4 Winning Strategies For Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement has become one of the most common online marketing strategies. Businesses that have learned the secrets are minting millions of additional revenue annually due to effective PPC campaigns. What are these secrets? What makes them stay ahead of the others who have been using PPC Advertisement with minimal or no success?

PPC Keyword Optimization

PPC marketing is all about targeting the right audience with your advertisement. You do not want to pay for an erroneous click. The secret to achieving that lies in the proper use of keywords. Optimizing your keywords to suit your ad ensures that you not only target the appropriate customers, but also spend less in your campaigns.

Covering the entire searching landscape requires adequate use of keyword tools. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Word Stream’s Keyword Suggestion Tools can help you in researching the most appropriate keywords. These tools not only present you with the most relevant keywords, but also enable you to have insight into how popular these keywords are. Using high volume keywords in PPC campaigns increases your chances of getting clicks that are more relevant.

While refining your choice of keywords, you should ensure that you also include the negative keywords. Every single click involves a payment, so you do not want anybody who doesn’t have interest in purchasing your product to come into contact with your PPC Advertisement. For example, an affluent business dealer selling handcrafted shoes should include words like cheap among the negative keywords.

Capitalize on Ad Extensions

Over the years, ad extensions have become critical components of PPC campaigns. With limited space and minimal budget, you can increase the number of clicks by effective use of ad extensions. How does this work out? Ideally, the extensions increase product visibility by highlighting essential information related to your brand. Some of the most important information captured in these extensions includes value propositions, Google ratings, customer reviews, and even additional links to other parts of your websites.

Depending on the nature of your PPC advert, you can use the following categories of ad extensions to enhance the campaign.

1. Callout Extensions

This type of extension is essential in promoting offers and creation of brand awareness. When included in PPC adverts, they enhance highlighting of store value propositions thereby giving your customers more information regarding your adverts.

2. Review Extensions

Before associating with your brand, potential customers might want to know how previous clients feel about your brand. Including this extension in your advert gives the potential customers an overview of how well your company is represented. Maybe your advert only needs this extension to get to the next level of online marketing success.

3. Consumer Ratings Extensions

Closely related to review extensions, consumer ratings show results of clients who participated in Google Surveys after shopping from your website. Google only shows the category for which you have the highest scores. This makes it possible for potential customers to have an overview of how best your brand is doing.

PPC Tracking

The basic foundation of effective PPC management starts with tracking. Are you making any profits? Where do most clicks come from? Which keywords bring the most conversions? An all-round PPC marketing strategy should include sophisticated tracking techniques. One can benefit from consistent PPC tracking in multiple ways.

For one, you will realize which PPC campaign strategies are most effective. With some basic HTML knowledge, you can keep track of different PPC ads. Data obtained from tracking enables you to optimize your campaign strategies. For instance, knowing where most of your visitors come from can help you capitalize on such sites. Additionally, you will be able to realize which PPC strategies are not worth your money and distance yourself away from them.

Most importantly, tracking helps you with PPC campaign budgeting. The keywords associated with higher click through rates can be allocated a greater budget in the next advertisement scheme. Subsequently, knowing PPC with lower conversion per click will enable you decide how best to assign your budget with regards to performance.

Optimize the Landing Page

Most advertisers commit the unforgivable sin of concentrating on the adverts without taking closer considerations of the landing pages. Effective PPC management should incorporate optimisation of the landing page to suit the target audience. How do you make this possible?

  • Make the landing page user friendly and easier to navigate. No one wants to struggle accessing your products or services after clicking your adverts. Easy navigation not only accelerates the enthusiasm of staying longer on the page, but also coming back another time.
  • Ensure that the landing page is informative and inviting. The advert might help you in calling for action but the landing page should help you seal the deal. At the end of the day, what counts is the conversion rate and not necessarily the number of clicks.
  • Ensure that the landing page is relevant to the PPC advert. PPC experts can help you with analyzing the relevance of your adverts in relation to the landing page. The more relevant your landing page is, the lesser you will spend in conversions.
  • Test your landing page and find its suitability with the choice of advert. A/B is a critical testing practice used by experts to determine the relevance of landing pages to PPC adverts. Testing your landing page can create the difference between 2% and 10% conversion rate.
  • Consider designing a new landing page if your choice is not suitable enough. PPC can help you design a captivating landing page that will increase the conversion and ensures that nearly every lead results to a sale.

Making the most out of PPC campaigns doesn’t have to be stressful. Regardless of whether your business is small enterprise or a multi-million dollar company, these PPC marketing strategies will always work for you. With acute mastery of these essential tips, you will be able to enhance the awareness of your brand and generate more leads with every PPC advert that you post. 

Sujain Thomas is a PPC management expert with over 7 years of experience. She is also an extensive writer of PPC campaign topics. For more information on PPC management, visit our website.

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