5 Brilliant Content Marketing Big Brands Success Stories

Content marketers are coming up with new and innovative content marketing techniques every day. While 88% of marketers have acknowledged that they rely on content marketing, one thing is certain: not everyone has been successful doing so.

A lot of brands still struggle with their content marketing. The question that arises here is- what are the top notch content marketers doing that others are not doing? Are they repurposing their same old ‘most viewed’ or experimenting with new ways to market content?

If you are sitting there, wondering how to carve your niche in the digital world, I have listed below the success stories of a few brands that made it using innovative content marketing.

BuzzFeed – Quick Videos

A year ago, our Facebook feeds were flooded with Tasty videos that made us all don the chef’s hat and head on to our kitchens.

The quick videos that are still floating on the internet show various comfort recipes; the recipes that we would generally love to cook to beat the munchies. These tasty videos managed to appease the content appetite of Facebook users to a great extent.

The Secret Behind The Success

The videos did not make us go grocery shopping; the ingredients could be easily found in every person’s kitchen. Even a person with worst cooking skills could easily cook food with the help of these videos. The autoplay video feature of Facebook worked wonders for this innovative marketing strategy. Food is everyone’s weakness, so they could easily engage everybody with their content.

Get Response – Jump To Influencers

Get Response used the genius marketing strategy of getting influencers to share their valuable experiences of working with them.

Not just written quotes, they even got accompanying YouTube videos featuring various influencers offering positive reviews for Get Response. Incorporating this strategy worked amazingly well for them and soon they became the biggest email service providers in the world.

The Secret Behind The Success

Get Response had high profile clients who had a large following. They took the testimonials from the individuals connected to content marketing. These influencers were well-known bloggers or content market experts who praised Get Response for providing better traffic.

Get Response knew that majority of people following these influencers would also belong to the same category, i.e., content marketing. Therefore, getting these influencers to promote their company meant more customers!

Rolex – Eternal Sophistication

Having a very strong image in the market, Rolex played it safe with minimalist content and high definition images. The sheer sophistication that these timeless classics carry could not be compromised with, but they did need some marketing technique.

Coming up with a completely innovative and fresh approach was not easy for Rolex, so they decided to go with their own eternal sophistication technique. Their content was similar to their product, brilliantly classic.

The Secret Behind The Success

Rolex knew that the timeless pieces it creates are enough to lure the audience. It did not describe its product rather just gave an extremely detailed and high definition photograph of it.

Go Pro – Stunning Visuals That Captivate Hearts

Go Pro took advantage of the masses’ increasing inclination for video content. Instead of going the traditional way of written content, Go Pro used real-life videos to attract more audience. It included its customers in its marketing strategy, compiling and editing videos uploaded by the customers and then uploading it under the title, “People Are Awesome”.

The Secret Behind The Success

Go Pro got its customers to upload videos captured by the company’s products. Being a producer of camera products, Go Pro was aware that people did not buy video cameras solely because they wanted to capture their moments, but also because they want to share their experiences with the world. Go Pro made its user upload more and more videos, thus giving them a better platform. In turn, they got a better reach and lured more customers into buying their products.

Optum – Quality Comes First

Optum made use of the most basic content marketing strategy, i.e., QUALITY. They were more interested in giving quality content instead of focusing on new marketing strategies. The campaign they worked for needed to inform and educate people. So, instead of delving into other marketing strategies, they decided to work hard on the content. They created as many as 1000 pieces of content which included things like ebook, infographic, podcasts, articles, videos, emails and many others.

The Secret Behind The Success

Optum knew that people needed information more than anything else and decided to offer them what they desired. They educated people with their content and made sure that it fed their desire to know more. The power that a good content can have was not compromised in their marketing strategy. This was not a great innovation on their end, but it did work wonders for them. This entire campaign exceeded Optum’s goals by 250%!

Many organizations have indulged into content marketing as they feel that traditional and old marketing strategies don’t really help them and are even slow and expensive. In order to gain more leads, content marketing is one of the best methods now. There are innumerable tactics you can use to reach another height. Some of them were discussed above. Use the same techniques to get yourself a larger audience just like they did.

Author: Ankit Gupta heads the content marketing of ExportersIndia.com. A writer by heart, Ankit loves to share his views and learnings with the readers through his write-ups. To read more from Ankit, follow him on his Twitter account.

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