7 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

An active YouTube marketing strategy rides on video content for your marketing. Indeed, this market disruptor tops in ROI. Yet, not everyone can pull off an effective YouTube video campaign.

For, it is about doing extensive audience research. Plus, you have to make your content as creative and consistent as possible. Strategic partnerships are crucial too. And that’s not all. A working YouTube marketing strategy will have a call to action. And it will provide direct links to your other social media platforms.

Now, does this sound too much to handle? Then, here are seven tips you can start with to improve your YouTube marketing strategy: –

1. What is Your Existing Brand?

First, your YouTube marketing strategy should push your brand recognition to your audience. But do you know your brand in the first place? If unsure, you can start by including custom URLs in the channel description section. Second, ensure all your content has some overlays. Then, cut out other ads appearing on your video. Do this using the feature for preventing ads on your video. And, remember to take your subscribers to the feed tab. This way, you want to make sure that your subscribers see all your latest uploads and comments on YouTube.

2. Maintain Strategic Partnerships with Other YouTubers

These days, content creators prefer to make collaborative videos. It is a strategy that will attract a new audience and benefits both parties. This win-win relationship results in increased subscription for all. Hence, start by heading to the comment section. Find another established channel that already provides your viewers with the missing content. Then, sort the influencers in question. Work out on a strategy to collaborate using your videos. Then, watch as your audience numbers grow exponentially.

3. Have Catchy Titles

A catchy YouTube title tends to go viral. For, it is what pulls or repels a viewer from your content. Hence, ensure you do ample keyword research. Make use of free tools like Google AdWords and Wordtracker. Then, never exceed 66 characters for your title. Otherwise, an ellipse will appear towards the end of the title. Third, include the word ‘video’ in your title. It is what the viewer’s type when they search for videos. Fourth, keep your title as descriptive as possible. Finally, compare your title with those of similar content.

4. Impress With Your Custom Thumbnails

Yes, your YouTube thumbnail is the snapshot of your video. It is what viewers see as they decide on which video to watch. Indeed, as an overview of your content, it has to stand out. Thus, ensure you have a custom thumbnail to support your killer headline. Do this by choosing high-resolution images that are in line with YouTube’s terms of service. Then, ensure the pictures are bright, vibrant, and full of emotion, conveying the message you want.

5. Short is Better

Now, most YouTube viewers prefer watching short clips of between five and fifteen minutes run time. Beyond this time, they begin to lose interest. More so if they sense that you are repeating yourself. So, make short yet potent videos which allow the viewer to grasp your message faster. Typically, you should use a 2-minute video to illustrate a blog post that is equal to a 10-minute read.

6. What’s Your Call to Action?

Call to action segments, when used appropriately, will engage your viewers beyond the video. Hence, know how to incorporate them into your content. Remove any guesswork. Your CTA should be clear and to the point. For example, do you want your viewers to visit your website? Then, provide the link and mention this step. Include annotations in the form of texts or comments, encouraging your viewers to take action. If unsure, check out the Youtube outro maker with more tips for your CTA.

7. Grow Your Channel By Sharing Your Videos

An active YouTube marketing strategy is incomplete if you concentrate only on your content. You need to be engaged in other social media platforms where you can share your content and grow your subscriber numbers. Hence, determine the right social media platform for your brand. If it is Facebook, you’ll need to do short promo videos that include a link to your YouTube videos. Also, add a link of the videos in your blog posts, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn groups.

In Conclusion

As you adopt the above tips, ensure you remain savvy. With at least 50 million content creators, only the most creative content will stand out. For sure, marketers know that most YouTube viewers detest ads. Hence, your marketing strategy should aim at entertaining your audience, as you keep them aware of your brand. With the above tips, it is achievable. Try it today.

John Pearson is a serial entrepreneur and writer who is passionate about helping small businesses launch and grow. His work has been featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

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