39 Business Ideas for Men

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small business ideas for men

Looking for small business ideas for men Mr. Entrepreneur? Check out this big list of ideas for how to become a successful business owner.

Sir, I created this list of low investment and highly profitable new business ideas that you can start part-time or full-time, dependent upon your schedule and desire. Many of these ideas are home-based and can be done by stay-at-home dads or even as father-son projects.

Fortunately, in today’s society and flexible gender roles, many business types previously dominated by women are now equally open to male entrepreneurs. Male makeup artists and daycare providers can now prosper equally as do lady building contractors and sports coaches.

Dude, keep reading and find an idea for your next high-profit business venture on this list of the best new business ideas for men.

Construction Trades

Today’s building industry, both residential and commercial, is becoming more segmented and specialized. This means that more artisans are required for specific jobs such as welding, carpentry, painting and flooring which opens the door for the independent tradesman to succeed. Also, this industry offers more opportunities for mechanically oriented men in the landscaping, lawn, garden, marine and aviation trades.

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Home inspection

If you are knowledgeable about the building trades and home systems such as electrical and plumbing you could become a home inspector. Home buyers hire you to evaluate the condition of the property that they are considering purchasing. Each inspection can make you hundreds of dollars. The work is flexible, can be scheduled around full-time work and you can decide how many clients you want to have.

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Food establishments are among the most successful small businesses in America. While many Moms cook at home some of the world’s chefs have been men. Additionally, a man’s strength can be helpful in creating a restaurant that demands physical stamina.

Consider targeting your fellow male customers with manly fares such as steaks, barbecue, big-screen TVs with sports games and a large selection of beers and ales.

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You can open a mobile barbershop in which you travel to your customer’s locations reducing the expense and location rigidity of a physical salon.

Your customers will appreciate the convenience and comfort of being shaved and their haircut in their home or office. Your profitability increases to eliminating large overhead costs of rent and electricity of traditional barber shops. Additionally, your start-up costs will be low. You can invest in a mobile van to work as a movable barbershop or you can simply pack your hair cutting tools and shaving supplies into a bag and visit your customer for services.

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Drone Business

This growing trend of drones is red-hot and is an excellent home-based creative business.

You could use your drone to take aerial photography then sell the photos to real estate agents, home sellers, local businesses, sports enthusiasts, brides, tourists, and performing artists. Further diversity diversified your drone photography business with both still shots and video footage.

Additionally, you can sell drones online such as millennial’s favorite selfie drones or hobby enthusiasts and children who love toy drones.

Also, you can sell camera drones to individuals who want to do their drone photography; perhaps you can also give classes in drone photography.

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Personal Male Fashion Stylist

There’s an even greater need for stylists for men than for women, to help them choose the right clothing, haircuts, and accessories to project a strong business and personal image to achieve their goals.

If you have a flair for fashion, you can start a personal shopper and stylist business out of your home to help men upgrade their look and impress others.

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Male Focused Website

Following the trend of mommy bloggers and women beauty vloggers, a new trend of male-focused websites are on the rise. You could launch a site with men’s product reviews and advice, then make money by selling these products and getting paid commission. You could cover topics such as men’s health, business, relationships, travel, and fashion.

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Internet Marketing

The rapid growth of the Internet has spawned a huge industry of online opportunities that you can capitalize upon. Depending on your talents and interests you can start a company to deliver copywriting, website development, graphic design or and app creation.

Your customers can span the globe, and languages are not a barrier to sales because you can use Google translate for your online correspondence.

It’s easy to begin by creating a profile on one of the large online job sites and start selling your services right away.

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E-commerce Online Store

Online shopping is growing dramatically every year and you can grab a share of the profits by launching your own online store. There are many types of products you can sell. Here are some of the recent trends from industry experts at Shopify based on actual search volume:

  • Selfie Drones
  • HIIT Equipment – high-intensity interval training workout gear
  • Smartwatches
  • Dash Cam
  • Wireless earphones
  • Beard oil and shaving accessories
  • Phone Cases
  • Power Banks
  • Men’s backpacks
  • Video doorbells
  • Night vision cameras

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Voiceover Recording Business

With online technology and basic computer equipment plus, of course, a great voice you can sell your talents for voice-over narration used for videos, films and audio presentations. Start by registering on voice talent boards such as bodalgo and voices.com

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Cleaning Business

Life is messy. People need cleaners. Both commercial and residential services are in demand in every community from small towns to large cities. If you are reliable, conscientious and fairly priced you will quickly be successful in this evergreen niche.

Men can consider specializing in different types of cleanup such as fire, smoke damage, mold, crime scene, and construction cleanup.

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Tutoring and education

Education for both children and adults is always in demand. If you know a subject and like to share that with others, consider a tutoring business either locally in person, or online via video chat like Skype.

School-age children need help in various subjects such as math or reading whereas high school students acquire help in studying for college entrance exams. Don’t overlook the adult market since both business people want to increase their computer and presentation skills, plus enthusiasts want to learn foreign languages.

Additionally, you could package your education training classes into courses on a site such as Udemy and make money from international students.

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Tailoring Business

Sadly the neighborhood tailor shop is closing down in many towns. This creates a need that you can fill for expert tailoring of men’s suits, tuxedos and other clothing on a mobile basis.

Men often feel more comfortable with another man fitting their trousers than a woman. You could also offer alterations and fitting services for women in addition to your men’s tailoring services.

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DJ Entertainment Services

Everyone knows that the life of the party is the DJ! Consider becoming a disc jockey, because if you love music and enjoy a good party, this could be of great part-time business for you.

You could also offer entertainment booking services, of which you would hire others to perform, such as clowns for children’s birthday parties, magicians for teens events, dance instructors for weddings and speakers for corporate meetings.

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Drop Shipping Product

Another way to start an online business is through a drop shipping business model. This is where you sell the product in your online store and then place an order at the manufacturer who ships directly to your customer. The advantages are many such as; low start-up costs and no need to warehouse and package products for shipments.

Because you do not need to work during business hours this is a perfect part-time business opportunity for those employed full-time.

One of the best e-commerce systems to use for drop shipping, with special features designed for this type of business is Shopify

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Tours and Travel Reviews

Parlay your love of sports, fishing, hunting or drag racing into a successful business by offering curated tours with special experiences for fellow enthusiasts.

If you’re into car racing, create a behind-the-scenes tour of famous race tracks such as Daytona and Indianapolis.

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Home Repair Handyman

While this business idea for men may seem uninspired, it is an evergreen, continually in-demand service that is growing in popularity and profitability. As our population ages the need for help at home help by the hour, making more than at $50 per hour is in high demand.

This type of business is relatively inexpensive for a guy to start and can quickly make good money.

Get started by creating a business card, or flyer, and start knocking on doors and calling friends to get your first word-of-mouth customers which will then quickly turn into a flood of more home repair jobs than you can handle.

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Create a Food Product

Do you make the best beef jerky in town? Are you an at-home salsa king? Then utilize your cooking talents and prize-winning recipes to create delicious food products to sell locally and online.

The increasing number of farmers markets across America offers the opportunity to sell your homemade food products. Expand your market by selling your creation in gourmet food shops. More delicous food business ideas

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Woodworking and Crafts

Thanks to online marketplaces such as Etsy your creations can be sold and shipped worldwide. If you are a leather worker, jeweler, woodworker, metal artist or painter you can sell your art online in your spare time while you’re working full-time.

Get started – Woodworking business startup costs. 

Fitness Coach

Becoming a personal trainer and selling health products and supplements is a profitable venture for many men. Most Americans want to improve their health and body shape which you can help them to do and make money too!

You do not need your gym since you can meet your clients at their fitness club or home. You can even use your public facilities such as walking trails and running tracks to instruct your clients on how to get into shape. This is a great option for a side gig when you’re working full time.

Work hard, and you may soon find that you will need to quit your full-time job because you will have so many clients and be making such good money – not to mention be in great shape as an added bonus.

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Personal Chef

If you love to cook and throw parties this may be your next profitable business idea.

You can either create dishes in your kitchen and deliver them to your clients, or you can bring ingredients and cook in your client’s kitchen for weekday meals, romantic dinners or parties.

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Catering Business

If you love food but don’t want the expense of setting up your restaurant considering launching a catering business. Caterers are in demand for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

The advantages of starting a catering business are that you can accurately estimate food production costs which reduce expenditures and risks. Know that you can rent most of the equipment that you will need, so you do not have to buy or even lease expensive restaurant-grade equipment.

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Automotive Detailer

Mobile automotive detailing businesses become very popular quickly if they do quality work because your customer’s beautiful shiny car is your best advertisement. It’s a very low investment start-up business idea. All you need are some cleaning supplies and business cards to begin.

I use a mobile auto detail team that is father and son. They love cars and enjoy working together.

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Event Planning

Many men want to throw events, such as bachelor parties and business meetings, but don’t know where to begin. You, as a fellow, can assist them in planning, venue selection, menus, activities, and implementation.

Since so many event planners are women specializing in wedding parties being a man you both stand out in the industry and are a good choice Preferred Choice for more masculine events such as Retirement parties business networking Bachelor parties and Buddy weekend’s hunting trips car enthusiast. 

Blogging and affiliate marketing

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only mommy bloggers and makeup artists can make money online with blogging. There are millions of men searching for information about their hobbies which are prime targets for creating blogs and promoting affiliate products. Start with your own passions and hobbies that particularly appeal to men such as woodworking, cars, Sports, adventure travel, history, technology and engineering.

You make money when visitors come to your website and click on the products that you recommend when you are an affiliate. Begin by researching available affiliate offers on popular networks such as Commission Junction, ShareASale and Click Bank.

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In today’s digital world with the Internet connecting the globe the chances to sell your services on a freelance basis is virtually unlimited. All types of skills such as writing, computer programming, graphic design, proofreading, marketing, consulting, technical and engineering are among the most profitable markets.

You can start by joining one of the online marketplaces which list available freelance opportunities such as freelancer and upwork. Once you have set up your free account you need to complete your profile and include samples of your work in your professional portfolio.

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Online classes

You have the knowledge and experience that others want to know. This expertise can be packaged into an online course to share and educate others. The great advantage of this business model is that you can get reoccurring income from your one-time effort of developing your course. Begin by researching online course platforms such as udemy, teachable and skillshare. All of these sites will allow you to submit your course for consideration for inclusion in their catalog of classes.

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Business consultant

If you have experience in business, accounting or marketing you are well poised to profit from your skills. Begin in your local community by researching the types of problems faced by these companies. Then develop solutions, based on your experience, to help them solve their problems. Consultants have the advantage of being outside of the firm enabling them to more clearly see business weaknesses and how to correct that.

Rent your home

These days you can rent anything from a spare bedroom to your entire home for extra cash. Airbnb and its related companies have created a huge industry for homeowners to benefit from the demand for short-term housing.

If you live in a vacation area you could also consider renting your home for a week or a month during the season for substantial cash. I live near one of the most expensive beach communities and many of my neighbors rent out their homes for the month of August which pays their mortgage for the entire year.

In addition to short-term and vacation rentals you could consider creating a full-time apartment in  your home for ongoing income.

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Computer data entry

No data entry is not for female secretaries and mommies only! Guys can profit too!

Data entry is for everybody who wants to make extra money on the side with almost no start-up costs. All you need is your ability to type and use a computer keyboard and you are ready to start making money. The hourly rates range from $10 to $55 depending upon the type of data entry you are doing. The higher fees are for more technical and legal documentation. Here is a list of legit agencies that offer these type of positions. 

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Transcription Services

there is a great need for people who will transcribe audio and video files into text files. You will listen to the audio file and type into a Word document. This is a high-paying job that professionals are in upwards of $30 an hour. Check out this site for opportunities for transcription income.

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Social media manager

If you love posting on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin you can use your savvy to earn an excellent income. Your clients will want to build their business with social media presence. Here are agencies which are looking for social media experts

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Truck Delivery services

Even if you do not have a CDL license you can start a business delivery service. Today more companies, and individuals,  need inventory and materials delivered to their location. Smaller companies are a profitable niche such as architects, contractors, property developers, real estate agents, furniture delivery and medical transport. 

✔ Here’s how to get started in your own trucking business. Additionally, learn How to Start a Trucking Company

Takeout Food Delivery

The rise in takeout food services has created a great need for local delivery services one such as Uber Eats  Even in small towns and rural areas this can be a profitable gig. Some delivery drivers are getting paid up to $500 a week with only 25 work Learn more here 

✔ Learn How to Start a Delivery Business

Computer repair

If you know how to set up computer systems and do minor repairs you can make great money with these skills. The fastest-growing segment of the market is for pickup and delivery of computers from residential homes and small business offices. Or you could create a mobile computer repair business to travel to clients’ homes and repair their systems on-site.

Technology teacher

Scores of people have devices and computers they do not know how to use. Start a service either on a one-to-one basis or in a group class to teach people all the features of smartphones, iPads and computers. Startup cost is low since your customers will bring their own devices for you to demonstrate. If you go to your clients’ house you also will have no store rental fees. If you want to conduct group classes inquire for space at your local library which could be free or low-cost.

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Landscaping services

All suburban areas have miles of lawns and gardens that need regular trimming and maintenance. If you love working outdoors and can invest or borrow lawn equipment this can be a fun and lucrative endeavor.

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Plant propagation

Love to Garden? Want to make money? Use your growing skills to start specialty plants from seed to sell directly to consumers or to nearby garden centers. My husband did this and then crafted floral hanging baskets with this plants. He sold them to garden centers and apartment buildings at an excellent profit.

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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