10 Indispensable Content Planning Tools Marketing Strategists Should Know

If you’re about to launch a content marketing campaign, there’s something you should know. Content marketing can grow to become the most time-consuming bundle of tasks on your agenda. You’ll be responsible not only for creating and sharing content, but managing your posting schedule, finding the best times to post and monitoring user responses to your content. Fortunately, there are many tools that help you get it all done in one place. Here are 10 tools indispensable to every content marketing campaign.

1. Kapost

Kapost basically integrates all key processes in a single place, helping you to manage content ranging from blog posts, ebooks and videos to social media posts, infographics or landing pages. All your collaborators can see it on a common dashboard. You can streamline the workflow with a smart calendar where you can set deadlines for content assets and campaigns.

The tool helps to easily distribute content across all your channels and offers access to practical performance metrics like earned links and conversions. Kapost clearly shows the impact of your content marketing campaign on the sales funnel – and that’s the best way to check whether you’re doing things right.

2. Sprout Social

If you’ve got a small or medium-sized social media team under your wing, you can make their job easier with Sprout Social which pulls data from all your social channels to a single dashboard. The tools offers a Smart Inbox feature which is helpful for improving your response time – all incoming messages are displayed in a single inbox to help your team reply without jumping from one window to another.

The tool also brings in lots of contextual user information, which is more than enough to make Sprout into a functional CRM. It’s integrated with Salesforce as well – a great help in communicating social engagements to your sales team. Sprout generates clear and understandable reports which are just perfect for tracking and communicating key achievements to your supervisors.

3. Oktopost

Oktopost was designed to match the needs of B2B marketers who don’t want to lose time managing their content with B2C solutions. Marketers can create campaign goals and the tool helps them to track the performance of their content and shows how it contributes to their objective.

With Oktopost, you can monitor the reach of your posts and benefit from content recommendations which are a great help in scaling up content production. All social data can be synchronized with external CRMs to assist your sales team with essential lead information.

4. BuzzSumo

This tool will be of use to content strategists interested in teaming up with social influencers to boost user engagement with their content. Choosing the right topic and individual can be hard and BuzzSumo is the right tool for the job. It checks what works for your competitors, browses different domains and returns to you with lots of actionable data.

Once you find relevant topics, you can see who are the key figures in your niche and contact them using the Outreach feature helping you to curate lists of influencers. You can set up Content Alerts to ensure that you’re among the first ones to know when relevant content is published online.

5. Edgerank Checker

This will work for marketers who manage a large Facebook community and would like to really make the most from every piece of content they publish. The tool brings forward lots of interesting metrics showing the reach and performance of your content.

This tool is just great if you still aren’t sure when your audience is most active – it will show you precise data and help you boost content exposure. But that’s just the top of the iceberg – you can also learn which topics resonate most with your audience and how your Facebook page performs when compared to your competitors.

6. GatherContent

GatherContent is a good pick if what you’re after is a smart tool to help you organize content on a newly created or redesigned website. Its site mapping features are spot on and the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface doesn’t hurt either.

Perfect for structuring, planning and collaborating, this tool is bound to help streamline your workflow. You can gather lots of different content and mange it all in separate projects by adding status approvals and deadlines. Anything that can help your sales team can be exported to your CMS.

7. DivvyHQ

If you never liked spreadsheets, DivvyHQ might be the perfect tool for you. It helps to create a coherent editorial plan, as well as manage lots of different content types on a single dashboard. This tool is of great value to both content producers and marketers.

Calendars can be set up on the basis of client name, website or content type. Planning and collaboration are a piece of cake with this app, even if your dealing with a large dispersed team working on a single project.

8. Compendium

Compendium is a tool for managing different kinds of content, from production to organization. It’s a smart calendar tool that helps to schedule your messaging and map your content, effectively seeing the bigger picture (and your key business goals).

You’ll also benefit from a myriad of reporting and tracking tools that display all relevant metrics in one place. It helps you assess the performance of your content at a glance and boost it to bring your business closer to its critical objectives.

9. Marketing.ai

This is a killer planning tool that helps to organize and structure the entire editing process. You can also schedule content in a functional calendar and then track it to check its performance. Marketers can install buying personas and cycles to aid them in content creation too.

A surge of key metadata helps to reach different audience types located throughout the marketing funnel. Marketing.ia is user-friendly and gives you access to a clear visual editorial calendar where you can check content distribution at a glance.

10. Tailwind

Tailwind is a great pick for managers who want to do it right on Pinterest. There aren’t many tools addressing this platform, so Tailwind is pretty unique in this sense. You can basically schedule and analyze content posted on Pinterest. A pro account gives you a host of ROI metrics to help you understand which assets generate most interest and conversions.

With the help of these tools, you’ll be on your way to making the most from every piece of content you create and share with your target audience, ensuring that not even one second of research and planning is wasted in boosting your branding and lead generation efforts.

Amelia Knott is part of the team behind aubiz.net – a free online ABN lookup platform. She combines her marketing skills and passion with her love for writing. She lectures on marketing strategies and tools.

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