5 Essential Roles For A Strong Web Development Startup Team

There are several essential roles for a strong web development startup team structure. With 16 million new websites and applications added each month, demand is huge web development businesses. As an entrepreneur starting a web development company, you need to know the most important roles for a successful team structure. This way, your business can stand out among other enterprises, offer reliable services, and you can grow your revenue. Of course, with the right team, you can also keep up with the ever-expanding market. Read on to discover the essential roles for a strong web development startup team structure.

Project Manager

First, a project manager is essential for any successful web development startup structure. Typically, the project manager oversees all of the processes throughout the entire project. Many of these tasks include customer communication, project scheduling, and task allocation. In addition, this team leader is usually responsible for providing time estimates for your web development projects and planning out human resource efforts. As the business owner, this may be the best role you can fulfill to oversee your team. Indeed, project managers are usually responsible for coordinating the team to ensure their productivity. Definitely, hiring somebody with a career in project management is key for your website development team.

Requirements Analyst

Next, a requirements analyst is one of the most important roles in your startup team. Importantly, a requirements analyst communicates with your clients to get an understanding of their project ideas and goals. Then, they figure out the technical specifications for the website or application. Typically, this includes the basic functional requirements as well as which features are essential in your customers’ software. For example, your requirements analyst typically figures out which button is responsible to achieve a certain objective. Of course, they communicate these application requirements to the rest of your team and often manages the product scope. Therefore, hire an analyst with strong communication skills to make your more productive as a professional.


In addition, developers are a core component for any web development startup. Depending on their expertise, these computer programmers code client and server-side applications for your clients. Ideally, your developers should have experience using application programming interfaces (APIs) for your software needs. This technology is essential to connect your software to the internet and send data to your servers for interpretation. For example, many Go developers are using the Codeforces API to access data in machine-readable formats. Additionally, your development team can install the togatoga/goforces package to access organized files for the Codeforces API. This is a great way to improve file visibility and management in your SDLC. Whichever resources your team uses, experienced developers are vital to your startup’s success.

UI/UX Designer

Moreover, a UI/UX designer is critical for a strong development startup team structure. These professionals are tasked with preparing good web design for your business. Typically, your UX designer starts by researching the your client’s target audience. From there, they find out what problems most users experience and how they solve them with proper design. Next, the UX designer constructs project wireframes. These skeletal models show the application’s basic features and functionalities for the customer’s approval. During the UI phase, the designer chooses the colors, fonts, icons, and other elements that make up the app interface. Typically, this results in the final product prototypes. Generally, small to mid-sized teams hire designers who can handle both UI/UX.

QA Engineer

Furthermore, a quality assurance (QA) engineer is another essential role for your team’s success. Essentially, QA engineers are tasked with determining website credibility, performance, and efficiency. Of course, testing your software is essential before your can release your software for public use. Typically, QA engineers design and execute tests throughout the whole development process. This guarantees you can meet the requirements determined by your analyst. In addition, these professionals also work on preventing any possible bugs and give essential feedback on the product’s functionality. Remember, QA engineers can notice faulty code at different stages in your SDLC.

There are several essential roles for a strong web development startup team structure. First, you need a project manager to oversee your team throughout every stage of the process. In addition, a requirements analyst is essential to determine the project scope and communicate with clients. Next, developers are core team members to program your applications and manage technological tools. Moreover, UI/UX designers can help build prototypes and help determine your app’s market success. Furthermore, a successful development team also employs a QA engineer to deploy high performing websites and apps. Fill these essential roles for a strong web development startup team structure.

This article was written by Sasha Douglass.

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