4 Essential Tools Your Office Absolutely Needs

Whether you are planning on securing a new office or you simply want to ensure that your current office is more productive, there are things that every office needs.

Productivity is essential in ensuring that your business is being efficient, and there are certain things in your office that you can get to make you and your staff more dynamic.


Have a look at these four essentials for keeping your office running efficiently and productively:


Skype is a must for any office. It enables you to make calls as well as conference calls, and supports both visual and audio formats. You can download Skype for free if you just want to try the basic version, but there is also a paid subscription that offers many additional benefits.

If you tend to make a lot of calls or you have associates spread out all over the globe, then Skype is a very beneficial program for keeping in touch and handling business — without those expensive long distance charges that you may incur with your normal telephone company.

Please note, it’s recommended that you have some sort of policy in place for your employees, to ensure they don’t use the software for personal reasons. Otherwise, you could find certain members of staff chatting away instead of working.

Accounting Programs

There are a lot of accounting and bookkeeping programs available and they range in cost, function and capabilities. You need the most basic program to ensure that you are keeping track of all of your financial records.

If you do your own payroll, the best payroll tool is a must to help you to properly track employee work hours, taxes and other aspects that you will need to thoroughly document. If you’re working with a virtual bookkeeping service to file your business taxes, having this info at your fingertips will make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


While not a software program, whiteboards do bear mentioning. They can offer you a number of benefits and are becoming popular once again in the business world. You can use whiteboards to keep your staff notified of changes, upcoming meetings and virtually anything else going on in your office.

Instead of sending out emails and other notifications, simply hang your whiteboard up and keep everyone notified at once. You can use them in conference rooms to help highlight points of your presentation, or use them when brainstorming ideas to save on paper waste.

Alternatively, you can get digital with interactive whiteboards. These allow you to make notes as aforementioned, but also access the screen digitally so there’s no need to use a pen. You can swap from the web to a power point presentation to paint, simply and easily.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing programs are a must for any office. They allow you to create professional looking documents, brochures, catalogues, business cards and virtually anything else you can imagine.

No matter the size or type of your business, a desktop publishing program will help you to cut costs associated with printing, and there are a wide range of them on the market. They are relatively inexpensive depending on what specific functions you are looking for, and they will enable you to create just about anything that you need for a much lower cost than visiting your local print shop.

There are many software programs and technological gadgets that will come in handy in the office. Of course the classic printer is a must-have for any office, but there are upcoming technologies that are transforming the way businesses work.

For example, do your employees have dual screen monitors? More and more firms are saying this is the way forward to boost productivity levels.

These are just a few of the must-haves for any office today, as they enable you to get the job done and do it in less time, at less cost.

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