medical and maintenance care for the beloved animals.  These people appreciate the additional focused care that a pet sitter can offer so that you can charge higher fees than a standard dog walker.

Types of Services Pet Sitting Businesses Offer

The top priority is to keep the pets in their regular routine, which helps them feel comfortable and secure or while their owners are away from home.  This is vital because animals behave best when they are peaceful and relaxed. 

The pet owners should give you a complete list of the dog routine from waking up, to potty breaks, feeding, and treat time for you to follow.  The less stress the animal has the more likely it will stay healthy and happy during your pet sitting assignment. Don’t be surprised if the pet routine includes things such as being read a bedtime story, a favorite for birds, rubbing of their tummies, and playing catch.

How to Have a Successful Animal Care Business

So you’ve decided to start your own pet sitting business. Great! You want to work with animals and make a difference.

Now let’s get you started right for success in your new company.  Don’t worry, this won’t be that difficult, just read this full article and follow the steps that other successful entrepreneurs in the animal-related businesses share as advice for new business owners.  You may find that becoming a pet sitter is just the beginning, you may expand to other animal-related services such as dog walking, training, grooming, and pet daycare centers.  

You can start your company without quitting your current job. It is an easy business to work around a 9-5 schedule until your pet sitting business has grown enough to replace your day job income.  Some successful pet sitters have phased out of their day jobs by first going part-time and then eventually quitting to run their animal care firm full-time.

Most firms are offering a pet sitting charge by the visit, assuming multiple visits per day depending upon the type of and quantity of animals. Dogs will require more visits for walks and potty breaks while cats often only need once a day visit.  Each visit will be charged based on the content of tasks to be completed during that time. If it is regular feeding and walking visit, there will be one price. However, when additional services such as giving medicine, grooming for extended playtime will be higher priced. 

In the southeastern region of America visits are approximate  $15 each and in metropolitan cities such as NYC, each visit can go upwards of $40 each. Calculate that using the number of visits per day and your salary can range from a part-time job of up to $900 per month or a full-time salary of approximately $30,000 per year. Remember to subtract from this number all costs and expenses incurred in performing these animal care jobs such as dog food, potty bags, cat toys and travel fares.

Start a Business Today

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Pick a Name for Your New Company

Certainly,  you will need a catchy name to call your animal care business.  Finding the best name takes some work and imagination. You will want to create a name that communicates both the services you will offer and the value and benefit of those services. 

In addition to developing some ideas for business names, you will need to research the use of your chosen name to be sure there are no existing trademarks from other companies. Your business name communicates a lot about your company so you want to be sure to give it some careful thought and consideration.  The best business names are ones that are easily remembered, stand out from the crowd, appear professional and detail what your business services are.

Use these tips to pick the perfect name for your pet sitting business:

Get inspiration for naming your dog company from our list of the best pet business names.

List of Pet Sitting Business Names for Your Inspiration

Business Forms Needed and Where to Get Them 

Every business requires forms to gather and organize information about your customer’s orders.  Here are business forms that were designed by a professional pet sitter specifically for your type of services 

Insurance Needs 

Do not skip over this section – it is of vital importance for you to have the proper insurance in place for you start your new business. You need to be protected from any damage that you may cause to your clients home, such as knocking over an expensive sculpture and also be covered and not liable for the replacement cost. If the dog you are walking attacks another person or dog in your presence you want to have dog walker insurance. Your customers will expect you to have this liability insurance protect themselves, their homes, and their pets while they are away. There are specific insurance companies who have pet sitting insurance programs. We recommend the pet sitters association insurance – Pet Sitters Associates programs because of their favorable premiums, coverage amounts and except acceptable deductibles.

Do You Need a Business License for Dog and Cat Sitting?  

Everybody asked this question when they consider starting your own business. In America,  the service of pet sitting does not require a trade type license, such as other professions, including contracting are required. However, most states do require that you register your business with the appropriate authority – here is a link to the SBA listing of state offices for you to inquire about your particular state requirements.  Find your state and click to read about standard licensing requirements. There is also an option to register your business online, or if you prefer, there is a phone number that you can call your local government and asked them what you need to get started legally. You will need to have decided the way you want to have your business organized before you register with your state. This means the type of entity either sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability for Corporation C or S type.

Being a Professional Pet Sitting Firm 

These are the traits of a true professional pet sitter.

Join a Pet Sitters Trade Association

Trade associations prosper because it is easier, and more fun, to do business together with like-minded business owners. Together you can negotiate group discounts for services such as insurance and advertising. Also you, as a new entrepreneur, can benefit greatly from the combined wisdom of years of experience in your chosen field by connecting with other association members who are successful in your area.

Most trade groups have annual or semi-annual get-togethers for education, trade shows, and social events.  Non-members are sometimes allowed to attend these functions that can be a wellspring of information and inspiration.

Here are three pet sitter trade associations:

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