5 Skills You Learn In The Military That Can Be Transferred Into Business

When the time comes for you to leave the military you might think that it will be difficult for you to lead an ordinary life. However, your time serving your country doesn’t just equip you will survival and military skills, it also provides you with transferable skills that can help you to build a strong and successful business.

1. Leadership skills

In order to be able to start your own business you need to be an excellent self-starter. It is important that you can take the lead on decisions, make confident choices and listen and act on feedback you are given by colleagues, partners and prospective customers. People feel safe around someone who is sure of themselves and it helps build confidence in a company and assurance within your team.

2. Teamwork

Learning to work as part of a team can take years of bonding exercises and training to master and even then some people struggle with it. However, for people with military backgrounds it usually comes naturally. The skills you have learned on the field in helping your fellow squad members and working with them to ensure missions are properly completed are essential for business. You are used to teamwork being the difference between life and death and the fact that you take it so seriously will help ensure your employees and partners are happy and could help you turn a small business into a big company.

3. Discipline and routine

Many people fail at business purely because they don’t have the discipline to see their decisions through, develop good habits and preserve. However, for soldiers, discipline and commitment comes as standard. From being punctual and dedicated to your job to ensuring that you have everything you need to carry out a task and ensure it can be done successfully. Planning is vital when it comes to business and while it might not be life or death, it could be the difference between making a company profitable and losing money.

4. Risk management

Understanding the risk versus the reward of a situation is vital on the field and it is also an important business skill. This is generally well honed amongst military personnel. They know how to deal with a problem and find a successful solution without getting stressed while under pressure.It will help you to make smart decisions when it comes to setting up and prevent overspending and health and safety issues. Health and safety in business is ingrained into the law and can help prevent customers or employees being injured or attacked while on your premises. However, while it is good to read up on current legislation, it is also a good idea to consult an attorney.

5. Seeing something through right to the end

While on the field, you can’t just drop your weapons and go home because you are bored or fed up with the situation. You have to see the mission through right to the end no matter how many hurdles you come across and this is also true in business. You might have difficulties with suppliers or staff or find it tricky to get established but you have to stay focused and remember your goal. This kind of work ethic is rare but can be enhanced by serving in the armed forces.

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