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Combining Real Names

How to Combine Real Names to Create a Business Name

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Here is all you need to about how to combine two names (or 4 names – first and last) of business partners’ personal names to create a unique new business name. Included are tips from successful business owners and free links to the best online name generator tools.

Creating a new word from combining several words is called name blending, word mix-up or portmanteau (keep reading for more info about this technique).  This is an excellent technique to use for the naming of a business of two or more partners – by combining their names together into a creative (and memorable) brand name.

Some people use name combinations to join the names of two lovers for a couple’s nickname. Or expectant parents blend family names for new baby names.

Ready to create a brand new word? Keep reading to learn how.

How To Combine Words for Your Business Name

Combine Full Last or First Names

This is the simplest way to combine two business owner names into one company name. Use the last name of each person side by side.

Examples include Smith & Wesson or Jones White. Put your two last names together and add punctuation, or the word “and”, or an ampersand.

Alternatively, you could combine two first names in wholes such as Joe and Charlie’s BBQ Rib Shack, or Sally Sue Coiffures.

Blend Parts of Personal Names Together

Take parts of each of the first or last names and blend them together in an interesting and unique way.

Here is an example: Billy Jones and Bobby Smith started a seafood restaurant and called it Billy-Bobs Crab Shack.

Get creative and use any combination of your last or first name to make a truly inspired new business name.  To make it easy I have listed (and tested) the best online word mix-up tools here.

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Compound Words and Add to your Name

Start with your personal names, first or last, and then combine with other words to create a truly unique brand name. These words could be associated with your product and service to communicate with prospective customers.

An example; Jane Willis and Donna Mills opened a nail salon (PS check out my list of nail salon name ideas) they could use these business names; Willis Mills Nails, WillNails, Jannon Salon, Nail-Mill, etc

Check out this list of online name generators to help you brainstorm your perfect new business name.

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Create a Portmanteau – Two Word Sound and Meanings

This fancy French word is used to refer to words that are created by combining both the sounds and meanings of two different words. You combine two separate words that describe your products or are the names of your business partners.

Your newly invented word could be trademarked and would be entirely original. A famous example would be Verizon, the combined words of veritas (truth in Latin) and horizon.

Use Different Spelling combinations

Consider changing the spelling of names to blend together better in different combinations.

Get more name ideas with these business name generators by industry

Best Business Naming Tools

To help you name your business memorably, I recommend that you use these branding tools that I do for my marketing clients. They are top-rated and affordably priced even for the leanest startup budgets.

Entrepreneurs, let’s get busy naming YOUR next successful company…

Reserve Your Domain Name – Your website address is a critical part of your company branding success. Having your site listed at the top of search results so that customers can easily find you will fuel your success.

Launch a Naming Contest – A smart and fast way to name your company. Launch a naming contest to engage hundreds of naming experts as you’re guided through the agency-level naming process.

Name Combiner, Mix Up and Merge Tools

Here are the best online tools (all free!) to combine words together to generate new unique business names. They include mix-up word generators and name combiners of up to four (4) names.

Below I describe each tool and give you some suggestions for the best results to brainstorm your new business name.

Name Combiner

This is a simple name combiner that mixes names to create unique new nicknames. It will allow up to four names to be combined.

Simply type in the four names and press the button named COMBINE.

I tried it with these names, John Smith and Mary Jones, and got these interesting combinations.

  • John & Jones Legal Associates
  • Smith & Mary Consultants
  • Smitjones Tech Lab
  • Majohn Floral
  • Jonmary Salon

Name Blender

This tool is originally created to help couples create their own celebrity couple name baby name to honor to family members.

It merges two names together and generates new names. It has filters including common names, rare names and fuzzy matches – approximate matches with improved pronunciation. I tested it with the names – Charles and Joe – and got these names generated for my new company name:

  • Charloe Industries
  • Joharles Beauty Spa
  • Jocha Photo Studios
  • Choe Bar & Grill


This online tool will generate business names by adding words as a Portmanteau. This means it takes into consideration the sound of your word and adds words that are related and sound similar. I tested it with the last name – Adler – and got these interesting business name creations:

  • Flad Adler Construction
  • Autorad Adler Motors
  • Nexrad Adler Computers
  • Fouard Adler Fashions

>>Rebranding? Check out my guide on how to change your business name and rebranding checklist here

Word & Name Combiner

This word combiner allows you to enter two names, or words, and combine them. I tested it with the first names of Susan and Patty and got these creative combinations:

  • Supatty Cake Bakery
  • Patsu Travel
  • PattSusan Creations
  • Spatty Pet Sitters

Combine Two Names into One

Used for nicknames this tool works well for business names also. This generator offers up to four names that can be combined into one catchy business name.

Plus you can change the language interface. I like the feature called MIX AGAIN. which will keep generating different name ideas with every click.

I tested it with the last names of Sutton and Travis and got these interesting name ideas:

  • OnTrav Consulting
  • AvisSu Transportation
  • IsSutton Partners
  • TrOn Retail

Name Generator

This was designed for nicknaming couples but it works well for business names too!  I like the options of four entry fields, but are not all required. This allows maximum flexibility to add 2,3 or 4 words to blend together to create the perfect short catchy business name.

I like the shortness of the names and the explanation of each mixture was created. It also offers helpful random ideas and auto-suggest feature to brainstorm and come up with tons of new name ideas.

I tested it with these names, David Worth and Sarah Niles and got these creative name ideas:

  • North Restaurant (mixture of niles and worth)
  • Wiles Construction (mixture of worth and niles)
  • Saravid Salon & Span (mixture of sarah and david)
  • Nileth Bakery (mixture of niles and worth)

Word Combiner

This word combiner offers up to four fields and uses the first field as your root word. I tested it with the names Jennifer and James and got these combined words for company names:

  • Jennames Law Associates
  • JeJames Barbershop
  • Jennimes Catering
  • Jamefier Music Studios

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