5 Questions That Can Help You Reinvent Your Business

Starting or Restarting a Business? Go With the Flow!

I bet that if you think about it, the business you have today is different than the business you thought you would start, or the business you actually started. When I began my law firm back in the day, I only had a vague idea about the sort of law I would practice. Wills & Trusts maybe, personal injury perhaps. I knew that helping people start businesses – how to deal with taxes, incorporation and the like – was certainly on the menu, but beyond that I was not sure.


Then one day, about a month after I started, the manager of the classified section of the local paper (back when papers had classified sections!) changed my life. Our conversation went something like this:

He: “Would you like to place an ad in the classified service directory?”

Me: “Sure, I guess. But I am not sure what sort.”

He: “If you want the phone to ring, place a bankruptcy ad.”

Me: “Um, well. OK. .. sure!”

With a new business to launch and a family to feed, getting the phone to ring was paramount. The ad manager was right and bankruptcy became about half of my practice after that. I spent the rest of my time, mostly, helping new businesses handle quarterly filings and other tax obligations, etc.

The point is this: In the start-up phase of a business, entrepreneurs are more apt to be flexible, try new things, adapt, and go with the flow. What I would like to suggest today is that, in this economy, that attitude just might need to be revisited.

Looking at Other Examples Where Flexibility Pays Off

Here’s a more famous example: Apple Computers used to just make computers, right? But then in 2003 it introduced the iPod and the iTunes store. Suddenly, Apple was no longer simply in the computer business. By reinventing itself and going into the music business, Apple’s market capitalization went from $1 billion in 2003 to more than 100 times that by the end of the decade.

Similarly, back in the 1990s, Volkswagen was a fairly stagnant business, but two of their design engineers had an idea that they thought could revive the company’s fortunes. Working secretly and with a secret budget, they re-imagined the legendary Beetle, a car that had been out of production for over a decade. VW eventually bought in, even though it was a risk: Would it seem as if they were looking backwards and nor forwards?

Volkswagen introduced the car in 1998, it was a runaway hit, and in the process, reinvented itself as a hip harbinger of retro chic. Sales soared.

Drawing Conclusions From How Others Have Reinvented Their Businesses

Any business can re-invent itself. It could be that the money is in selling your stuff to the government. Maybe it is offering your wares to corporate clients. Maybe the green market would be more lucrative for you. The thing is, that creative spark you had when you were just starting out should be nurtured and fostered. Take a smart, prudent risk.

Your own reinvention can yield your own business home run. These questions will help you figure it out:

1.What if I was just starting out? Pretend you are just starting in business again. What sorts of ideas might you try?

2.What would be fun and exciting? Successful business reinvention usually occurs when the entrepreneur taps a new idea that gets the creative juices flowing.

3.Where is the opportunity? You know your industry as good as anyone. Where is it being under-served? Can you fill that gap? Gap fillers are money makers.

4.What can I offer that is different? You don’t have to be an innovator to be a successful re-inventor but it doesn’t hurt.

5. How can I be smarter in business? Keeping your overhead low is a key to long-term success.

Bottom line: Reinvention is a smart strategy for long-term growth.

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