How to Multiply Your Marketing Results with Less Effort

Are you getting the most from your marketing dollar?

How would you like to multiply your marketing results with less effort? Who wouldn’t? Well, it’s simple to do by implementing systems in your business. A system is a step-by-step way of doing something that brings consistent, predictable results and that is replicable. Believe it or not you have a system for all the marketing your doing right now and if you’re not getting the results you expect from your marketing efforts its usually because your system is broke or ineffective.

Think of your marketing system as a four-step process. The first step is to attract new prospects. The second step is to convert those prospects into customers. The third step is to get your customers to come back and buy from you again. And the last step is to increase the amount that each customer spends with you during each of their transactions.

Now step back and list the systems you currently have in place for doing each one of those four steps. Go ahead and write them down and ask yourself if you’re satisfied with the results you’re getting from each one of those systems. If you’re not, its time to find a better system.

The best marketing systems are the ones that you don’t have to do manually. For instance, when you use robotic tools such as recorded voice messages, websites with autoresponders, and audio and video tools that sell your product or service while you’re not there, you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing system.

One of the best things I did when developing one of my own marketing systems is to use a fulfillment house to automatically send out a series of letters, videos, and CD’s to convert my prospects once I generated a lead. After I sent the fulfillment house the lead it was completely hands off and the results were, and continue to be, phenomenal.

Take a moment and review your current marketing systems and determine where you can replace any manual lead generation and sales activities with automated marketing tools and you’ll find that your ability to multiply your marketing efforts will increase and your effort to convert your prospect into a paying customer will decrease.

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