20 Simple Ways To Go Green In The Workplace

“Green” is certainly a buzzword in today’s business world, but the core principles of conserving energy and minimizing waste are certainly things we can all agree are important. Of course, the marketing side of being able to claim that you’re a green or eco-friendly business can’t be ignored either.

There are tons of ways to make small changes that can help improve your work environment and reduce the negative impact your business has on the world around you. Here are twenty things you can do this week to make your company a more eco-friendly place to work:

  1. Use natural light to cut down on the amount of artificial light you need.
  2. Decorate in light colors to help reflect the natural light.
  3. Stock your office with reusable pens instead of regular ones.
  4. Keep track of how much you save by being “green” and use the money to throw an office party.
  5. Switch over to a renewable energy source, like these Texas green energy plans
  6. Buy multi-purpose office machines instead of buying multiple machines.
  7. Buy remanufactured ink and toner cartridges.
  8. Encourage employees to bike or carpool to work, or use a bus or subway when available.
  9. If you have to rent a car on a business trip, try to rent a hybrid.
  10. Set office monitors to enter sleep mode instead of going to a screensaver.
  11. Compost uneaten food instead of throwing it away.
  12. Encourage employees to keep a coffee mug at the office.
  13. When replacing flooring, use eco-friendly material like bamboo or cork.
  14. Purchase low-flow toilets to reduce water consumption.
  15. Add plants around the office to absorb indoor pollution.
  16. Set up “work from home” days once a week, or even once a month.
  17. Use green cleaning products.
  18. Keep cold water in the fridge to eliminate bottled water waste.
  19. Double check that all lights and electronics are shut off at the end of the day.
  20. Spread the word by discussing green options with your customers.

Aaron C is a property obsessed entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia, who has a passion for property development and co-work spaces. He has been running Ace Capital (a mortgage lending firm) from Co work spaces for the past 2 years, and believes all self-employed professionals should do the same.

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