8 Ideas to Boost Your Video Marketing

Just creating a video for your business and putting it on YouTube isn’t enough. You’ve got to make sure your prospects are actually seeing the video. Here are eight ideas to help you optimize your video marketing.

If you have a knack for making great video content for your products and services, then you’ve already won half the battle. The other half is optimizing your videos so they have a better chance of being found in YouTube’s search engine. Otherwise your customers will never find it! What’s the point in producing quality content for your video marketing strategy if nobody is going to see it?

These eight tips will help you optimize your YouTube videos so you can get as many views as possible.

1. Keep viewers for 8 seconds

The first tip is: aim to make a viewer watch the video for at least the first 8 seconds. This is a crucial time to engage a viewer. If they wander off before those 8 seconds, that view doesn’t count towards your total view count on YouTube. Get their attention first and save your biography for later.

2. Post your YouTube videos on additional platforms

Sharing your videos on additional outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and even Tik Tok increases their odds of going viral. Post your videos to as many platforms as possible to multiply your opportunities for exposure and provides cross-channel traffic between the different social sites.

3. Embed your YouTube videos within your blog posts

It’s a good idea to write a short blog post to accompany each new video so you can gain some more traffic to your website and more exposure for your YouTube channel.

4. If you want people to share it, then ask!

People will often do what you request, but you have to come out and ask for it first! Try asking people in the video to share if they enjoyed it and remind them with non-intrusive text on-screen and in the video’s description.

5. Pay attention to directions

There are small differences that you need to be aware of between sites that allow you to upload video content. Ensure that you are following them accordingly or your video marketing strategy performance might suffer.

6. Tags are your friends

Get creative and imagine what words your target market is going to type into the search engine that are relevant to your content. Obviously, your brand name is a given, but add any and all relevant terms and keywords that someone might search for.

7. Allow people to embed your video

If you don’t allow people to embed your video, you are limiting viewers’ ability to share your content.

8. Make your titles and descriptions catchy and keyword optimized

You need to strike the optimal balance between catchy and keyword optimized since you want to attract viewers and increase ranking in YouTube and Google search results. Make sure your title is clear and accurate. If it’s misleading, you might get the notorious “thumbs down” rating!

Types of Online Video Marketing

There are many types of videos you could use in your online video marketing, including, but not limited to:

  • Website videos
  • Business
  • Video marketing
  • Event coverage

Quality Is Important

Let’s face it, nobody wants to waste time watching a bad or cringe-worthy video. Even worse, those types of videos end up going viral, resulting in millions of people mocking them worldwide. Naturally, you don’t want that kind of stigma attached to your brand image. You don’t want to be known as “those people with the lame video that made all of us weep,” or something terrible like that.

This is why you might opt to bring in a professional video company. A high-quality video lets your viewers know that you’re capable of creating content to persuade them, and we all know people love that. They’re more likely to trust a service that handles its business professionally from start to finish.

Let’s put it this way, whom would you choose? A company that puts out professional material, or one that offers something that is mediocre at best? At the end of the day, it unfortunately doesn’t matter what you offer, but the way you offer it. We all want the services we choose to look put together, because it makes us sure that the company we ultimately choose to do business with truly does care about us as clients.

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