An Effective Content Marketing Strategy for 2020

2020 is here, and it marks the beginning of a new decade. New strategies may be needed to tackle the challenges of the new decade. However, emphasis on a few key details should be placed. Changing and tweaking them could make all the difference in the world.

Make Your Content As Valuable as Possible

The constant changes to the Google search algorithms have shown us that there’s no predicting it. Something that worked a few months ago may stop working as soon as an update rolls out. However, one thing has remained unchanged. Relevance and value will always trump clickbait and keywords.

Content marketing always prevails when the content is valuable to the end-user. Users tend to stay on those pages longer that provide them with the best knowledge. They tend to interact with them for more time and they tend to visit them over and over again. These kinds of pages improve their rankings automatically. It’s important to optimize them for search, but focusing on their content value is also paramount.

Invest in Voice-Based SEO 

Voice search is becoming more and more common today. According to research, a third of the US population was found to use a voice assistant every month in 2019. That’s over a hundred million people searching through their voice assistants. Most of these searches are long questions or statements. Hence, your posts need to be optimized with long-tail keywords and questions rather than small phrases. That’s how search is being done today and will be done in the future.

Update Old Content and Get Rid of Obsolete Content

You need to keep updating your website or blog for the modern era. This doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. It just means that you should get rid of the content that isn’t driving any traffic and update the rest.

Make sure that the content you post is mobile friendly. Most of the content on the web is browsed through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. With 5G on the way, it’s becoming clearer that desktop devices are going to be mostly for workstations. For normal web browsing, mobile devices are going to be the default now. Hence, mobile compatibility is the need of the hour.

All the posts you make need to also be visually attractive. The most visual content is the most interesting. The bend towards video content over the last decade has shown that overwhelmingly.

Make sure that you optimize for search engines as well. Any posts that are not optimized for SEO, no matter how well written, will not track. This doesn’t just mean put in keywords. It also means optimizing for the niche that you are marketing towards. Make sure you create content that they’re interested in. Give them more pointed answers. Focus on specific questions as headlines rather than vague statements.

Go for Consistency Over Clickbait

Clickbait may work, but it’s no match for consistency. You see it all the time. A post or a video may go viral, but if the source turns out to be otherwise hollow, the trend never continues. A lot of internet stars have burned bright and faded out that way. Marketing should always focus on consistency over clickbait so that the traffic keeps coming even when the post isn’t particularly popular.

Consistency signals to subscribers or regular visitors that they can rely on you. It also tells them that you will consistently give them something worth reading or worth watching. That beats viral posts or videos any day.

Most of all, growth is affected by consistency more than clickbait. If someone is known to post regularly, then regular traffic to a URL increases its visibility. This helps SEO, it helps marketing, and it helps expand your reach. Viral videos may improve your SEO ranking momentarily. However, that fades pretty quickly over the next few weeks.

To consistently produce blogs or posts for your website or blog, you should consider hiring a content writing service.

Clarify Your Niche Objectively

Whoever you’re marketing to will have a specific tendency towards language, color, even message. Hence, the kind of audience that you’re marketing to should be studied in depth. Experiment with the kind of posts or the kind of content they love best. Figure out what they love best, like the kind of images, content, or sound bites they respond to. All of this comes back to how well you know your audience.

Consider the fact that the colors of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are so overly recognizable. Take a look at the competing blogs or businesses that are winning the battle. Even they will have a certain audience type. Everyone does.

This is why even the biggest companies like Pepsi, Coke, and McDonald’s don’t have the same approach towards their customers all over the world. They diversify as the audience changes. There is no general marketing trend. It’s always better to target small niches rather than appeal to the general crowd.

If you can crack objectively what can get the audience interested, you’ll have an edge over the competition. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can always give your audience cookie-cutter content. They will eventually grow bored with the same approach. Everyone does. However, studying your audience consistently will give you an idea of what their likes and dislikes are. This will effectively help you market to them. It’s marketing 101. That hasn’t changed, and it probably never will.

Author’s Bio: As the Senior Content Manager at Content Development Pros, Dave is responsible for managing a team of diverse and dedicated content writers. When not supervising blogs, he likes to play his guitar, spend time on social media, and put his culinary skills to the test!

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