Awesome Dropshipping Items To Sell During The Holiday Season

With the festive season surrounding you from every direction, a huge opportunity presents itself for you to make a quick buck on the season’s trendiest products currently available in the market.

Dropshipping is mainly just purchasing a product from a supplier and then selling it to someone for your own price, then having the supplier deliver it to the person who bought it from you. This means that you don’t require any storage space or shipping fulfillment as it’s all handled for you by the supplier. The price you set on the products determines how much profit you’ll make. With that in mind, let’s see which products are the best for dropshipping right now.

Here Are 10 Dropshipping Items You Can Sell During This Holiday Season


There’s nothing like enjoying your morning coffee in a fashionable mug as no one can resist a cute mug on their shelf, especially since its hot drinks season right now. Hot cocoa and tea need a mug to accompany them, so people are going crazy for this at the moment. Finding good looking mugs and dropshipping them to your customers can be one of the best moneymakers of the season right now, so get on this trend quickly.

Sweaters & Hoodies

With the holiday season’s cold weather, it’s no surprise that there’s a spike in demand for warm, cozy sweaters and cute hoodies. No one can resist wearing a really cozy sweater and that’s why people keep going online trying to find them all around the internet. Collecting a good amount of sweaters and hoodies that people might be interested in and placing them all under your name for people to purchase is another great item to sell during the holidays.


Going with the trend of staying warm and fashionable at the same time, beanies are a no-brainer during the holidays. The only things you need to consider are whether or not they look fashionable and/or cozy and these little guys end up selling themselves faster than you can put one on. It also helps that beanie is a gift that can’t go wrong, so most people end up buying them as gifts for other people. Capitalizing on this can be really profitable if you do it right.


You’re probably wondering why sunglasses in winter and the answer is really simple, the discounts. During the winter season, most suppliers are offering discounted wholesale sunglasses for men and women and this can be very profitable if you find a bunch of suppliers as the margins are insanely profitable, especially when drop shipping. Use the opportunity of these extremely low prices to make a massive amount of money before the season ends.


You must understand what people want by now, and it’s to stay warm while it’s cold and snowy outside. Blankets are another thing that people are going crazy for as the comfier and cozier it seems, the more likely people are to buy it. Spend some time looking around for some nice looking blankets and you’re bound to be able to flip them for a really good price while there’s high demand.

Children’s Plush Toys

The holiday season means Christmas and Christmas means children’s gifts. Children are one of the best demographics to focus on during the holiday season because of how much they love specific things like plush toys. Focusing your research on finding some toys that you know children would enjoy and selling them via drop shipping to parents can be a very gainful occasion.


We’ve covered sweaters and beanies so you must have guessed that scarves are on this list too. When discussing dropshipping items to sell on this holiday occasion, scarves have to be mentioned as everyone wants a cozy one either for themselves or as a gift for someone else, so they’re another item that just seems to peak in sales around this time. Just make sure you have good taste when it comes to scarves as they’re one of the items that can either net you a lot of profit or none at all.

Cozy Winter Shoes

Whether you’re going for warm indoor winter plush shoes or outdoor shoes that keep your feet snuggled in the snow, you’ll still see the same result and that result is a peak in sales while it’s really cold and a huge drop when it gets warm again. Don’t miss out on this small window of time when people are going crazy over finding a nice home for their feet during the cold wintertime.

Snow Globes

Whether it’s used as a decoration for people’s homes or as a gift for others, snow globes are one of the trendiest items to sell during the holiday season, especially if you can find a supplier that has cool designs from within. People love having their own designs made so if a supplier is capable of doing that then it would be an incredible selling opportunity.

Fuzzy Socks

Winter season carries a lot more than Christmas stockings as people want to keep their feet warm while walking around their house. Much like a lot of other gifts mentioned, these little guys make for amazing gifts while also being really great as a regular purchase too. It would be surprising if you didn’t get yourself a pair while you search the internet for a good supplier for these things.

Selling items via dropshipping highly depends on seasonal trends as those are always the top sellers every single year, so it’s the largest opportunity to sell items online during the year. You can easily join in on selling frenzy as all you have to do is just compile all the items on a website/social media page and then you can easily have your own little festive store online. Dropshipping makes life a lot easier for someone trying to sell things, just negotiate good prices with your supplier and you’ll be fine.

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