10 Effective Content Creation Tools To Improve Your Blog

The struggle is constant. You know you need to post to your blog regularly to maintain your readership and web traffic. But you also know that you need to post high quality content, or else your readers will get bored and leave. Odds are, blogging isn’t your full time job. So, finding the time, energy, or creativity to come up with frequent content can be a serious challenge. Thankfully, the internet knows this and is here to help you! There are any number of helpful websites that can help you generate awesome content that your readers will love. And with a more efficient process to come up with quality content, you’ll be able to post more frequently with less stress.

1. Scrivener 

Considered an alternative to Word, Scrivener is used most frequently by novelists and screenwriters, but it can be used for bloggers who post a lot of content. There’s a lot to learn, but it may be a helpful tool if Word doesn’t seem to offer you what you need.

2. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule breaks down your headline further than the above two examples. You are awarded a score between 1-100. Your word choice is evaluated to help you choose more “powerful,” and “emotional” words.

3. NinjaEssays

If you have content that you would like to have edited, formatted, or polished, NinjaEssays can do that. And their team of highly skilled writers can write fresh content for your page. NinjaEssays’ blog has helpful writing tips and info graphics to help with your own writing and to help keep you organized.

4. PlagTracker

This “most accurate plagiarism checking service,” will allow you to post as frequently as you like without ever worrying about plagiarism. It’s a necessary tool for every blogger.

ThingLink allows you to easily make interactive content to keep your readers interested. Don’t overdo it, but ThingLink can provide something fun and new on your blog posts.

6. Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer

Once you have your headline, how do you know if it’s strong enough to captivate readers and engage them on an emotional level? Enter Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer. It does exactly what its name suggests. You type in your chosen headline, and the analyzer gives you an EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) score. The score ranges from 1-100%. Anything above 50% is considered extremely effective.

7. Haiku Deck

It can be fun and different to add a slideshow to your blog, but you can’t just add a PowerPoint file. Haiku Deck’s software will show you how to create gorgeous slideshows that can really add to the aesthetics of your page.

8. Word2CleanHTML

Copying material from Word into WordPress often creates a big mess of extra spaces that you have to clean up. Word2CleanHTML takes your content and converts it to clean HTML. You can drop the clean HTML directly into WordPress without the necessary clean up.

9. Content Ideator Headline Generator

Contentideator allows you to type in a keyword (anything at all), and the algorithm will pop out a list of possible headlines for your story. You’ll get all kinds of ideas! Don’t use these ideas word for word. Remember that thousands of other people might have seen and used the same list. Use this list as inspiration to help you come up with your own fantastic headlines.

10. Tomato Timer

Based on the “Pomodoro Technique,” you set the timer for 25 minutes and then break for 5. This is one “pomodoro.” After 4 pomodoros, you break for 50 minutes. If you like the Pomodoro Technique for working efficiently throughout your day, this simple tool can really help you stay on track.

Creating high quality content for your readers must be your top priority as a writer. But it’s equally important to create content frequently. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Use these tools to help with the “quality” portion of your writing. You can be responsible for the quantity.

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