Be Your Own Boss: 6 Small Business Ideas

Do you dream of leaving your tedious job and setting up a small business instead? If you’re realistic about your dreams, with a lot of hard work, there’s no reason why you can’t make them come true. It’s best to start a business in which you have some knowledge. Here are some great small business ideas that you might consider pursuing.

1. Accounting

If you’re good with numbers and financial data, you could set up your very-own accountancy small business. If you already work as an accountant for a company, you’ll be in a much better position to begin a small accounting business. You just need to be brave enough to go it alone. If you lack experience, it’s a good idea to get a qualification in accounting under your belt before you proceed. For instance, if you become a licensed, certified public accountant, you will be one of the most highly-skilled accountancy professionals around, and that means you will be able to find clients much more easily. The CPA exam is challenging, though. On average, only a little over half of all test-takers pass the rigorous examination. If you’re serious about passing the CPA exam, it’s crucial you choose a CPA review course that provides you with the study materials that best suit your style of learning. Check some options here.

2. Social Media Management

The rise and continual development of the internet have allowed more and more people to work remotely from home. If you want to say goodbye to your daily commute to the office, consider becoming a freelance social media manager. Every successful business utilizes social media platforms to get their message out to prospective customers, so that means more and more companies are hiring people to manage their social media pages. That can be as simple as regularly posting content online, or if you have the necessary skillset, you could get paid to consult with businesses to help them create a social media strategy.

3. E-commerce Store

Another fantastic online business opportunity is to become an e-commerce store owner. Many online store owners sell products that they are passionate about, so this small business option is your chance to work in an area that you love. If you have a hobby like making pottery or designing T-shirt slogans, you could sell your products via an e-commerce store. With many e-commerce platforms to choose from, it’s financially viable to start a small business and pursue your passion at the same time. It all starts with choosing the right website builder for your future business.

4. Sewing and Alteration

With more people buying clothes online these days, purchasers don’t have the opportunity to try them on before they buy. That means people need more alterations than ever before. And plenty of people don’t want to throw away their favorite shirt because of a small tear or a missing button. If you have expertise with a needle and thread, consider setting up a sewing and alteration business. As you build up a customer base and the demand for your services grows, you could even expand your repertoire into dressmaking and fashion design.

5. Private Tutoring

If you have expert knowledge of a subject, consider becoming a private tutor. You could be a math-whizz or a master of literature. Whatever your niche is, there will be people out there who need help in learning about your specialist subject. Focus on your local area by advertising your services through schools, community colleges, and community centers. Once you get a few clients, you are likely to be recommended, and you can then start to build a customer base. Don’t forget to advertise your services online as well.

6. Photography

If you’re a keen amateur photographer, you could consider leaving your dreary day job to pursue your genuine interest. It can be helpful to enroll in a photography course to hone your skills and knowledge before you set up this business, though. Once you have the technical and aesthetic knowhow, begin by shooting your family and friends so that you can build up a portfolio. As your portfolio and client list grow, you can turn your hobby into a fully-fledged business. Photography businesses typically grow through word of mouth, so if you do an excellent job for one client, you are likely to be recommended.

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