4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Secure Online

Your employees may be one of your best defenses against cybercrime, but they are also where you are most vulnerable. Keeping your employees more secure when they are online is one of the best ways to improve the cyber defenses of your business. With so many potential threats to your assets, cybercrime is something that needs to be taken very seriously.

With smaller businesses being targeted even more than large brands, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your company is in less danger from cybercriminals. If you want to keep your business safer, protect your customers, and ensure that your team is more secure online, here are the most critical areas to address.

Always Update

From your software to your hardware, it can often be frustrating to get an alert letting you know that something needs to be updated. Don’t make the mistake of prioritizing workflow over security updates. These updates are often launched as a direct response to a specific new cyberattack. Ignore those updates and your business will be more exposed to risk. Ideally, you should manage your settings so that updates are carried out automatically.

Devices and Network Use

One of the biggest areas of risk is down to businesses using a BYOD (bring your own device) mentality and letting employees use their personal devices in the work environment. While there are benefits to using BYOD, it also means that any lapses in personal online security by your employees can then affect your business. Hackers will find it much easier to target individuals and use what they steal to gain access to your business assets. If you use BYOD, make sure that your employees know the risks to you and to them.

Monitor and Manage Web Access

Hardware that exists can have a dramatic effect on the safety of your employees when they go online. One of the most effective is WebBlocker. This allows you or your network admin team to more easily filter the content that employees view. By creating personalized settings, you can make it easier for your team to avoid malicious content and suspicious websites. Look at integrating WebBlocker from Watchguardonline.co.uk for a much more secure team.

Stay Up To Date

Cybercriminals don’t simply rely on one method for attacking the assets of a company. Instead, they use a combination of tactics, and that includes coming up with entirely new attacks. One of the fastest-growing threats in 2019 was the rise of Spear Phishing. The ever-changing forms that cyberattacks take means you have to stay updated on new, emerging threats. Make sure that you keep up to date on the latest security threats and how to minimize your exposure to them. The more that you remain in the know about the latest tactics of hackers, the easier it will be to educate your team.

As more businesses than ever are selling online, using digital resources, and relying on digital marketing, they are more exposed to malicious intent than ever before. Don’t think that just because you are a smaller business that you can ignore cybersecurity. Take your online safety seriously and your business will be more protected, and your team will be much safer every time they go online.

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