A Breakdown And Review Of The New Knowledge Business Blueprint Program

There are many different business models that are successfully running out there. Most of these businesses have success stories that their owners would like to share. Below, we are going to review the Knowledge Business Blueprint program that helps other people find their own mastermind group. The Knowledge Business Blueprint has come a long way. It has been in the industry since the 1930s when it was first conceived by Napoleon Hill. Also known as the mastermind Group, their role is to bring both entrepreneurs and other people to one platform where they can discuss business struggles, challenges and path to success.

The idea of the mastermind group is that, each business is a struggle and getting to the top is never easy. The Knowledge Business Blueprint was conceived by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson and later, they introduced Mindmint software that brings together many different masterminds who are ready to share their business experience and knowledge.

Why choose masterminds?

There are many entrepreneur coaching programs in the market that offer many different kinds of ideas. Unfortunately, there are many things that are missing in them. Therefore, you may ask why you should choose the Knowledge Business Blueprint.

Unlike other entrepreneur coaching programs out there, masterminds has successful businesspersons who are willing to share their success secrets, strategies and tactics that can work for your business as well. Actually, the mastermind group is designed for the struggling entrepreneur who is looking to make money through business. To make their idea successful, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi made over $500,000 investments into the program.

What KBB and the Mindmint software is all about

KBB is actually a curse that teaches the different business skills that Tony and Dean have implemented in different businesses till today.  These skills are designed to work for your businesses as well. KBB also offers lessons that enable you to make your own mastermind group and share knowledge to grow your digital business.  The lessons have been derived from their experiences and knowledge earned in the course of doing business and can be helpful to you as well.

What is the Knowledge Business Blueprint?

The evolution of a new idea is what is required every time you conceive a new business idea. However, a single brain cannot be able to conceive and nurture effective business ideas.

Creating a mastermind group is similar to a group of students and professionals who do some knowledge sharing activities with one another before coming up with ideas that are beneficial to everyone. The Knowledge Business Blueprint gives you a platform to brainstorm your mind before coming up with ideas that are beneficial to the group and their followers.

The people behind it

There are three persons who have dedicated their time and energy to come up with a mastermind platform that is beneficial to everyone.  Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson have used their combined experience of over 60 years to create countless masterminds as well as entrepreneurial groups that have helped thousands of business people around the world to find success.  They went on to create a ‘masterminds’ software that can help you in creating your own mastermind group before sharing your own business ideas with the other members of your group.

Although many people believe that Tony and Dean have special powers that have enabled them to come up with a great success formula for everyone, it is their experience and innovation that did the trick. Tony and Dean have used their experience and skills to make others great.

Their extensive knowledge and experience in the digital industry enables them to invest money and skills to come up with a mastermind program that in turn, empowers other people to create their own masterminds that they use to share their business knowledge with others.  And although everyone is looking for success, achieving greatness is not a mean feat. To the contrary, achieving greatness involves countless efforts that may sometimes end up in disappointments. However, those who go through every hurdle to find success finally get to become great. This is exactly the motive behind the Knowledge Business Blueprint.

How to create your own mastermind group

In this section, we are going to look at how you can create your own mastermind group so that you can start sharing the immense information and experience that you have. The steps to follow when creating a mastermind group includes:

Select your topic

Selecting a mastermind topic can be tough. However, you need to find a topic that can help you showcase the skills that you have in front of your members. And while at it, make sure that you have the right knowledge on the selected topic.

Call your members

Once you have selected a topic, it is advisable to call upon your followers so that they can join and become members. You however need to find members with a mindset that is similar to your own as this will ensure that they have a similar interest as you. However, it is important to balance the size of the group. This is because, a large group will have more masterminds but on the other hand, a smaller group will be easier to manage.

Set the rules of engagement

In order to make your mastermind group effective and functional, it is important to set specific rules of engagement. The rules should have some disciplinary measures in order to keep the group systematic and under control.

Set a schedule

Also, it is important to set a schedule for the mastermind meeting.  However, if you find it hard to create a mastermind schedule work, you are provided with Mindmint software that makes things easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many questions that are asked about the Knowledge Business Blueprint. We have therefore taken some time to look at these questions.

What will I get from the mastermind formula?

Those who use this formula will be able to get special strategies and tips that will help them become successful in business. The Knowledge Business Blueprint is a powerful tool that enables you to connect with other masterminds so that you can learn the skills to promote your business to the next level.

What does the complete kit include?

In a complete kit, you will be provided with the Knowledge Business Blueprint course as well as Mindmint software. The mastermind formula will enable you to create your own mastermind group so that you can share knowledge that is important for your business.  The Mindmint software is just an added tool that makes knowledge extraction process easy. The software offers simple steps on how to share knowledge in the mastermind group.

The features of the Knowledge Business Blueprint

At this point, you may be asking yourself about the special features that make KBB unique and beneficial.  Such features include:

Fresh knowledge

The first part of creating a mastermind group is that, you will share new knowledge. No matter the topic, you will have a chance of sharing new ideas that are beneficial to your business.

Best advice from experts

When you join the right mastermind group, you will find experts who will share success secrets of their business. Such people will offer the right advice for your business. With more masterminds in your group, you will have more advice for your business.

Versatile ideas

As we mentioned earlier, a single mind cannot come up with valuable ideas. However, by coming together in a mastermind group, you are able to gather unique and creative ideas that can be beneficial to your business.

Huge resources

The limitation of resources is one of the things that keep you and your business apart. However, with the networks and resources that are available in the mastermind group, you are able to grow and expand your business.

New professional connections

Apart from making new professional connections, you will have new friends with whom you can share ideas and problems that you are facing in your business.  However, it all depends on how you take the leverage from the mastermind software before deriving the maximum benefits from it.

How to become a mastermind

Mastermind is basically for a businesses that are looking to share their challenges, pitfalls and success stories that they have gathered along the way, in order to find positive actions that can help their businesses grow. Dean Graziosi is one of the masterminds who have been helping businesses around the world. He teamed up with Tony Robbins to create the Knowledge Business Blueprint that helps businesses to become better.


Knowledge Business Blueprint is a program that has greatly benefited many businesses around the world. This is especially for businesses that operate on their own. People who have joined mastermind groups have been able to create businesses for their own business and make it a success with the advices from the masterminds. Therefore, there is no doubt that this program, along with its software, will confer you with something that adds a lot of value to your business.

By: Oliver Swanson

Oliver Swanson, major in Project Management, enthusiast writer and editor at Pro-Papers, a writing service for any kind of educational papers, where you can even buy a business plan.

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