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ZenBusiness makes it easy to start, run, and grow your business

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We’re a trusted partner for business owners who want a solution to the challenges of starting, running, and growing a business. We use technology and automation to provide fast and low-cost services, expert support, and a personalized dashboard that puts everything you need at your fingertips.

Team Credentials

Who We Are

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Who is ZenBusiness? We are a small business that is excited about helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating and growing a successful business. By making business formation easy and affordable, we hope to foster a small business community where owners can connect on a local and national level and help each other grow.

We became a Public Benefit Corporation because we want to give back and revolutionize the process of forming a business so that more people can realize their dreams and boost the economy. One way we do that is via our “Pay-It-Forward” project with Kiva.org, a nonprofit that connects people through lending to alleviate poverty. We randomly select women-owned and minority-owned businesses in the US to loan money to each year, helping more aspiring business owners manifest their dreams.

As you know, a business is made of more than its owners, and happy employees lead to happy customers. That’s why we invest in our employees by providing them with health insurance, competitive salaries, equity, and the opportunity to tackle interesting challenges that have a positive impact.

You can read more about our team and see the people behind the scenes that make it all happen.

Our Story

It all began when our three original founders started a white label formation service to drive new business leads for small law offices. The business struggled to gain traction, was in debt, and on the verge of shutting down. Still, our original founders remained committed to making their dream a reality!

Things started to turn around when they pitched their idea to Ross Buhrdorf, former HomeAway CTO. Ross was intrigued by the business and together they identified a bigger opportunity -- helping historically underserved small business owners start, run, and grow their companies. Ross made an investment, became the CEO, and pulled in two other founding members to complement the team.

The expanded team embraced the new vision and began testing the idea with new business owners. To their delight, they were able to discover a few core things small business owners were missing in the industry:

  1. Expert Support - a trusted, high-quality, world-class support team; and
  2. Technology - a sophisticated platform that aggregates and manages all their products and services.
ZenBusiness used these revelations to gain the funding it needed to deliver a single platform and expert support that business owners can trust as they start, manage, and grow their business.

What We Do

Low Cost Formation Service to Start Your Business

We offer an inexpensive and fast filing service to help make your business a reality. When you let us file the paperwork to start your new business, you’ll also get dedicated support and a personalized dashboard at no additional charge. Get your business started today.

Products and Services to Run and Grow Your Business

Once established, you can purchase additional low-cost services to help manage and expand your business. Visit our products and pricing page to review a complete list of what we offer.

Why We Are Here

Many Americans dream of starting their own business but are reluctant to do so because of the daunting red tape and confusion. Keeping up with local, state, and federal regulations along with accounting, insurance, banking, and other obligations might force you to ask, “Where do I even start?” That is why we’re here.

Our Vision

We want to help small business owners realize their dreams by eliminating the barriers to starting and growing a new business. In doing so, we hope to radically shift the business landscape by empowering more people to be their own boss, become financially independent, and join our business community. We have already helped thousands of business owners turn their dreams into reality, and we want to grow that to over 1 million new businesses within the next 5 years!

Our goal is to make the dream of starting a new business accessible to everyone across the country by offering the lowest price in the industry for business formation, discounted business services, and expert support.

Core Values

These three values serve as another important way we distinguish ourselves from competitors.

  1. Transparency - We strive to be transparent in everything we do by operating with honesty and integrity to earn your trust and ongoing business.
  2. Protection - We are committed to protecting you from the pitfalls of running a business by helping you stay in good standing with the government and avoid any liability issues.
  3. Paying It Forward - We select women-owned and minority-owned businesses in the US to loan money to each year, increasing the lending amount on a yearly basis. It’s another important way we help aspiring business owners reach their dreams. We do this through Kiva.org as a part of our role as a Public Benefit Corporation.
Our values provide the foundation of our business and our four tenets give the foundation of our service.

Four Tenets

These are the four core tenets at the heart of our products and pricing:
We use technology and automation to limit costly mistakes and get your formation done as quickly as possible.
Low Cost
We file and return your completed business documents for the lowest cost you’ll find in the industry.
Expert Service
Our team of formation experts are here to help during business hours for the life of your company.
We remove the red tape and jargon to make it easier for you to start, run, and grow your business.

How We Do It


One big way we’re able to make things fast and affordable is through automation and technology. Not only do they help us save you time, but they also help avoid costly mistakes and frustrating errors. We share that technology with select partners through our API. Having access to our API gives those in real estate, investment, retirement funds, and other industries the ability to do their own business formations with their clients using the power of ZenBusiness.


Rather than just a one-and-done formation experience, we’ve built a platform that can meet your needs for the life of the business. We offer a variety of formation services to get your company established, including a business website, domain name, and a business email address.

Personalized Dashboard

We bring everything from our platform into your personalized dashboard so you don’t have to visit 50 different websites to manage your business. It allows you to easily check the status of different aspects of your business, store important business documents, and receive alerts when something needs attention.

ZenBusiness is more than just a business formation service — we want to be a trusted partner that supports the formation, protection, management, and growth of you and your business. Helping our customers achieve and sustain their dream helps us achieve and sustain ours. If you’re thinking of starting a business or have questions about how to get started, then today to learn more about our service.